Derpy's One and Only

Chapter 1 Confessions

Ditzy's POV

Finally hearts and hooves day and boy am I ready .the Doctor told me that today we could just relax and enjoy the day. I really like the doctor, but something's are hard to tell him. I want him to know I love him but I don't want to break him heart, come on Ditzy pull yourself together and just go out with it. That's it today, I'll do it today .Confess my love to him what better way than hearts and hooves right? Hmmm I wonder where he is.

Ditzy: "doctor, Doctor!"

Doctor: "over here Derpy, what's going on?"

Ditzy: "oh I just wanted to tell you somethi….ARE YOU EATING BUTTER ON MY COUCH AGAIN!"

Doctor: "IIIII….I'm sorry "

Ditzy: "you clean it up, if you think I am going to clean it up you have another thing coming sunshine"

Doctor: "so you wanted to tell me something…"

Ditzy: "yes I did "

Doctor: "shoot"

Ok ditzy you can do this; you can do this, wait what if he rejects me! What if he does not like me back? JUST GET ON WITH IT DITZY HES GETTING Impatient! I look to see the doctor fully attentive to whatever is about to come out of my mouth. I take a deep breath and just say it…

Ditzy: "Doctor I think I'm in love with you … And I know you might not like me But, every time around you, you're so heroic, knowledgeable, handsome and funny at times. Every time I look in to your eyes I quiver, I love you doctor and ill scream it to all of equestria. ILOVE A COLT IN A BULE BOX WITH A CRAZY PERSONALITY AND I don't care what anyone else thinks."

Doctor: "Derpy, I ….I don't know what to say, I I…."

And I lean in and kiss him. I know I let my impulses get ahead of me so I try to pull out of the kiss but, Doctor or pulls me in and deepens the kiss. Maybe he feels the same way. OH this colt is so magical and loveable it's impossible for any mare to resist him. Even me. And when I'm with him I'm not judged and my eyes, they both fix on him every time I look him in the eyes.

Doctor: "I think I love you to Derpy, you're amazing and underestimated. You are very smart and bright .And beautiful in your own way, Hey that reminds me since its hearts and hooves day would you like to be my Special some pony?"

Ditzy: "Of course Doctor I would not want to have it any other way"

Doctor: "I was thinking maybe we could go to this place I heard about called The Crystal Empire I heard they are having a festival of the Crystal Heart!"

Ditzy: "Shure I always love a good festival, but we would need to get on the train that leaves soon so we better get going"

Doctor: "Come on , Avante!"