Chapter 3 Sometimes Fun is TOO Short

Ditzy POV

I look at the doctor to notice he is distracted, I get his attention by handing him a pie. He stops grabs the pie and Devoirs the whole thing getting berry drippings everywhere .

Ditzy: "those fillies were right , You are too splashy!"

We both giggle

Doctor: "Sorry I was hungry"

Me And the Doctor go off and go on the rides at the festival. We go on the roller coaster and the carousel and finally the Ferris wheel. He insists on going in the blue car, Ah my doctor and the color blue.

Ditzy: " Isn't the view beautiful?"

Doctor: " Yes my love it is , Just like you so beautiful and precious ."

And we kiss, I can't believe it was just this morning I confess my love for this wacky pony and now he was mine he wasn't just my doctor he was my lover.

Ferris Wheel Manager: "Rides over exit to the left….. And get room for petes sake "

We look embarrassed at first but both burst into laughter .the best thing about the doctor laughing means he is letting loose , Relaxing Just what I like.

Dizty: "so Mr. Splashy what do you want to do Now that we were nearly kicked off the Ferris wheel?"

Doctor: "we were not !and he told us to get a room so I go a room well, car to be exact Anyway! I wanted to go see this crystal heart everypony is talking about ,I hear its Beautiful at this time of night glowing with protection and all, I thinks its oveeerrrr….There it is Come on!"

I watch as the Doctor runs towards the glowing heart. But I notice some pony in the shadows over by the heart ,they look VERY mysterious.

Ditzy: "Wait who are those people?"

the Doctor and I are now looking at two Mysterious beings Next to the crystal heart. We can Hear their conversation and decide to listen in.

Henchman1: "King Sombra will be please when we take the crystal heart back to him, We shall be his right hands. Come on you stand Guard and ill take the Crystal Heart"

Henchman2: "we mustn't waste time I feel as if we are being watched"

Henchman1: "Relax King Sombra Lent us his power we can fight off any old Crystal pony"

I decide to try to move in to stop the thieves but somepony grabs me and I can't break free

Doctor: Whispering "We have to do something Derpy, Derpy"


I squirm to try and break free. Oh why am I such a curious idiot. I should have known I would not be able to something, now look at what I've gotten myself into a Whole lot of trouble.

Henchman1: "No one can hear your cries of Sneakery"

Doctor: "I CAN"

Ditzy: "Doctor!"

Henchman2: "come on leave them and let's take the heart"

Henchman1: "oh great now the whole empire knows we are here that's just fabulous"

(patching in) King Sombra:" leave the heart take the Mare ,"

Henchman2: "But Sir…."

King Sombra: "TAKE THE MARE!

Henchmen1: "Yes sir "


I watch slowly as the doctors face fades away the last look I receive of his eyes , is a lost look, a look only a doctor could give.