Title: Reader's Special: Second Edition - One Shot Reward Fic Collection

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: A collection of 1 Shot Reward Fics for Prompters of my Reader's Special: Third Edition. Features many seasons, hurt/limp/awesome/caring!Sam/Dean/John/Bobby See each chapter for specific info for each 1 shot reward fic.

Author's Note: The Reader's Special: Third Edition was a smashing success! Prompters of the story were offered a One Shot Reward story of their choice. These are they. None of the chapters contained in this collection are connected. Each one is a stand-alone one shot per the Prompters request. Thank you to all of you who prompted the Reader's Special! You were fantastic as always!

Chapter Info: For Xenascully – Sam and Dean, skin tight snowsuits and an abominable snowman. Discuss.

A/N: Heh. Just for the hell of it this is set in season 1. Enjoy!

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The snow fell in a silent fog of white, muffling every sound, even the so-soft 'shushing' of his skis as he cut back and forth down the mountain slope. Greg grinned in triumph. He had eluded the cops at the resort and gotten past the ski patrol and their pathetic attempt at a blockade to climb the mountain. He snorted a laugh as he switched direction again; as if he'd believe some crap story about a monster eating skiers. He cut close to the line of trees, weaving in and out of the sparse cover with ease and grinned again. No one was going to ruin his vacation.

Greg skied easily across the slope and back again, once more turning into the tree line with complete confidence in his skills as he dove between the trees, avoiding each obstacle with the smug thought that he could have competed in the Olympics. He swung closer to a large spruce, feeling the branches brush the edges of his form-fitting ski suit and laughed.

Greg's laugh was choked off in a scream as a massive, furred arm swept out and wrapped around his chest. He kicked his legs, hampered by the skis as he was pulled up into the tree and his last, terror-filled scream echoed out onto the slope, swallowed by the swiftly falling snow.


"Abominable snowmen? Really?" Dean raised a brow and smirked. "You're pullin' my leg."

"Dude, I swear." Sam tossed the paperclipped stack of articles to him and put his hands up. "There is an abominable snowman…or men - they're not really clear - running around the mountains above Aspen."

"Wait." Dean sat forward, his interest suddenly piqued. "Aspen Aspen? Snow bunnies and hot tubs Aspen? Oh, we are taking this job."

Sam chuckled and grabbed Dean's coffee. "Knew that'd get you."

"Hey! Get your own!" Dean protested as Sam danced away from his reaching hand with the cup.

Sam raised the cup on his way to the bathroom with a grin. "Got mine."

"Sammy, you bitch!" Dean yelled and snorted a laugh at the 'Jerk' that came through the closing door.


The streets of Aspen were clogged with snow. Even the venerable winter retreat of the wealthy was having trouble dealing with the unprecedented late snow storm. It was May and those sorts of record falls were usually long behind them. Dean was hunched forward over the wheel just to see the road as they drove.

"Where is this lodge?" Dean asked his brother who had the map unfolded in his lap.

Sam looked up and pointed vaguely. "That way. Top of the road, the guy said." He shrugged. "He seemed pretty sure we'd find it. According to…uh…" He looked down at his notes quickly. "Fred, it's the highest lodge on the mountain and fairly lonely this time of year. Few ski bunnies and the patrol."

"There better be snow bunnies," Dean said hotly. "And a hot tub."

Sam chuckled and shook his head. "Well, we could put Abominable in a bathing suit for you."

Dean all out laughed at that and spared a glance from the road. "You know another word for the abominable snowman is…sasquatch. Right?"

"Oh, shut up," Sam groaned and looked out the window in irritation while Dean laughed.

Ten more minutes of driving had the Impala straining as she climbed the steep, snow-covered road to the lodge that waited at its top. It was a massive A-frame backed against the white forest with a wall of windows at its front that looked out on the town below. Dean parked in front of the building and sighed in relief.

"Think we're gonna wait 'til the weather clears to drive back out of here," Dean said and opened his door. "Come on. Let's go find us some snow bunnies, Sammy!"

Sam followed him out of the car and to the trunk, grabbing their bags before heading inside the lodge. It looked like every cliché ski lodge Sam had ever seen in a film - a fire pit, the mounted heads of unfortunate animals along the walls, and a dozen or so guests in snow suits lounging about here and there.

"What the hell are they wearing?" Dean asked, eyeing the skiers who were all decked out in skin-tight suits of loud colors - red, green, yellow, and blue. "Sure not leaving anything to the imagination are they?"

"I thought ski suits were like…big and bulky." Sam watched one of the men stride past them and felt the honest need to avert his eyes. "Wow."

"Can I help you?" An older man with shoulder length, silver hair smiled at them from behind a desk off to their right.

