'I always hated this stupid coat' Dean says as he yanks Cas closer to him smashing their mouths together.

'I thought you loved it.' Cas mumbles out between kisses as Dean pulls off the ever present tan overcoat.

'I do but it hides your great ass' The coat falls to the floor and Dean grabbed Castiel's ass releasing a moan from them both. Cas needs to touch Dean and tugs Dean's shirt over his head, breaking the kiss but Dean doesn't want that. He pulls Cas in again by his tie smashing their lips together again. Cas' tongue licked inside Dean's mapping out his teeth and Dean tried to take control but Cas was having none of it. He backed Dean up against the bed until Dean's knees hit the side and he fell backwards. Cas climbed on top of him and Dean moved backwards so he could be on the bed completely. Dean pulled him in again by his tie. The kisses weren't the greatest, they were messy and dirty and nothing an angel should know how to do.

Cas moved down Dean and started sucking at Dean's neck. The groan coming from Dean made his throat vibrate which just made Cas suck harder leaving marks all down his neck and behind his ear and one on his collarbone, which made Dean create the dirtiest moan Cas had ever heard him make so he made 4 more there. He licked all down Dean's chest until he got to his waist. He started to undo Dean's belt but decided to mouth at Dean's cock through his jeans.

'Cas!' Dean breathed out with a moan. Cas just looked up at Dean with the sexiest grin and Dean couldn't help himself. He was thankful Cas still had his tie on and he pulled him up again. Dean started to fuck Cas' mouth with his tongue and Cas grinded down on Dean, finally, friction. They both groaned into each other's mouth and Dean needed skin on skin so he tugged off Cas' suit jacket and went to unbutton Cas' shirt but Cas' wouldn't let him finish. Cas moved back down to take off Dean's jeans and licked up Dean's cock through his boxers, watching him squirm under him. Dean kept moaning and moving and Castiel needed him to stay put so he moved, slowly licking a line up his chest and pinned Dean's arms at his side. Dean squirmed some more and wanted to have some kind of control so he got free of Cas' grip and went to flip Cas over so he was on top. But Cas was too strong and kept Dean down, now straddling his chest. Dean's hands flew up to finally take off Cas' shirt and tie. His hands now free to roam over Cas' chest and Cas moaned as Dean's fingers moved their way to his hair, tugging him down for another kiss.

Dean tugged on Cas' hair harder so they were chest to chest and Cas groaned as Dean kept tugging. Cas grinded down on Dean making them both moan and Dean just needed release. Thankfully Cas was finally going to let him.

Without breaking the kiss, Cas moved his hand slowly down Dean's side and under his boxers. Teasingly and painfully slow, Cas started to take them off.

Dean jolted up from his sleep by the sound of Sam closing the door, coming in with breakfast.

'Geez, just waking up Dean? I didn't think you'd still be asleep now!' Sam plopped down a bag of something on the table as Dean rubbed at his eyes and moved the blanket over his morning wood. He couldn't get mad at Sam though because Sam had no idea what he just ruined. Dean just hoped there would be pie in that bag.