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Chapter 50:

The parents of the marrying students; magical and muggle alike come in the hall. The Grangers sit with Harry, Hermione, the Potters, Longbottoms, and Bones. Harry notices Molly Prewett walk through the doors and search for Ginny. "Hey, guys let's sit back and watch the fireworks go off. Their group is soon joined by the rest of the family and the other Weasleys.

Molly looks around the hall for her daughter. She finally finds her sitting with Astoria Greengrass and Gregory Goyle. "What in the world are you doing over here Ginerva?"

"I am planning my wedding with Astoria and my fiancé."

"WHAT! What about our plans?"

"Our plans are down the drain Mum. There is a Marriage law in effect. I had to choose between Greg and Apollo Lestrange."

"What about your brothers?"

"We don't talk. I do know that Bill was engaged before it came into effect, so was Fred. Bill is marrying Reyna Mars, she's a sister to Harry. Fred is marrying their oldest sister Jane Voltori. Reyna is a solider and Jane is a vampire. Charlie has been paired with another sister, from what I have heard. Percy is marrying Audrey."

"Please tell me that Ron landed Hermione." Molly begs.

"Hermione wasn't in the running, neither was Harry, Draco or Orion, or Luna."

"The three most eligible boys were out of the running?"

"Draco and Orion are veela; so being mated, they are not eligible. Luna is Orion's mate. Draco mated with a girl named Katie Gardner. The four of them are sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Potter across the way. Ron is with Lavender. George is with a girl named Piper McLean." Molly glances in the direction that Ginny points. There is; the Malfoy boy and a pretty brunette, the dark Italian with Xeno's little girl, Fred and a small blonde, George and a blonde of his own. Even the Longbottom heir has someone, by the looks of it, it's the Bones girl. Pansy and a Hispanic boy are there too. In the middle of it all, sits Harry Potter with Hermione Granger on his lap. When he sneaks a peck on her lips, Molly hits the roof. She storms over to their table.

"Incoming!" Fred and George call out as they see her round the corner of the table. The parents descend into what will become a melee soon.

"Can someone please tell me why my daughter was not good enough to become Lady Potter and the Mudblood is?" Molly screeches.

Arthur, Lucius and James stand up, ready to do battle. They sit back down when Harry himself stands. He has grown since the last time Molly saw him. He now stands around 6'2". "I will gladly tell you why. I already told this to Bill, Charlie and Arthur a month before the Christmas Holiday. Hermione is kind and helpful; Ginny is cruel and vindictive. Hermione never asked for my love, even went so far as to hide hers for my happiness; Ginny forced hers on me and tried to potion me for the return of those feelings. Hermione is a pureblood of two noble houses, one being ancient; Ginny is a disowned daughter of an old pureblood house. No offense guys. Hermione is my soul bound mate; Ginny was the little sister of my friends. Hermione has been there for me through everything I've done; Ginny has derided me for focusing on anything that doesn't involve her in some way. When I found out that Draco and I were brothers, Hermione said that she would try to look beyond their past and try to befriend him for my sake. Ginny still saw him as the enemy. Hermione sees me as Harry, her friend, lover and husband; Ginny only has ever seen the Boy Who Lived. As Draco said a few months ago, I didn't need to marry a pureblood, I needed to get married. Of course by then we had been so for a month and a half. I heard through the grapevine that she is to marry Greg Goyle. I hope they'll have a good life together. Before you get any ideas; I am not taking any mistresses. Even if I did, I'm not into red heads. I'm sorry Susan."

Susan snaps her fingers and laughs at Neville's expression. "He was joking. I'm all yours." Harry nods at Neville. The tall man cools down.

"So you approve of this Arthur? Our heir with a solider when he should be settling down and providing for a family. Another son, consorting with a vampire."

"Molly, I wholly approve of MY heir's fiancé. She is a great girl. Janie, Fred's girl is not only caring and kind but she keeps him calm and even. I would not be surprised if she changes him by the end of the year. Charlie has a challenge ahead of him. Reyna introduced them to each other a week ago. He is head over heels for the girl. We'll see if it amounts to something. George is marrying a nice girl also. I haven't spent much time with her yet but she is kind and funny. None of them are afraid of hard work and most have proven that they are capable young ladies."

"Go Mr. Weasley." Piper turns to George. "Who is that anyway?"