"Uh…yeah. Are you Fred?" Sam went to the desk with Dean at his side and smiled as the man nodded. "I'm Sam; this is Dean. You said you had a…problem?"

"Right! Local wildlife!" Fred said a little too loudly and grinned around at the other guests in case they were listening. "Come back to the office. Hilde! Make some coffee and give it some Irish!"

Dean nodded with a smile. "My kinda coffee."

"Here. Here." Fred waved them into a spacious office and closed the door before dropping into a chair by a large window looking up onto the slope above. "I'm sorry. There've been enough wild stories the last couple of weeks. I didn't want to give them anything more to gossip over. If any of them find out you're here to…well, you know…there'll be panic."

"You're sure it's not just a hungry bear up there grabbing skier snacks?" Sam ran a finger along a mint rifle mounted on the wall with an appraising eye. It was old, Civil War era maybe, but in pristine condition. He wondered if it would still fire.

Fred rolled his eyes. "Yes, young man. I am. Those things have been up there longer than I've been alive but they've rarely attacked people until recently." He rubbed a hand through his hair. "It's all rather sad really."

"I'm sure your dead skiers think so too," Sam said and rolled his own eyes before sitting across from him.

"Well, I do appreciate you boys coming up here so fast to help." Fred smiled at them and smiled more widely as the door opened and a heavy-set, older woman with blonde hair and a stripe of silver hair at her temple bustled in with a tray and several mugs. "This is my wife, Hilde."

"Here we are." Hilde gave Dean a mug, another to Sam, and then the last to her husband as she stood beside him. She looked Dean and Sam up and down and smirked. "Oh, it's going to be fun getting you two suited up."

"Suited up?" Dean raised his brows.

"Well, you can't go up the mountain like that." Hilde waved a hand and Fred, beside her, cleared his throat. "You need to blend in. Besides, those clothes won't keep you warm up there. You need thermal suits."

"Oh…no way," Dean groaned and shook his head.

"Therm…" Sam broke off as realization dawned and his eyes widened in horror. "No. Just…no."

"We are not wearing those…what the hell is everyone wearing?" Dean was ready to get violent over it, really.

"Thermal suits, dears." Hilde laughed softly. "They'll keep you warm up there, and the guests won't think anything strange if you head up the mountain. You can ski…can't you?"

"I can, yeah," Sam smirked and looked over at his brother.

"Shut up. I can ski." Dean glared at him. "When did you learn?"

Sam smile faded. "Jess."

Dean sighed and nodded, then looked back to their hosts. "We should go up when the slopes are empty."

"They're empty now," Fred shrugged. "The ski patrol has blocked off the mountain until the find the, uh…bear munching on people."

"That kid from Texas, he went up two hours ago." Hilde looked down at her husband sadly. "Haven't seen him since."

"What do you mean, he went up?" Fred rose out of his chair and turned to look out the window up through the falling snow. "They were supposed to stop anyone."

"I don't know. He just left saying he was going to get through and ski the high slope." Hilde gave them a wan smile. "His vacation was over in a couple days and he was determined."

"Great." Dean sighed. "Better get us up there then. He might still be alive."

"Follow me." Hilde dropped a kiss on her husband's head and went out, leaving Sam and Dean to follow her. "We have a shop right here in the lodge.

"Will you be able to get us past the ski patrol?" Sam asked as they crossed the lodge.

"That won't be a problem. One of the men guarding the slope is Fred's nephew. He knows what's what." Hilde turned a smile at them over her shoulder and then stopped, pulling open a door. "In you go. All closed up today, so we'll have it to ourselves."

The shop was small and fairly cramped. Hilde shoved them both toward two curtained changing rooms at the back and went into another room. They could hear her rummaging through something, and a few minutes later she returned with two ski suits in her arms; both bright red.

"Bright colors on the slopes, boys." Hilde handed one too each of them. "That's so if you get caught in an avalanche, they have a better chance of spotting you. Now, get dressed!" She waved her hands at them.

Dean unfolded his and held it up, looking over as Sam did the same and sent him a terrified look. "Lady, you think maybe you can find us a couple of these in adult sizes?" They were small. Skintight wouldn't begin to cover what they would be like IN them, and he scowled dangerously at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Those are extra-large. Don't worry. They'll stretch." Hilde beamed a smile at them.

"Have you seen us?" Dean gestured to himself and Sam with a look of disbelief. "We're not gonna get these over one leg!"

"Better squeeze in, then, because the only way you get up the mountain is if you're properly attired." Hilde said sternly and crossed her arms.

"Oh, man," Sam groaned and went into one of the changing rooms. "I think I have socks bigger than this thing."

