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Chapter warning: Language, moderate nudity, lemon mentioning.

Chapter 1: Ness' New Bat



"Way to go, Ness!"

Ness smashed another baseball with full force, knocking it beyond the field again. It was the third consecutive home-run he made.

"Nice!" complimented another team member.

"We're gonna beat all the other schools for sure!" exclaimed another. The baseball team gathered around their captain to continue praising him.

"Thanks guys," replied Ness. "All right team, we're done for the day! I'll see you back here tomorrow at 10 A.M. sharp!"

"Sir, yes sir!" The boys saluted to him and headed back to the benches, grabbing their equipment and leaving the park area.

Ness remained standing in the center of the field, looking at the clouds and staring into space. After pondering on his own, he threw his wooden bat over his shoulder and headed to the team box. He set his bat down, sitting down on the metal bench and taking a long gulp of water from a bottle.

"I see you're working hard as always," said a voice.

Ness almost choked on his drink until he familiarized himself with the tone of the voice. He looked behind him to find his taller friend on the other side of the steel cage. He had somewhat shaggy hair, but the messiness was replaced with the charm of his glasses, also wearing a black shirt under a white coat and pants.

"Leon!" Ness reacted. He walked over closer to him. "Why're you here?"

"Just to pick you up," he replied.

"Oh, I see..." Ness rested his tired sight on the ground.

"We can leave after you rest," Leon added.

"Yeah...let me take a breather. I trained everyone hard today."

"Good," Leon commented. While Ness wiped the sweat off of his head, Leon took the time to walk into the park entrance and head to the resting area. He leaned against the door, watching Ness daydream.

"You okay?" asked Leon.

"Yeah..." responded Ness. He sat up and faced him.

"Something wrong?"

"...Just waiting for Lucas to suddenly show up."

"He has math club competition till five o' clock, you know that. It's five hours away."

"I know, I know, but still...you know how it is; I miss him."

Leon sighed at his foolishness, followed by a subtle chuckle. "He'll be back, don't worry."

"But it's soooo long!" whined Ness.

Leon walked over, giving him one proud smile before slapping the back of his head lightly.

"Owwie," Ness playfully reacted.

"Why don't you get your mind off of him for now?" suggested Leon. "Do some swinging or something."

"All right, fine." Ness took his bat and grabbed a nearby ball, walking to the field. When in the right spot, facing the enormous open area, he tossed the ball high up, quickly made a stance, and struck the ball, creating a loud, echoing smack. The ball accelerated with incredible speed and past the fourth base of the field.

"That all you got?" Leon teased.

"Oh, just watch me." Ness walked over to a nearby baseball dispenser and grabbed another ball, headed back to his position and readied to swing. He threw the ball up, stamped the ground quickly, and...



"...Holy..." Leon gasped.

"...Oh god." As the flying ball was ignored, Ness looked back and forth from the ground and to his bat.

Half of his bat, that is.

"...You hit it that hard?" Leon asked.

"I didn't expect it to break!" Ness panicked, picking up the pieces of his bat. "How could this have happened?!"

"Maybe you broke the law of physics..." Leon muttered to himself.

"What am I gonna do?!" Ness exclaimed. "This is the only bat I had!"

Leon went over to him and patted his back. "Calm down Ness, we'll go buy a new one."

Ness apathetically stood back up, looking down. Then, with an angry glare, he gripped Leon's coat and shook him.


"O-O-O-kay-ay-ay, I g-eh-eht i-it!" Leon clutched Ness' shoulders to cease his action. He brushed his wrinkled clothes and sighed. "Well, what're you gonna do then?"

"...I guess a new one wouldn't hurt," Ness said, followed by a sigh. "But I'm out of money, though."

Leon pulled out his wallet and revealed bundle of green paper with just two fingers.


"I have a job, unlike you guys," Leon answered.

"Doing what?"




"...It's a sex job isn't it—OW!"

The back of Ness' head was slapped. Hard.

An hour later, after they both returned home so that Ness could clean sweat off of him, they both went to the local sports store to search for a new baseball bat.

"Whoa~" Ness sounded. "So much sports stuff in here!"

As Ness skipped around the store, Leon quietly browsed through the items in the store. It was filled with all things sports—tennis balls, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs—he got tired of looking at balls and skipped the section, looking at different colored tennis rackets and other equipment.

"They got everything!" Ness said. "Even sportswear." He pointed to the nearby section of swim equipment.

