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The night club in Quantico was hopping and the team was able to let loose and enjoy each other's company without thinking about work. They were not there long before Morgan hit the dance floor pulling Emily out with him. She went reluctantly with Morgan not letting her refuse. Once out there she looked as if she was having the time of her life. For the first time, in a long time she really seemed to be enjoying herself, smiling and laughing. She noticeably would throw glances in Hotch's direction.

Morgan noticed her interest in Hotch as he has before and said, "Haven't you talked to him yet?"

"Who?" Emily responded, trying to play it off as if she didn't know who Morgan was talking about.

"Girl, it's written all over your face. You got the hots for him and you know it."

"Who?" She said again and then Derek looked in Hotch's direction. "Hotch! What? No."

"Well then Miss Thang, explain to me why you can't keep your eyes off him."

Emily looked Morgan in the eye, "I can." She said and kept dancing and then without realizing it she looked back in Hotch's direction.

Derek noticed, "See."

Emily flushed a little red knowing she had got caught. Was it that obvious? How long had he known? And what about that whole inner team profiling and fraternization rules? It would never work.

Her face was pointed at the ground while she was thinking and Derek interrupted her thoughts by saying, "I know what you're thinking, it would never work. But by my observations I think it would and don't worry about Rossi's fraternization rules. He'll get over it."

Emily smiled at him, "You being a profiler can really be annoying, but thanks."

"Anytime." Morgan said and they kept on dancing.

Rossi and JJ were playing darts while Reid was doing magic tricks surrounded by a handful of girls and Garcia and Hotch sat at the bar.

Garcia looked on at Morgan, "Isn't he beautiful, just watch him move."

"I agree." Hotch said jumping down off the stool. "I think I'll go cut in."

Garcia gave him an odd, gaping look with a straw in her mouth. She watched as he walked up to Morgan and Emily and pulled Emily away. Then she realized he thought she was talking about Emily and said aloud to herself, "Go Hotch." Then she went back to sipping on her drink.

"So, what do you say we get outta here and go for a walk?" Hotch asked.

Emily seemed hesitant, did it have to be right now? But if I don't talk to him now, when will I talk to him? "Sure, just let me grab my coat and I'll meet you by the front door." Emily grabbed her black leather coat and flung it on leaving just a hint of her tight red shirt showing. As she walked towards the front door she saw him standing their waiting, smiling at her as she walked. Her mind was confronted with questions and thoughts of uncertainty. What am I going to say? Should I apologize for the way I've been? Emily why are you even nervous, it's just Hotch, what was the big deal? The big deal is I think I love him. But…no Emily don't over think it she told herself. "Okay, I'm ready." Emily said to him standing at the front door.

Hotch stuck out his hand to lead Emily out the door and just as he was going to pull it back, thinking he was being too forward, he felt her hand in his. He didn't want to let go.

Outside the mugginess was overwhelming and Emily was forced to take her jacket off letting go of something that felt was safe and comfortable, Hotch's hand. "This weather is definitely different from Maine's." She said making small talk trying to avoid silent awkwardness.

"I think there is a storm coming through."

"Yeah probably, you never know about weather this time of year."

"I thought maybe we would walk to the park, I heard that the fountain that is located by the gazebo can be quite spectacular this time of night." Immediately Hotch regretted what he said thinking, that sounded stupid she is going to turn around and go back in the nightclub.

"I'd love to go. I've heard JJ and Garcia talk about it and have always wanted to see it but never found the time or the right person to go with." She said hinting around, trying to work her way into a deeper conversation. Then she just blurted it out, "I'm sorry. I feel like that I brought you down with me when I was getting through all my stuff and I'm sorry for that." She had said it. She apologized. It had made her feel a little better. Unsure of his reaction she started biting her nails. Then she felt his hand on top of hers pushing her hand down slowly.

"Emily, there is no need to apologize. With everything you have been through it was normal to feel the way you did. I had thought after Doyle and coming back to the BAU things would get better for you but to see you suffer again…I wasn't sure how to react. A team member I really care about was suffering and there was nothing I could do about it."

Emily smiled to herself. She looked up and saw in the distance the fountain and the gazebo. The site is spectacular. The water glistens from the light underneath as it flows from the top tier all the way down to the bottom pool. The gazebo was lit up with white lights all the way around the top and down the sides. "It's beautiful isn't it?" She said. Hotch's arm come up as if he was going to put it in the small of her back, she quickly took off walking towards the fountain before he could. She reached the fountain and laid her jacket on the edge and looked at the water as it fell. She shortly felt Hotch's come up beside her. She wouldn't look at him.


She turned around to face him, "We can't do this." She said. The words out of her mouth even hurt her to hear them.

His heart sunk. His worst fear was coming true she was rejecting him, turning him away. He dropped his head.

"Hotch. It would change everything, what about the team, our lives, the way we profile, it totally changes the whole dynamics and most of all what about Jack…" Raindrops began to fall. Emily looked up and held out her hands to feel the rain.

"Emily lets go under the gazebo." Thunder was heard in the distance seen with faint flashes of lightening. "Emily, hurry let's get under the gazebo." He said, more ordering her this time.

"No." She closed her eyes and let the rain fall on her.

"What is it?" He asked standing across from her in the rain.

"For the first time I can feel it. In Maine when everyone could feel the cold weather and icy wind I just felt numb. I've felt numb since Arizona but now I can feel the rain again." She smiled at him and him at her. This time their eyes never left each other.

Hotch stepped closer to her with their bodies so close each could feel the heat radiating from the other. The rain noticeably dripped down her bare chest, soaking into her already damp shirt. He slipped his hand behind her neck, with the dampened strands of hair falling between his fingers and his thumb resting on the edge of her cheek. His touch was so soft it was almost unnoticeable. He slipped his arm around her waist pulling her even closer feeling the touch of her body against his.

Emily placed her hand on top of his. She closed her eyes trying to avoid an even more intimate contact, this could change everything. No man had ever touched her as Hotch was touching her in this moment. It wasn't just a touch but a feeling of love, one she wanted to fight off, "Hotch…" She started to protest looking back into his eyes.

Hotch placed his cheek against hers whispering into her ear, "I love you." He gently kissed her neck. Emily closed her eyes and leaned her head sideways letting him. He continued to kiss her softly, slowly reaching her dampened chest before he reached the "V" of her shirt he stopped and looked at her.

Emily quickly stood on her toes and wrapped her arms around Hotch kissing him. Her love for him was unspoken but it didn't go unfelt for in that moment they both shared something that had been bottled up for so long. Emily let her hands fall slowly down the front of his chest feeling every ripped muscle down his abdomen, leading her to the bottom of his shirt where her fingertips rested on the top of his jeans.

Hotch moved his hands from her back to the bottom of her shirt letting his hands run up her bare back moving around to the front feeling the roughness of the scar Doyle left, as a constant reminder of the pain she suffered. When his fingers ran across it she didn't move or hesitate acknowledging that it was there. She let his hands keep moving. His touch was so soft as he caressed her curves making her feel she was worthy of feeling love.

Emily slipped the tips of her fingers on the inside, of the top of his jeans, sliding them all the way around to his back. This feeling she was returning back to him sent a feeling of ecstasy shooting through his body. The absence of passion each had been with out for so long sent their feelings in overdrive, spiking the sensation of each other's touch.

Suddenly lightening struck close causing Hotch and Emily to abruptly end what was sure to be the beginning of a very interesting future. Thunder clapped above their heads and they quickly grabbed each other's hand running back to the club, fading off in the distance as the rain began to pour.

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