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She Brought Him With Her

She twirled and jumped haphazardly, creating an impenetrable bubble around herself with her lightsabers. Droids fell easily to the hot plasma, but just as easily her troops fell, too.


His comlink beeped, signaling a private message. He knelt in the dust behind a rock and patched it through.

A blue hooded figure appeared and said, "Execute Order 66." It disappeared and the clone captain stood up, signaling to his brothers.

It was time.


At first she thought her troops were rallying behind her, but then she sensed malice coming off of them in waves.

Instantly she turned around, and just in time to catch a blaster bolt with her shoto. Then the world erupted in a storm of blue.

She fought harder than she had ever done before. Her barrier, her bubble, was pushed to the limits. She used every ounce of her teachings, burying herself in the Force for protection. She thought she might have to give up, and that idea- something she'd never thought possible before- pulled her on.

And then she saw the way out. The clone captain was reloading. With a swift movement she cartwheeled forward, pushing him over into the dust and pinning him, her shoto at his neck.

"Don't shoot!" she yelled at the clones. "Or I'll bring him with me to the afterlife!"

Her words seemed to reverberate in the still air as the troops lowered their blasters.


She was sure she would win, now. It showed in her body language and her expression and he was sure it went down to her bones. He used it to his advantage.

He pushed her off him, blaster reloaded, and pulled the trigger.


The instant he pulled the trigger, she drove her lightsaber into his chest.

And that was how Ahsoka Tano brought Captain Rex with her.

Yeah... Ahsoka's probably not going to survive until Order 66, but this was begging me to write it. Just an idea that formed itself during my Vocab class. :)