Leon stared at the range of male swimwear; shorts, tight shorts, speedos, and something even smaller than speedos.

"I bet Lucas would look nice in that," Leon pointed to the last piece of swim clothing.

Ness gazed at it for a long moment. "...Yeah, he would look pretty sexy—wait I mean—"

"Uh huh." Leon walked away as Ness followed him, blushing a wild red.

The two black-haired boys finally made their way to the all-baseball section. They found one aisle solely for baseball bats—wooden and aluminum. Ness' eyes beamed with amazement as he looked through each of them.

"These are so cool!" Ness commented. He picked up one bat after another, examining all of the different pieces of silver and wood within seconds.

"Don't expect me to buy them all," Leon mentioned.

"Oh, but you have so much though!" Ness responded. "And these are only...about thirty bucks each. Oh wait, this one is fifty."

"...I'm only buying you one. So hurry up and choose."

"H-Hey, I have to pick my bats very carefully."

"Pick an aluminum one, so it doesn't break."

"What? No! Aluminum bats are for pathetic players who can't understand the meaning of baseball!"

Leon sighed. "...Just pick one."

"Fine, gimme a minute."

Leon observed Ness go from one wooden bat to another, but he continued comparing a bat from the beginning of the aisle to one in the middle, and then he compared the middle bat to the bat at the end of the aisle. He continued watching Ness run back and forth with ease, perusing the texture and bits of the wooden material. He even made some test swings, with nearly all of the bats. Leon walked away and went to another section in the store, grabbing few specific items, purchasing them, and then returned to the baseball bat section. Ness was still going through the bats.

"You're still picking? Seriously?" Leon grunted.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm just about done!" He picked up one more bat aside from the one he was currently carrying, using one eye for a last examination, and finally, set one down and walked over to Leon.

"Done!" he exclaimed.

"Finally," Leon said. "What's so special about this bat?"

"It's the freshest and finest wood in this section," he replied. "It's not too light or too heavy, and I felt good strength and durability when I swung it. It can be a good weapon too."

Leon rolled his eyes playfully, "Anything else?"

"Well, there is something...else," Ness said.



"..." Leon said nothing. He grinned about the secret because he already knew Ness' mind.

"So, what did you buy?" Ness asked, referring to Leon's bag. Leon brought it to Ness and he looked through it.

"I just bought a new swimsuit for myself," Leon mentioned, referring to the dark-blue shorts.

Ness found the shorts, but he also found a couple extra things hidden under the shorts. He brought out a blue speedo and a yellow thong.

"...What's this?" Ness said.

"Oh, the speedo's for you, and the other one is for Lucas," answered Leon.

Ness stared at the speedo, imagining it on himself, and then looked at the other swim piece. He blushed a bright pink. He quickly put them in the bag and then hugged Leon.

"Thanks," he shyly whispered.

"Um...you're welcome," Leon responded.

Both of them headed to the cashier and bought the baseball bat. When the process was done, Ness carried his bat on his shoulder all the way home. As Ness practiced a few swings with his bat, they waited until it was half till five in the afternoon. Leon was in the living room playing a video game with Ninten, until he noticed Ness had dragged Claus to the dining table, distanced far from the other two boys and discussing about something. Leon paused the game, went over to a hidden spot, intriguing Ninten as well, and listened on the conversation.

"Do you think I could have some of your rope?" Ness asked.

Claus scratched the back of his head. "Sure, why?"

"Y-You know..."

"...Gonna do things with Lucas?"

"...Leon bought me a new bat, and he bought him a thong, I might as well do something..."

"Oh okay—wait, Leon bought him what?"


"...Whatever. The rope's you-know-where in the garage."


As Ness and Claus walked past the other two boys, Ninten hummed a happy tune.

"Ooh, I wonder what Ness is gonna do," sang Ninten.

"I think I know," Leon mentioned.

"Oh? What is it?"

"Well...let's record it, then we'll see."

"Hehe, okay!"

While Leon watched Ness cut away at rope in the garage, Ninten took Leon's camera and set it in his favorite recording spot in Ness and Lucas' room. It was a spot known to only Leon and himself, and it was a perfect spot since it could capture nearly all of the room's scene.

Half an hour later, Ness walked to the nearby high school and picked up Lucas from his academic competition. When they arrived home, Ness called out through the house.

"We're back!" he yelled.

Leon and Ninten popped out from the kitchen.

"Welcome back!" Ninten exclaimed, hugging Lucas.

