Fushimi just wasn't up to do anything productive today. He spent all morning in his little office inside Scepter 4 headquarters reading his books and thinking about the past. Munakata had entered his office several times shouting at Fushimi to get working, or to stop the erotic noises coming from the computer in front of him. With a click of his tongue he stood up, grabbed his sword and walked out of his office, leisurely walking past the secretary in the man office, and out the door.

A light breeze ruffled his hair has Fushimi walked about the city looking for something to do, someone to mess with on this fine February day, only to be disappointed when there was no one to be seen. Walking past the park he stopped suddenly, he heard a soft noise. It almost sounded like a quack from a duck though it was too soft to be a mature duck. Fushimi looked around his hearing suddenly hyper sensitive, looking for the source of this noise. Turning his head slightly to left he saw it, a baby duckling sitting underneath a tree quacking it's little head off. Slowly Fushimi made his way towards the duck, careful not to startle it and stress it out more than it already was. Upon reaching the duck Fushimi realized why it was sitting under the tree instead of swimming about with all the other ducks, it's wing was bent at an odd shape, twisted about and broken. With an exasperated sigh Fushimi knew he was bound to regret what he was doing as he took his coat off, setting the baby duck inside of it and wrapping him up, leaving room for its little head to poke through for air. Calmly, as if he hadn't just abducted a duck from a park, Fushimi made his way to his own apartment, stopping once or twice to pick up Gauze and other medical supplies.

Later that night Fushimi sat crossed legged on his floor watching the little duck. It's feathers were a beautiful black with hints or green and purple lacing through them, and atop it's little head was a single tuff of feathers sticking straight up. Fushimi smiled to himself as he looked at his little duck.

'What would be a good name for this little thing?' he thought to himself.

The duck sat about 5 feet away from Fushimi, very cautious of the man. He wasn't a duck, he didn't have feathers, what could he possibly be? The little duck stood up, it's broken wing now bandaged, and made his way slowly waddling towards Fushimi. Fushimi's eyes widened in surprise as the petite duck made it's way towards him. He knew! He knew what he should name this little guy! Waddles. The name suited him, the duck was simply waddling towards him. It was almost absurd the way the duck was moving. Fushimi stuck his hand out, pressed it against the floor so Waddles could sit on his hand.

Just then a knock sounded on Fushimi's door.

"Who could possibly be bothering me?" He thought angrily.

He stood up, the duck still sitting in his palm and made is way to the door. The person on the other end started to bang, loud and impatiently. Fushimi swung open the door, holding Waddles against his chest as he stared daggers at the person bothering him. Yata stood on the other side, surprised to see Fushimi with a duck clutched against his chest. It really was a sight to behold, such a crazy psychotic man holding this duck in his hands, clutching it to his chest even. Yata couldn't suppress a giggle that came out of his mouth while he stood on the threshold of Fushimi's door.

"Now you shut up, I found him at the park and his wing was broken I wasn't going to just leave him there."

Yata nodded, completely understanding that despite how messed up Fushimi was, he still had a soft spot for some things. Like, little ducks apparently.

"I was just coming over to see if we could finish that fight we started a while ago, but I see you're a little busy Mommy~"

Fushimi swung the door closed, practically throwing it off it's hinges, in an attempt to make Yata shut up. The door tactic failed as the red head had stuck his foot out to avoid getting the door slammed in his face.

"Come on Saru, You have to admit that things never going to leave you alone now that you've taken it under your wing."

Fushimi sighed, he knew this Waddles probably wouldn't leave him alone from now on, but he didn't need Yata to stand there with that smug smile on his face, quietly laughing to himself about it.

"His name is Waddles, by the way."

Yata exploded with laughter.


He practically fell to the floor as hysterical laughter rushed over him.

Saruhiko clicked his tongue in disgust and sat back on the floor, cross legged, allowing Waddles to move about freely to his hearts content.

Yata rolled over onto his stomach, having actually fallen to the floor laughing at the ducks ridiculous name. He stared up Saru, and started a slow crawl towards him and 'Waddles'. The duck started slowly making it's way towards Yata. Now realizing why Saru named him Waddles, Yata realized it wasn't such a terrible name after all, It did make sense. Waddles hopped onto Yata's hand and slowly started waddling up his arm, attempting to reach his back. Fushimi, noticing His slight struggle to get passed Yata's shoulders, scooted towards the two and gave the duck a little extra help climbing up Yata. Waddles walked around on Yata's back for a few minutes before finding a nice spot to lay down, right in the small of his back. With a sigh Waddles fell asleep on Misaki. Fushimi stared for a while at Waddles sleeping on Yata and decided Waddles could be their little duck. He looked down at Yata, realizing now that he too had fallen asleep. Fushimi stood up, grabbing a pillow and a blanket and lifted Yata's head onto part of it, and lightly covered his lower backside with the blanket. Then, he too laid down on the opposite side of the pillow and shut his eyes.