I'M BACK! It's been a while! Lol. I've tried writing over the last 2 years but every time I start everything sounds like crap. :/ I have read a lot of great stories on here and that is where the inspiration for this has come from. It may have some similarities to certain stories but it is a different storyline and different outcomes so there is no plagiarism here!

Again I don't own twilight; I just like to play with the characters.

The club was packed, which wasn't unusual for a Friday night but tonight seemed to have a different feel to it. You know what I'm talking about…like the Phil what's his face song "Something in the Air Tonight". It's this electric charge that had my body tingling all over. It felt amazing, especially after a long week of being stuck in the office with the most horrid yet insanely stunning man I have ever seen.

You see I'm an assistant at Cullen Co, an oil company that rivals BP, and my boss is none other than the founder's great grandson Edward Cullen. I think I drooled a little bit during my initial interview when I couldn't help but notice how attractive he was. Imagine my surprise when I got a call telling me that I had the job and could start the following day. That was two years ago, two long years of putting up with his royal pain in the ass. How can someone so hot be such an ass? Luckily he was entertaining a few of the company's foreign investors this weekend and told me I could leave early.

So generous of him. (Please note the sarcasm!)

Anyways… Sin is the hottest strip club in the city. Yes I said strip club and I'm not talking a male strip club either. You see I have this little…fetish per say. I love to dance and I love to be watched while I do it. It turns me on knowing someone's watching my body move and thinking all sorts of dirty kinky things. I tried dancing at normal night clubs but the men there are nasty and grabby so no thank you. Besides here, I get to dance naked which makes it even more erotic.

Hey…don't judge! we all have our dirty little secrets and this one is mine!

My friend James owns the club and lets me dance whenever I want. He knows my little secret and has no problem reaping the benefits from it. He has constantly tried to take me away from my current job saying I would make more money dancing but I just can't. He is also insistent on getting me into his bed…not gonna happen buddy!

I say hi to the doorman and make my way to the dressing room and start changing. Bre and Jessica are there getting ready as well, they are two dancers I consider friends; some of the other girls are rather bitchy and not worth my time. We start gossiping and conversating about our week when Riley the manager comes in and tells me I'm on next.

I stand on the side of the stage adjusting my outfit which is just a black mini skirt and a tight black blouse with the top buttons undone, my red lace bra peeking out over the top matches the thong I'm wearing under my skirt.

Victoria is on stage finishing up her dance, she is one of the bitchy ones I was talking about! She thinks just because she is fucking James that she is better than everyone here. Whatever makes you feel special sweetie!

I laugh as she does her final spin around the pole and almost face plants, I know the club is packed but damn don't kill yourself! I scan the crowd and see a few regulars at the bar and a few new customers that aren't too bad on the eye, then there are the ones that are a little scary looking but oh well can't let that get to me.

Victoria leaves and the DJ calls me to the stage, the regulars yell and cheer as Halestorm's 'I miss the Misery ' starts pumping through the speakers. It's loud and rough just the way I like it. I let the music flow through me as my body moves to it. Backing up to the pole I grab it above my head and start swaying my hips, working my way to the floor landing on my knees causing my skirt to ride up higher on my thighs.

I tease the boys by playing with one of my tits while my other hand starts pulling my skirt up higher. After a lit bit I cup both my breast before ripping the front of my shirt open, leaving me in just my bra and skirt. The roar in the room is deafening, drunken horny men yelling to take off more and I could see money being thrown onto the stage. I finished removing my bra and skirt tossing it into the crowd leaving me in only a thong.

Going for more tips I slowly crawl my way down the catwalk making sure to move my hips and jiggle my tits in the men's faces, they love that! I finally reach the end and lay down on my back and spread my legs giving them a great view of everything and at that point I am in my own little world, the music the lights the energy! I start touching myself again but this time I am pulling on my nipples and sliding my fingers down my stomach and into my thong feeling how wet this is making me. I'm so turned on I'm surprised I'm not leaking all over the stage.

A loud noise and a crash to my left breaks my concentration and I turn to see what all the noise is about. I see Alec, one of the regulars being escorted out by the bouncer and James talking to a man in an expensive suit. It looked like he was trying to calm the gentleman down. I guess Alec was drunk again and did something wrong. Oh well my song was coming to an end so I got back up on my hands and knees and started doing some dips and twists till the song stopped.

When the Dj said my name again and asked for a round of applause I stood up and gave a bow making sure to jiggle my tits a little more, when I straightened back up I looked over at James and wish I hadn't. Standing there next to my friend was my fucking boss and he did not look happy. I quickly gathered my tips and smiled before exiting the stage.

I had a feeling I was about to be in deep shit!

I ran back to the dressing room and started getting dressed and collecting my things. Jess and Bre wanted to know what was wrong and I told them it was nothing I just needed to get out of there. They didn't push and left me be as I started walking towards the back exit. I was almost home free when someone grabbed my arm; I turned ready to deck a mother fucker when I saw it was James I settled down.

"Hey where are you going in such a hurry?" he asked.

"Nowhere James, I'm just tired from a long week and want to head home. I gave a little show and got it out of my system thanks but I really need to leave." I tell him as I try to get out the door but he stops me again.

"Wait a second there is a guy here that would like a private dance."

"James most of the men here want a private dance. I'm just not in the mood for that tonight I'm sorry. I will call you tomorrow to see if it's ok for me to come in for a few hours but not right now."

"Bella you know it's always ok for you to come here and dance. I would be a stupid mother fucker if I didn't let that hot little body of yours up on my stage." He said with a creepy grin.

"I appreciate it James. I will see you tomorrow." I replied as I walked out the door and kept walking. I wasn't going to let him stop me again. I knew who wanted that private dance but I didn't want to go there tonight. I could only see that having two outcomes

We would fight and I would get fired from possibly both jobs or

I would jump him and even though it sounds really, really good, he probably wouldn't want me anyway or if he did it would just turn out bad when we had to go back to reality Monday morning.

WHY DOES MY LIFE SUCK! I yell in my head.

I reach my apartment and throw my things on the counter and grab the open bottle of wine I have sitting in the refrigerator. I don't even bother getting a glass, I just tip the bottle up and let the yummy taste slide down my throat. I turn the bottle down and savor the taste in my mouth when I hear my phone start ringing, I sigh and look at the caller ID and swallow hard when I see that it's Edward.

Do I answer?

Hell no. I let it go straight to voicemail and start heading toward my bedroom. I don't want to talk to him right now or anytime soon. It's the weekend and I'm not at work so he has no say in what I do on my time off.

I know I'm jumping to conclusions about what he is going to say but I don't care. All I'm going to do now is take a nice hot shower then go to bed and forget all about my boss watching me strip and touch myself in front of a room full of drunk and horny men. I'm gonna forget about his green eyes watching me move, I'm gonna forget about the angry fuck hot expression on his face as he watched me. Fuck I can't forget and its making me horny. Damn him!

Well? I already have chapter 2 ready to go, I might post after work tomorrow if I get some good feedback. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!