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Chapter 1:

Harry wakes to Ron's snores, he turns over and tries to get back to sleep. He was having a good dream of him and Hermione flying on the back of Buckbeak again. Right before he was to kiss her, Ron snored. Cursing, he sits up and reaches f or his glasses. 'I really should get some contacts.'

"Can't sleep Mr. Potter?" the slimy voice of Headmaster Phineas Black asks.

"Would you be able to if confined to that one painting?" Harry banters back. At that Ron lets out a louder snore.

"No, that boy's a freight train."

Harry walks down the stairs to the basement kitchen. There he finds his three favorite people; Sirius, Remus, and Hermione, as well as Mrs. Weasley. The three were are gathered around the table, discussing something in the paper. It had been a week since his disastrous trial, he came out fine but he still felt that he was set up.

"So what's in there today?" Harry asks as he accepts a cup of coffee from Remus, before Mrs. Weasley can set a cup of tea in front of him. Her tea always smells flowery. Padfoot, Moony and Brains knew he was more of a coffee person anyway.

"Here pup, see for yourself." Sirius lobs the paper at him.

"Ministry Blackballed from School."

'Hmm…what's that about?'

"Cornelius Fudge decreed late last night that his Understudy, Deloris Umbridge was to take up the title of Defense professor. This morning, the Minister was told that he was overstepping his remit. The Ministry can only appoint a professor, if the School does not by midnight on August 31st. As we are still a day away from the deadline, the Headmaster was able to overrule the decision."

"New Teachers, New Classes, New Students for Hogwarts."

By Rita Skeeter.

Sources say that Hogwarts will be filled this year. They relate that four new professors, from the United States, will be coming over; one to share in the Divination classes, one to take over the sagging Muggle Studies program and the other two will divide the two new classes for a select few. These new classes will be filled with hand chosen students and the invitation can be revoked by the instructors for infractions.

The new classes will be announced at the year opening feast.

The new students that come from the U.S. with the professors were handpicked for the honor.

Remus Lupin, notably the best Defense teacher that has taught at Hogwarts in recent times, has agreed to take up the post yet again. It was released this morning by the school. My sources say that his presence was demanded by the incoming professors. Mr. Lupin is said to have been good friends with Harry Potter's parents while in school and before their demise."

"I can see why you are excited. Hopefully, they will be friendly." Harry mutters as he takes a bite of his toast.

Ever since he met Moody, Harry has changed his habits for Holidays. No more foods that could be easily potioned, unless made by himself or someone he trusts absolutely. That's a pretty small group, mainly the four people he would lay down his life for; Sirius, Remus, Tonks and most defiantly his Hermione.

The light brunette was constantly on his mind. He had fallen for her in their third year and had not looked at anyone since. He quickly made up him mind that this year, he would pull out all the stops to acquire Hermione's heart.

"So Harry, what do you want to do today?" Ron asks him as he and Ginny take a seat at the table.

"Well Ron, I'm thinking of doing away with these glasses and getting contacts. Aside from that, I was going to ask Hermione if she wanted to go through our books, somewhat preparing for the year. I want better grades especially this year. I don't want to skate by on my OWLs , they are too important. I feel like I have not been the best student that I could have been." Ron's face sours with each sentence.

Unseen by the room, Mrs. Weasley is silently cursing this new turn. It is bad for her on two levels; more time with Hermione means less time with Ginny and the more he studies, the more interest he will take in his finances.

Hermione was overjoyed, not only is Harry getting serious about his schoolwork and that means a new study partner but it also means more time with him alone. Ron barely ever has stepped into the library, he almost has an allergic reaction to reading.

That morning Harry, Hermione and Remus go into Muggle London for the optometrist appointment. They arrive back at 12 Grimuald Place in time for lunch and Harry is sporting a frameless face. He did end up getting new glasses but only for days that his eyes are tired and when he is going to bed. Even those are updated.

"Thanks Mi for going with me and the help picking out my new glasses." Harry hugs the girl and smiles at her.