The cry of a child echoed off the rough stone walls. The long-haired vampire slapped a hand over said child's mouth. Yanking the child's head to the side, the vampire licked his lips at the sight of the snow-white neck. The child squeaked as the vampire's fangs broke the skin, allowing crimson blood to flow. The child slowly fell limp in the vampire's grasp, and he removed his fangs from the corpse, licking the last droplets of sweet blood from the wound. The vampire dropped the child and began searching the ally way for a place to stash the body. Finding none, he propped the child against the cold stone wall.

"Thanks for the snack." He said to the body before leaving the dark ally way. The vampire looked at the moon and noted that it had risen high, he smirked and joined the city bustle. He walked past bars and clubs that were overflowing with people, he eventually found one that wasn't as congested.

"Five bucks." The bouncer said holding out a large hand. The vampire shoved his hand into his pocket and removed a roll of cash. Flipping through the bills, he found a five that wasn't covered in droplets of his victim's blood. Handing the man the money he pushed past him and entered the loud night club. His smile widened when he noticed that this particular club, was one for teens. He particularly loved teens, so trusting and care free, and even better their blood still sweet with their innocence.

Most of the club's patrons were dancing, some sitting in the booths that lined the walls sipping at fruity drinks that the vampire never took a liking to. Sitting at the bar, he sighed and turned the stool to face the crowd, searching for the loner in the crowd. A girl sat a few stools over and sighed even louder than the vampire, she buried he face in her crossed arms and attempted to hold back a sob. The vampire rolled his eyes. 'crying is disgusting, but she could be the main course' he thought, sliding over a few seats,and placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt the vampire's cold hand on her bare shoulder.

"Can I help you?" She asked, wiping away a tear that rolled down her cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" The vampire asked trying to seem sincere.

"My boyfriend just dumped me, he's over there grinding with that whore!" She said pointing to a pair dancing towards the edge of the dance floor.

"Well that's too bad, but don't fret. You're pretty and you have years to come, he doesn't deserve you." The vampire said wiping away one of the girl's stray tear. He smirked at his lie. 'Years to come' he inwardly laughed.

"You're too kind. What's your name?" She asked smiling a bit.


"Idiot Apprentice! Get your ass up! I have things to do and YOU have to do them all." Cross banged on the door, waking a groggy Allen from his vivid dream. Allen shook his head and sat up in bed, hitting his head on the low ceiling of the closet he slept in.

"Give me a minute! Sheesh! I didn't get ANY sleep because I could hear you and that whore's moans through the wall!" Allen called through the door as he pulled on a worn T-shirt and black hoodie. Allen pulled out a small black notebook and scribbled in the details of his dream.

'Strange. This is the fourth time I've dreamed about that vampire. Then they must exist right? And that club is just a ten minute walk from here. My dreams have never been wrong, so there's this vampire wandering the town and killing small children, huh?'

Allen shrugged away the thought and left his closet. Cross stood disapprovingly outside his door.

"What do I have to do Master?" Allen asked, slightly afraid of what his master wanted him to do.

"Go make me some money, don't spend a single dollar, bring it back here and give it to me. I want you to make a lot, enough to last me the night. Got this?"

"Yes, Master." Allen replied frowning and looking at the ground. Allen went to leave but Cross grabbed his shoulder pulling him back.

"I'm not done yet."

"Sorry, Master. What is it?" Allen shrugged off his master's hand

"You had another dream last night didn't you?"

"I did,Master. And no nothing that could give you an advantage."

"Well try dreaming of some money, fine booze and whores! Not stupid shit we don't need."

"I hope mine comes true and he chooses you as his next victim!" Allen yelled before leaving their apartment to do the task he was given.

As he walked he pulled out a deck of cards and removed the rubber band that held them together. Flipping through the deck he pulled out the cards that would ensure his winnings, and slipped them into the sleeve of his hoodie. Allen wrapped the rubber band around the rest of the deck and returned it to his pocket. Walking without a thought he found himself at the bar he normally gambles at. Sighing he pushed open the door and stepped into the dark bar. Allen wrinkled his nose at the scent of cheap booze and bar was empty except a few drunks, and a group of men playing poker in the corner. Pulling on his best smile, Allen walked over to the four men.

"Mind if I join?" Allen asked and the men looked up from their cards.

"Not at all." One replied and Allen pulled up a chair.

Several hours later, Allen had won every hand and forced his smile to stay hidden behind his poker face. After the winning the current hand, Allen collected his winnings and left the bar. Counting his winnings, Allen removed two hundred and hid it in his boot. He smiled at the thought of being able to leave his master soon, he almost had enough saved to leave, he just needed to get the money and get his master drunk enough to be able to sneak off.

The sun had almost completely gone down when Allen returned to the apartment to find Cross sitting impatiently at the table.

"Where were you?" he asked setting down a bottle of booze heavily.

"Getting you your money, what else." Allen replied tossing the wad of money to his master. Cross flipped through the bills.

"This seems light. Did you take any?" Cross asked taping his fingers on the table.

"N-no not a single dollar."

"You stuttered." Cross pointed out as he made his way over to Allen " You're lying."

"I didn't take any!" Allen yelled before he was slapped across the face with enough force that he staggered backwards.

"Stop the games. Where is the money you took?"

"I didn't take any!" Cross kicked out Allen's legs making him fall to the ground.

"Stop lying!" Cross began kicking Allen. Allen pulled his legs up to his chest and took the beating.

"How I wish that vampire would come in here and kill this bastard.' Allen thought before he passed out due to a kick to the back of the head.

It seems I've done it again...I'm sorry. I just had this idea in biology and boom! I created this..thing. Anyways, is it good and should I continue?