Hey all! Tis I, the long lost authoress you're probably making voodoo dolls out of. Meh, I shouldn't flatter myself. Anyhoo, yah, sorry bout the non- updating phase I've been going through. I got burnt out on my stories, then I got a new comp and deleted all the unnecessary stuff so I could transfer my files, and the fanfiction folder got deleted! so I kinda said "ah, screw it" and never did anything about it. I dunno if I'm ever going to finish this thing, I had a WAY lot of good ideas but I found it too hard to carry them on. If anyone would like to *adopt* my story and make it their own, so the poor thing could get finished and rest in peace, then be my guest. Email me at (WARNING: this has changed!) DeviousHamster08@aol.com or IM me or whatever and we'll talk. Just coffee and some talk, no big whoop.

hehe, extra points if you can tell me what that last sentence is from.

anyhoo, so yah, email me if u wanna continue my story for me, b/c I'm kinda sorta sick of it. no offense, I just have the attention span of a hamster (note the screenname) and I get bored easily. sorry again, and I hope I haven't pissed anyone off.

(and if I have, don't send me a virus or something)

thanks bundles to all my reviewers!! I LOVE YOU AND SHALL MISS YOU ALL!!! keep in touch if you must, email, IMming, it's all gravy.

and, in the wise words of Porky the Pig. bede bede bede bede That's All Folks!!!

Love from,