"This ain't gonna be pretty, dude." Dean shoved into the other changing room and quickly pulled off his clothes. He was right. Getting into the snowsuit amounted to pulling a sock half the size of your foot up the whole of his body. Hilde was also right in that it stretched, slowly, grudgingly, to accommodate his large frame. In the end, he managed to get it zipped up to his neck and figured Hilde's ears had to be burning with all the cussing he and Sam had done.

"I feel like a fruit roll-up," Sam muttered as he stepped out of the changing room. Dean came out beside him and Sam had to snort at the image. It was…memorable.

Dean slapped a hand over his eyes after looking at his little brother. "Holy crap. I really need to un-see that."

"What?" Sam looked over again with a frown.

"Dude…your…" Dean waved a hand in the general direction of Sam's crotch without looking.

Sam snorted a laugh and blushed, covering himself with his hands. "You, uh…it's not a field trip for me either."

"Oh, my." Sylvie blushed furiously as she got a good look at them…all of them… and fanned herself with a hand. "I'll just…let me get…" She turned away to the store room, muttering. "Have to have loin cloths around here somewhere. Oh, my great granny! I am going to hell a happy woman."

Dean burst out laughing while Sam only blushed harder, his neck and face soon matching his ski suit.

"I hate this job," Sam muttered and dropped his head in shame.

"How's my ass look?" Dean turned around, still laughing and grinned.

Sam looked before he could stop himself. "Aw, come on, man! Seriously?" He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "This is not happening."

"Well, if we gotta strut it, may as well flaunt it." Dean shrugged and aimed a mega-watt leer at Hilde when she came back in, laughing as she missed a step and stumbled. "Dude, I think she's drooling."

"Oh, stop now. Here." Hilde handed them each a small pile of cloth. "Cover your…cover up. I'll be waiting outside." She fluttered her hands and escaped the little shop.

Sam held the cloth up, raising his brows as it unfolded in to what could only be a loin cloth. "We don't…have to go kill this thing, do we? I mean, how many people could it really kill?"

Dean snorted and fumbled around, trying to tie the cloth at his waist. It didn't cover a whole lot but it was as good as they were going to get. "You can tell Dad we ditched a job where people were dying 'cause the dress code frightened you."

"Not fair, dude." Sam rolled his eyes and tied his own loin cloth around his waist. He pulled and tugged but it refused to do more than lay awkwardly over his…"I'm not going out there."

"Yeah you are. Come on, Gigantor." Dean tugged his arm and Sam groaned loudly.

"That's the name you have to use right now? Avert your eyes, you freak." Sam slapped the back of Dean's shoulder and pointedly did not look down. It was disturbing enough knowing the suit he wore was hugging his back side just as suggestively. "It's like a ski lodge for porn stars or something."

Dean laughed out loud again and opened the door back into the lodge, giving Sam a flourish to go out ahead of him. "Hilde's gotta have her breath back by now, but we can fix that."


Sam hopped off the ski lift at the top of the slope with his skis, stumbling slightly as Dean bumped into him getting out of the contraption's way as it continued on its endless circle up and down the mountain.

"This would be a hell of a view if it weren't snowing this heavy." Sam pointed down the slope but they could only see a hundred yards or so ahead; Beyond was a curtain of white. He dropped to his skis and bent to check that his boots were hooked into them.

"Gah! My eyes!" Dean exclaimed and threw an arm as he watched Sam bend over. "Don't do that while I'm looking."

Sam laughed and stood, testing the skis grip on his boots and nodded. "Guess you better stay in front then, huh?"

"If we weren't up here looking for big ugly I'd beat your ass to the bottom." Dean bent and checked his own before standing and grinning over at him. "…and that's one fat ass you got there."

"Hey!" Sam glared. "My ass is not fat!"

"Come on, Porky." Dean grinned, laughed and took off down the slope.

"Pile driving you into a snow drift, first chance I get," Sam grumbled and kicked off after him. "Then into a tree."

Dean bobbled lightly on his skis and fought to get his speed down. Whatever he had boasted to Sam, it had been a damn long time since he'd had to do this. "French fries or pizza slice?" He muttered and chuckled, sliding the backs of his skis out and slowing his descent. He snarled as Sam suddenly appeared on his left and cut easily back in an arc as though he'd done this all his life. "Jackass!" Dean shouted as a sheet of snow, thrown up by Sam's ski's hit him in the face.

Sam laughed and let his momentum take him to the tree line at the edge of the slope. He skidded to a stop against the trees and looked into the forest. It was dense enough deeper in that the heavy snowfall on the slope was lightened and made it easier to see. He glanced over as Dean came to a credible, if shaky, stop beside him and smirked.

"Shut up," Dean growled. "So I'm rusty." He pulled the rifle strapped to his back around in front.

