I'd like to get some things out of the way before we begin.

1. Yes, my OC is going to seem a bit Mary-Sueish at first, but that'll quickly change.

2. This is going to be an AragornXOC story, so if you don't like OCs, this isn't for you, and if you like Arwen, then yeah, you probably won't like this.

3. Please R&R, this is my first fanfic and I'd love some support.

4. The prologue is in 3rd person, but only because it gives it an air of mystery. Most of the story will be in 1st person, sorry for those who don't like it.



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3rd person POV

The hooded maiden had come in the night, stealing into Rivendell under the cover of darkness. The guards hadn't seen her-no one did when she willed it so. She strolled down the dark halls with grace, almost as if she had walked through the dimly lit corridors her entire life. Not a single Man, Elf, or other creature crossed her path, but she knew what lay waiting in the darkness. And she did not like it one bit.

Elrond was up late, reading into the early hours of the morning. Not only was he an elf, and therefore required virtually no rest, but he was also anticipating the Council the next day. Now that the hobbit who had carried the evil here, Frodo Baggins, was awake, the meeting of the (potentially) last free realms of Middle Earth could take place. For the Lord of Rivendell, it was certainly enough to stay awake on. Thus, it was he who would meet the hooded maiden first.

She silently strode to his door, knocking on the carved wood a single time, knowing he would hear it. A tad confused, Elrond cautiously opened the door, recovering his knowing look immediately once he saw who was there. He welcomed her with open arms, and the greeted each other in rapid Elvish once the door had closed again.

"My old friend, what brings you back to this fair city?"

The maiden kept her hood on, sinking down into a chair by the fire. Elrond, even with his sharp eyes, could barely make out the features underneath the cloak.

"Dark things dwell in the heart of Imladris, Elrond. The same evil spreads across the land, drawing the attention of all its protectors."

He sat down opposite her, nodding solemnly.

"I know of what you speak, but we can do naught to stop it, save what will occur in the Council this morrow."

She glanced up, a pale chin illuminated by the fire's light.

"I had forgotten that your eyes could gaze into the future, friend, as do mine-though less frequently. Tell me, Elrond. What can you see?"

He glanced at her sharply, before his wise eyes clouded over.

"I see death, Adonneniel. Accompanying it will be pain, suffering, and…hope."

She inhaled sharply, and she instantly knew what he spoke of.

"Estel is here?"

He half-smiled.

"Where else would he be, Swiftarrow? He speaks like us, acts like us, and has even begun to look like an elf!"

She chuckled. Elrond raised an eyebrow at her, and spoke again.

"Perhaps it will do Estel good to see his mentor again."

Adonneniel smirked at him, her face fully in the light now, flames revealing a mischievous sparkle in her green eyes.

"Perhaps? No, Lord Elrond, I soundly believe it is high time for him to get his rump back into training. Trust me, I don't intend to go easy on the young scoundrel, heir of Isildur or not!"

He laughed along with her, their voices carrying on in friendly banter as the sun began to break over the horizon.