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How did he get here? They walked of course. Why was he here? Because he was on vacation with the Monkey. But how did Yata wind up in the position of Saruhiko and himself standing on the cool sand of the beach, staring at the waves and trying to come up with a believable excuse not to get in the water?

Yata was tense but Fushimi didn't seem to notice as he walked past the red head to set up their beach towel.

"What's the matter Misaki? You haven't made a move since stepping on the beach. Get over here and help me set up the umbrella"

The little crow did as he was told and walked over to Fushimi. Together they set up the blue and red striped beach umbrella they rented and pitched it so it shadowed the beach towel the latter had spread out. Yata even came up with the idea of packing a cooler full of sandwiches and drinks for the two of them to eat for lunch. Or another distraction to stay out of the water. Take your pick.

Fushimi handed a can over to Yata. "Here, put some sunscreen on you idiot. You'll fry within minutes with that ginger skin of yours."

Swiping the can of sunscreen out of Fushimi's hands, Yata retorted back, "Speak for yourself, Saru! Your skin is so pale it looks like it's barely even seen the sun! You'll probably burn before I do"

Shaking the can, Misaki pointed and spayed a stream of sunscreen in the middle of Fushimi's chest. "JESUS FUCK THAT'S COLD" Fushimi exclaimed. He grabbed the sun block back from the ginger, "I can put on my own sun screen thank you very much" and proceeded to cover himself in the liquid shield of UV protection.

"Heh. Whatever." Smirked Misaki.

After sunscreen has been applied (to both boys), and playful bickering and insults have subsided, Fushimi suggested Yata call into HOMRA to check in on Waddles. Yata walked over to his bag and removed his phone. A spider web of cracks dominated the upper right side of the screen due to him dropping it on the pavement soon after the duos trip to America, but the phone was still operational, it was just a pain in the ass to read the screen.

Misaki lifted the phone to his ear and the phone rang four times before Izumo finally answered.

"Oh Yata! How are you enjoying your trip with Fushimi?" There were loud noises in the background that seemed to resemble shouts and tipping of furniture.

"Uh… Kusangi-san? Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine Yata don't worry- Dammit Mikoto leave the damn parrot alone!" Izumo yelled away from the phone as a large crash was heard. "Anyway Yata I bet your calling about your duck. He's fine, Anna is taking good care of him. Enjoy the rest of your vacation with Fushimi!" And just like that the line went dead and Misaki let out a sigh as he dropped the phone from his ear.

"Is everything alright?" Saruhiko called over.

"Kusangi-san said Waddles was doing alright" He purposely left out the part about the chaos he heard in the background. He would find out about that later he decided.

Saruhiko only shrugged and decided it was time to get in the ocean as he started to walk towards the tides.

"H-hey are you sure you want to get in just yet?" Misaki cursed himself for stuttering, putting his phone away and running to catch up Saru.

"This is probably the warmest the water will get all day, it's the Pacific ocean after all. The water tends to be kind of cold. Why? Do you have something else in mind?" Saruhiko asked as he turned around to face Yata. He noticed the red head acting strange all day and he believed he was starting to put the pieces together on why.

"Uh… um. You want to make sandcastles?" Yata plopped down on the ground and pretended to look productive.

"Sandcastles? Really Misaki?" Saruhiko clicked his tongue and walked over to Misaki and looked down at the nervous red head. Then it clicked.

A mischievous smirk found its way onto Saruhiko's face as he crouched down next to Misaki's ear. "Don't tell me you're afraid of the ocean?" He said playfully "That's impossible for a tough guy like you Mi~sa~ki~"

"S-shut up!" Exclaimed Yata as he whipped his head up to glare at the taller man

"Heh. You're hopeless" Saruhiko grabbed the smallers hand and lead(dragged) him towards the water. 'Let's see how long he'll last' he thought to himself.


Izumo hung up the phone with a heavy sigh. He glanced up at the main area of the bar to see the continued ruckus that was taking place. Mikoto had finally lost his shit, that parrot was the final straw Izumo concluded.

The Red King, usually seeming so aloof and calm most of the time, was currently trying to capture the dumb parrot to either strangle it or just burn it up. Kamamoto and the others in the bar were smart enough to get a good distance away from the King, except Anna and Fujishima who were trying to calm him down.

Izumo pulled out a cigarette, deciding to let this play out until either Mikoto caught the bird, or the bird was smart enough to fly away. Apparently its wings had never been clipped so it was perfectly capable of staying out of Mikoto's armspan.

The bartender was content in his plan to let things die down, that is until Mikoto started to use his flames to shoot at the bird.

'Oh hell no. He'll burn down the whole damn place at this point'

Izumo ran towards Mikoto and pushed him down on the couch "You need to chill the fuck out!" and Izumo grabbed a broom to usher the parrot out of his bar. "Anna, get the door please!" Anna did as she was told and together they got the red-green bird out of the building.

Throwing the broom to the side, Izumo plopped down on the couch next to Mikoto, who looked like he was pouting in a way. Manly sulking. Something like that. Either way he was calm again, no longer an immediate threat to his precious bar. Izumo pulled out another cigarette.

"Seriously, where does one even Find a parrot in the middle of the city?" And took a long drag.

-Back in America-

Misaki looked down just in time to see the slimy tentacle wrap around his ankle, getting a tight grip and threatening to drag Misaki into the depths of the ocean.


Misaki practically jumped into Saruhiko's arms- bridal style. His heart was racing and he was all over the place when recapping what happened to the groom of this current situation.

"Did you SEE that? Some sea bastard was trying to drown me!"

"Misaki…we're not even a foot deep in the water."


Saruhiko sighed. "Do you just want to go that diner on the edge of the pier we saw as we walked to the beach? At least we can still enjoy the ocean, even though your too stubborn to get in it."

Misaki only nodded.

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