Sam looked down at his wrist and the altimeter he'd strapped there, brushing snow from it. "This is the approximate altitude where the attacks occurred." He used his pole to snap his boots loose from the skis and stepped off. "This suit may be…skimpy but it is damn warm."

Dean nodded and got one of his feet free. "Skin suits." He shook his head, prying his other foot free. "Who the hell comes up with this crap?"

Sam started into the woods, boots sinking in the powdery snow as he brought his rifle around from his back. "Hope there's not more than one abominable snowman up here."

"Just watch your ass." Dean came up beside him, grunting with effort as he walked through the deep snow. "'cause I'm sure as hell not watchin' it." He chuckled at the disgusted look on Sam's face. "Hey." He stopped and reached across to Sam, nudging his arm. "Look." Thirty or so yards ahead, the snow around a large Spruce tree was spotted with blood. "Guess we picked the right place."


"They've been gone too long." Hilde paced along the back deck of the lodge, wringing her hands. "Fred, maybe we shouldn't have sent those boys up there."

"They'll be fine, Hilde." Fred tried to calm his wife again, though he didn't know why he bothered. When Hilde decided to worry about something, it was an all-out affair. He gave it another five minutes before she set on one of her stressed baking sprees. He smirked. Hilde's 'worried' cookies were worth the aggravation.

"You stop smiling at me like that." Hilde stopped and planted her fists on her hips to glare at her husband. "How can you not be concerned?"

"Because I met their Dad once and believe me, if they were trained by that man, they've got nothing to worry about up there." Fred waved a hand up the mountain.

"Well, if it's such an easy job, why don't I see YOU trudging up the mountain to take care of it? Hmm?" Hilde raised her brows as though she'd won the argument.

"'Cause I'm not an idiot." Fred rolled his eyes and glanced at his watch; two minutes to go until she stomped off to bake cookies. His mouth was already watering. He glanced out, off the deck. His eyes widened and he groaned sadly. "Dammit."

"What?" Hilde turned to follow his line of sight and gasped, covering her mouth in surprise as Sam and Dean appeared out of the forest, arms over each other's shoulders and staggering wearily as they made their way to the lodge. "Oh, my goodness. They're back! Boys! Are you alright?"

"Dammit." Fred sighed and followed as his wife bounded down the steps into the snow and out to them. "Two more minutes and I'd have been in cookie heaven."

Hilde stepped lightly over the packed snow around the lodge, lifting her heavy skirt as she neared them and then stopped. "Oh…oh, dear." She clapped one hand over her mouth, then her eyes and then back over her mouth because really…how could she not look. Their suits had been torn in several places. Sam's chest was exposed with part of his suit hanging off his side, while Dean was showing a delicious amount of thigh that drew her eyes up to his loin cloth and reddened her face even more.

"We're fine," Dean called and smiled tiredly as they reached her. "Little banged up, but we're ok." He smirked as Sam groaned and whispered something to him. "Right, uh…you should go ahead of us." He chuckled.

Hilde frowned as they came alongside her. "Why?"

"Cause these suits of yours don't do too well when you're tossed through a few trees," Sam grumbled.

Hilde, unable to ignore her curiosity, moved around them. She gasped, feeling herself go warm and sputtered. "Good…God." The backs of their snowsuits were torn and shredded, clearly showing in some cases bleeding welts on their skin from the branches they had gone through, but, more importantly…leaving parts of them exposed, specifically their…very shapely backsides.

"I hate this job," Sam growled under his breath as he heard Hilde's sharp intake of breath behind them.

Dean laughed and waved as Fred came down to help them up the stairs. "Hey, Fred. You're gonna wanna let the ski patrol know there's another dead skier up there. The kid didn't make it. Sorry." He waited while Fred slid under Sam's other arm. "Also, not our fault if Hilde has a few hot dreams for a while. You made us wear this crap."

Fred looked behind him to his wife, down at Sam and Dean's backs where his eyes blew wide and then back to his wife's brilliantly red face. "I think she's drooling. Good grief. Pull yourself together, woman!"

Hilde waved her hands with a breathless laugh as she followed them inside. "You get them settled. I'll go…I'm going to…make some cookies…or something."

Fred chuckled as she practically ran off to the kitchens. "You boys are in for some good food." He directed them to a side hall away from the other guests. "Got a room down here you can use to clean up."

"It's drafty in here," Sam commented, wishing he had a free arm to cover his butt with.

Dean laughed again. "Next time I tell you to move your ass, move it."

"I thought you were making another crack about my suit!" Sam glared at him.

Dean snorted a laugh. "You said crack."

"Oh, for…Fred, can I borrow a hammer to hit my brother with?" Sam looked over and rolled his eyes, finding the older man covering his mouth to try and muffle his laughter. "I hate…this job."


The End.

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