"How was math competition?" Leon asked.

"I won first place in calculator applications!" Lucas picked up the gold-colored medal around his neck and shined it at them.

Leon dropped his jaw in astonishment. "Whoa—damn Lucas! That's amazing!"

"Congrats!" Ninten exclaimed.

"Thanks," replied Lucas.

"He's getting a big reward for it," Ness stated, hugging Lucas' from behind. He giggled and blushed, thinking about the upcoming future.

"I see," Leon said with a grin. "Well, have fun then."

Ness held Lucas' hand as they headed upstairs. "Making dinner?" Ness called.

"Yeah, the usual," responded Leon.

"I'm helping!" Ninten mentioned.

"Awesome, we'll be down later then," stated Ness.

They watched the two boys walk into the depths of the hallway until Ninten looked at Leon. "Think they're gonna do it now?"

Leon put his fingers on his chin, "We could check the computer."

They rushed into Leon's room, shut and locked the door, and checked the laptop laying on the bed. Leon clicked a minimized application and maximized the screen. The camera was currently showing Lucas walking away into the bathroom with a familiar item.

"Oh god, he's gonna put it on," Leon said.

"Put that on?" Ninten questioned.

"Mm-hm. ...Oh, Ness is gonna put his on too..." Ness was currently undressing in the bedroom. Leon looked away for the moment as Ninten watched his friend put on a blue speedo. As Ness checked himself front and back in the mirror, Lucas exited from the bathroom; flushed with red embarrassment, topless, and almost bottomless.

"Ooh...I like it," Ness said.

"H-How is it?" asked Lucas.

"Fucking sexy."

Lucas glowed a brighter red. "N-Naw...you're the sexy one here."

After a giggle, Ness pulled Lucas closer for a kiss. Bodies were in full contact.

"Damn this is hot!" Ninten exclaimed. Leon said nothing as he shoved a roll of a tissue up his nostril.

Moments, Ness began to make the situation go his way. "Hey Luke, mind if I tie you up tonight?"

"You got some rope from Claus?"


"How? He doesn't let us usually take his rope."

"Well, he let me have some just in case you won big today."

"Oh really?" Lucas giggled. "Well, fine, I'll let you tie me up this once."

"You're gonna enjoy it, I promise..." Ness kissed Lucas again as he brought him to the bed. Lucas' wrists were gently tied to the headboard of the bed, along with his feet on the other end.

"So, what're you gonna do?" Lucas questioned.

"You'll see..." Ness pulled out his bat from under the bed.

"W-What's the bat for?"

"This." The moment Ness rubbed his bat against Lucas' bulge, Leon slammed his face on the ground of his bed.

"Can't. Watch. Any. More." His face burned from feeling too guilty about watching the video.

"Don't worry, I'll tell you the rest," Ninten said. The scene continued as Ness continued to play with Lucas using his new bat, rubbing the blonde boy's sensitive area and causing moans to freely escape.

"A-Ah...N-Ness...this is torture..."

"Why do you think I tied you up?"


Leon's mind was full of explosions for the next few minutes. He tried to think of other things, silly things like flowers and rainbows, but Ness' entertained laughter and Lucas' pleasured whining couldn't stop entering his ears.


"Like it~?"


"Oh, Ness is putting the bat in him," Ninten said.

"My mind..." Leon felt like falling off a cliff. His fanboy guilt was taking over.


Almost an hour later, as Leon lied still on the ground from rolling off of his bed, no more sound was made from the laptop.

"I don't hear anything," Leon said.

Ninten leaned his head over the edge of the bed. "That's because Ness did you-know-what and then they both made a really loud moan and then they fell asleep."

"...Shut up."

"But I'm hard..." he whined. "You know I can't control myself when I'm excited.

...Can you help?"

"..." Leon flicked Ninten's forehead. "Go ask Claus, not me."

"But no one's gonna find out—"


"Okay~ I'll get you your hot cocoa after I'm done!" Ninten shut the laptop and jumped off the bed.

"Don't skip on the marshmallows," Leon called.

"I won't! Just keep your mind in place 'till I get back!" Ninten shut the door.

"Yeah, yeah..." Leon climbed onto his bed and slammed his head onto his pillow.

"Well...I guess I'm eating dinner alone tonight," Leon said to himself. He heavily sighed curled into a ball, trying to calm his excitement.

Damn these boys. Well, at least Ness made use of the new bat I bought for him...

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