Written for the Pairing Diversity Boot Camp Challenge, prompt: whatever, pairing: Ginny/Gabrielle, and for the Harry Potter Femmeslash Project Challenege, themes used angst/freeverse, and for the Freeverse Competition. I don't own Harry Potter, but ya'll know I wish I did.


Gabrielle says with a huff,

Slamming the door shut behind her.

Ginny just stood there,

Staring at the door in disbelief.

Why couldn't Gabrielle just understand?

Ginny liked her;

Liked her.




Ginny stared at the door,

Unable to believe that Gabrielle just left;

Walking out on whatever they had.


Who knew such a simple word could hurt so much?

Ginny continued to stare at the door,

Hoping that Gabby would reappear,

Taking back all that she had said.

Vaguely, she remember a quotation she had heard,

Staring at the door still.

"When one door closes,

Another opens;

But we often look so long

And so regretfully

Upon the closed door,

That we do not see

The one that has opened for us."

Ginny huffed, letting out a sigh.

If Gabby didn't want her,

So be it.

She would find love elsewhere.