Chapter 5 Derpy in Distress

The chains pulled on my arms ,legs , and even my wings. It hurt a lot so much that it made me cry. But I I know the Doctor he is on his way to saving me right now. My Eyes star to wander exploring King Sombra's lair . It looks really creepy and it has a weird pedestal in the middle. I stop looking around when King Sombra comes up to me.

King Sombra: " Well, Well, Well …. That Doctor certainly likes to protect what he cares about,He'll have you and I'll have the Crystal Heart to enslave the Crystal ponies its perfect!"

Ditzy: " you'll never get away with this .The Doctor isn't foolish enough to fall into your trap."

King Sombra: "oh Yeah? Why don't you see for yourself."

He gives me a sneering look and shows me and image of the Doctor running towards here with the crystal heart in his mouth. Oh no he isn't going to endanger those other lives is he? Knowing the Doctor, he has a plan. I love that brilliant mind of his.

Suddenly the Doctor bursts through the door. My mood instantly lifts. He is here to recuse really does care. He throws King Sombra the Crystal heart.

Doctor: "heres your heart now let her go!"

King Sombra : " fine , im a man of my word , Take her ."

The henchmen unchain me and give me to the Doctor. He pulls me close and whispers in my ear.

Doctor: "When I say run, you run…."

I don't know why we still need to run but I sense the doctor has a bigger plan of sorts.I see King Sombra place the Crystal Heart into to pedestal in the he outrages

King Sombra: " Wait this Crystal Heart, is is FAKE!"

Doctor: "Rule # 1 ,King Sombra . The Doctor LIES! Derpy RUN"

King Sombra: "GET THEM!"

Ditzy: "Doctor…. How do you expect to go with out being cought!"

Doctor: "I have back up"

Ditzy: " oh?"

Who could possibly help us? But then as we run outside I see the Crystal Empires guards at the ready point to create a spell. And then with a snap of a hoof all their horns come to life and as King Sombra approces the door to his lair and is instantly vaporized along with his henchmen.

Dizty: "Doctor you did it ! your brilliant"

Doctor: " Well I couldn't let the Pair of boxes fix it this time."

Ditzy: "oh Doctor you're so silly, Come on let's get some muffins "

Doctor: " with butter ?!"

Ditzy: " of course silly ,How else do you eat muffins!"

Doctor: " With you"

Ditzy: " oh doctor !"

And I welcome him with a big open hug and he hugs me back and we kiss. We take the train back to ponyville and go back to the Tardis .

Ditzy: "Haven't we had enough adventure for one day!"

Doctor: "there's no such thing as too much Adventure, Derpy"

Ditzy: "so then where are we going this time?"

Doctor: "I don't know I'm going to put the Tardis at random"

Ditzy: "Sounds like fun, Yay ADVENTURE!"

Doctor: "Avante!"

He says as the Tardis Whirls to life and takes us away. When we land the doctor runs to the door and I follow shortly behind him. His mouth drops as he opens the door.

Doctor: " Uhh.. Derpy this is a whole entire planet….. MADE OF BUTTER !"

Derpy: "Im going to need…A LOT more muffins!"

I watch as the doctor runs of in to basically his dream world. OH Doctor you're so funny . I'm so glad I meet you!


Thanks to every on who read this I appreciate it I think as my first fan fiction it was fantastic! again , Read on and don't forget….BOWTIES ARE COOL! =]