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The Doctor felt guilt creeping into the corners of his mind as he carried little Amelia Pond into her house and tucked her in. He had always regretted promising five minutes and returning twelve years late. He should have known better by than to make promises of any kind.

Well, it had taken a while, but here he was, nearly on time.

Amelia unconsciously snuggled into the covers as the Doctor tucked her in.

The Doctor sat down beside her bed, watching her sleep. Then he began to tell her a story. The story of a young Time Lord who borrowed a blue box and ran away. He always meant to return it, but he went on, travelling in his blue box, having wonderful adventures and making new friends wherever he went. All stories had an end though, he just hoped Amelia would remember this one.

The Doctor finished his story. He looked at Amelia again. She was still fast asleep.

"The cracks are closing. But they can't close properly until I'm on the other side. I don't belong here anymore. I think I'll skip the rest of the rewind. I hate repeats." the Doctor said to the sleeping little girl. "Live well. Love Rory. Bye-bye Pond."

The Doctor kissed the girl on the forehead and stepped away. He was almost tempted to continue. He could see Rose again. The events of the last year of his tenth self were too painful to revisit though.

Instead, the Doctor took a step toward the crack in Amelia's wall, knowing it was time to end it all. Maybe he would find some peace in the Void.

At least he would be closer to Rose, the Void would no longer be between them.

The Doctor braced himself, and stepped into the white light. Funny, he had always thought the Void would be black.

It was the strangest sensation. The Doctor could feel himself being unraveled from existence itself, his entire life peeling away in layers.

He was fading...

Suddenly, the Doctor was facing a golden light through all the white. It touched him, and he felt himself being woven back together. What could have that kind of power?

The Doctor took a step closer, then another (what was he even walking on?), not daring yet to hope that the golden light was his salvation. Maybe Amy had done it. She remembered him, and now the golden light would take him back to her.

The Doctor walked on, and allowed himself to be enveloped in the golden light.

The world was nothing but gold. It felt soft and comfortable. Was that how it was supposed to feel?

Time felt warped.

Then suddenly, it was gone. The golden light faded.

The Doctor looked around, then felt his hearts skip a beat.

No, this was impossible.

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