"She was our mother, my dear." He loops his arm around her shoulders.

"Susan, is there anything we can help with? I know we are entering late in the game, but we want to help." Frank asks his future daughter in law. She smiles at him.

"Lord Longbottom, just having you two there will be enough. Auntie has been saving for my wedding since before my parents died I think."

"I'll just ask Amelia then." He chuckles. "How about you young man? Do you two need any help?"

"Uncle Frank, I have just the thing. You can help Drake, Mr. Malfoy, my Dads, Sirius, James, Harry's other brothers and uncles plan his bachelor party. There are things that you missed out on too, my dear."

"Finally, something I can do!" Frank rubs his hands together. "I must plan with the guys Alice, I'll be back." He runs off to the head table pulling Lucius and James with him. All three are laughing like schoolboys.

"I for one am glad that our future daughters in law are so organized that we really don't need to do much." Ares nods his head to the group of studious girls comparing notes and ideas. Enyo looks over and smiles at the sight.

Harry walks into the Hall and spots his wife conferring with the other future Mrs., in the Mars family. He walks up and says hi before sliding down beside Hermione. "What's up?"

"Hey babe, we are going over the final details for Luna and Katie." The other two girls nod. "I think we can handle it from here Hermione. Go have fun with your husband. I'm going to find Drake and Orion and drag them over here to get their approval on this." Katie shoos them away.

Wedding Fever in the Air

Rita Skeeter

With the induction of the Marriage Law, weeks ago; the Ministry has been inundated with quickie weddings and plans for the elite's wedding spectacles. I think that seeing these people in their finest is always a show in of itself.

In the next two weeks; the Four Families will marry off their children. Miss Susan Bones, scion of the Bones family will become Mrs. Neville Longbottom, heir to the Longbottom family.

Mr. Harry Potter, heir to both the Potter and Black families will renew his vows with his wife Hermione. She herself, is the scion of the Pendragon and Prince lines. Mrs. Potter junior is the daughter of Remus Lupin and the late Rebecca Snape. All the parents of the couple are said to be attending the wedding.

Daphne Greengrass; scion of the Greengrass family will marry the Chief of Quileute nation in the U.S., Jacob Black. Miss Astoria Greengrass, Daphne's younger sister is slated to marry Vincent Crabbe.

Mr. Draco Malfoy; heir of the Malfoy line, is said to marry his veela mate Katie Gardner. His cousin and friend Orion St. Rosa, the former Blaise Zabini, will wed his mate, Luna Lovegood; scion of the Lovegood line.

The Weasley family is in on the action also; Eldest son and heir William will marry Reyna Mars, daughter of Enyo and Ares, sister of Messrs.'. Potter and Malfoy. Second son; Charles Weasley, will be married to the twin of Reyna, Hyla Mars. Their oldest sister Jane Voltori is set to marry Fredrick Weasley. Fred's twin George, is marrying Piper McLean, daughter of American actor Tristan McLean. Youngest child Ronald Weasley will marry Miss Lavender Brown, the daughter of the owner of the local animal shop.

Miss Ginerva, formally Weasley, is slated to wed Gregory Goyle Jr.

Some of the new comers have paired off with some of the children of our upper echelon. Lord Cranfield Nott, announced earlier today that his son and heir Theodore has been engaged to Miss Clarisse Mars since the Christmas Holidays. Due to the Marriage Law, Miss Pansy Parkinson will be Mrs. Leonard Valdez by the end of the summer. The Patil's announced their twin daughters' engagements. Miss Padma will become Mrs. Jason Grace on the summer solstice . Miss Parvarti will marry Seamus Finnegan in the late summer.

Miss Alicia Spinnet, will on the eve of Beltane, marry her mate Alec Mars Voltori. Mr. Voltori is the eldest brother of the Mars clan and the twin brother to Jane Voltori.

Some more new names that are marrying are Miss Thalia Grace and Mr. Nico Mars. Nico is the elder of the Mars triplets that include Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Miss Grace is the elder sister of Jason Grace. They are both the children of the deceased American Actress Elena Grace.

Another Mars brother, Frank Zhang; will be marrying the youngest daughter of Hades and Persephone; Hazel Levaeu.

Mars cousins Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson will marry after a nine year courtship. Don't worry folks they are related on different sides of the family.

"Two articles in one year. Miss Skeeter is getting better."