Lenne: Ha, you thought this story was over?

Think again.


Warnings: Hints of lemon.

Chapter 6: Leon's Nekoboy

On a Saturday morning, Leon left the house once again on a usual weekend basis. The continuous behavior became questioned after Leon had instructed his four friends to remain in the house until his return, for he had a surprise for them.

Ness, Lucas, Claus and Ninten were in the living room playing Mario Party as they waited for their friend's return. Currently, it was two o'clock in the afternoon.

"Do you guys find it weird that Leon leaves us every Saturday?" Ninten asked everyone.

"Well, he said he has personal business with his friends to take care of," Lucas answered.

"I wonder what?" Ness questioned.

"Maybe a secret boyfriend!" Claus responded.

"It's possible," Lucas said.

"Maybe he does kinky stuff with him~" Ness commented.

Ninten giggled. "Ha—yeah! Like dry humping teddy bears."

Claus chuckled along. "All right, enough of that."

The four of them continued their game until the doorbell sounded through the home.

"I'll get it!" Ness said.

"Not if I beat you to it!" Ninten exclaimed.

Claus reached an arm out for them before following along. "H-Hey!"

Lucas said nothing in excitement and headed to the front door as well.

Before either of them could reach the door, it was already open. Leon had returned home.

"Oh, hey guys," he said to them.

"Leon's back!" Ness exclaimed. Before the rest of them could react, they saw another human figure standing behind Leon.

"There's someone behind you," Ninten stated.

Leon nodded and smiled. "I have someone I want you all to meet." He stepped to the side. Everyone loudly gasped and widened their eyes.

Behind Leon was another boy, about five inches shorter in height. He had a slight mess of black hair that curved to his right by what seemed like unrealistic hair gel, almost held down by a black cat-eared headband. A small golden bell was loosely collared around his neck, and below his black-sleeved white t-shirt was a long, black tail. On his back was a pony backpack full of clothes. As he innocently stared at Leon's friends, he tried to hide himself with another stuffed pony in his hands.


"I ALREADY LIKE HIM!" Ninten exclaimed.

"ME TOO!" Claus added. The three of them hurried to the new boy and reached out for him, but he pulled Leon close to him quickly.

Leon chuckled and wrapped an arm around the new boy, who was giddly smiling. "Guys, this is Luke, my boyfriend."

"Hi guys," said Luke.

"Y-Your boyfriend?" Ness questioned.

"You had a boyfriend behind our backs?!" Claus exclaimed.

"Yeah, got a problem?" Leon said.

"N-No! I mean, he loves ponies just like us!" Lucas responded.

"Brohoof?" Luke happily asked.

"Brohoof!" Lucas, Claus, and Ninten proceeded to connect their knuckles with Luke in an excited manner.

Ness sighed. "What's so great about ponies anyways?"

Luke looked at him with disappointed eyes. "Dude, do you even brush?"


Ninten tugged on Leon's coat, "Leon, did you raid a brony convention or something?"

"No, I didn't," Leon answered. "We met online."

"That's right," Luke said, snuggling up to Leon's body. "Leon-shama is amazing, nya~"

"D'aww, you're so adorable." Leon kissed Luke's head.

Ness froze. "...Leon...?"

Lucas continued. "...'shama'...?"

Claus continued. "...amazing...?"

Ninten finished. "...nya?"


"Leon..." Ness began, "...you get off from Luke being a nekoboy?"

Leon blushed and stuttered. "W-Well, I—"

"He likes it when I moan his name loudly too~" Luke giggled.

Everyone froze.

"L-Luke!" Leon stated. "Why did you say that?!"

"Why not?" Luke replied. "It's true, nya~"

"Damn, he's good," Claus commented.

Ninten looked down below Claus' stomach and growled. "Clausy..."

"W-What?" Claus realized why Ninten had an upset face. "D-Don't get the wrong idea! It's not like I find Luke cute—Leon just has good taste!"

"How good are you at being cute?" Lucas asked.

"Well..." Luke gave Leon his plushie for a moment. Then, with two hands near his cheeks, he closed his eyes and somehow, wagged his ears and tail. Luke brought hs right hand forward as he squealed, "Nya~!"

"...Oh my god, he's better than me," Lucas commented.

"I know, right?" Ness said. He earned a slap from Lucas. "I mean—pft! Lucas is way better!"

Leon laughed at the rising jealousy. "Well, I shouldn't forget to mention that Luke is gonna live with us from now on."

"He is?" Ness questioned.

"Yep! I hope to get along with you all." Luke bowed before being hugged by all four of them.

"Of course!" Ninten exclaimed.

"Welcome to the family!" Claus said.

"Happy to have you here!" Lucas added.

Leon watched with a smile before pulling Luke back into his arms. "Okay, well if you'll excuse us now, Luke and I are gonna...um."

"Ooh~" sang the four boys.

Luke giggled as he took back his plushie and then held Leon's hand. "Talk to you guys later," Luke stated. "Leon-shama and I are gonna have some fun now~"

They walked up the stairs together, where they heard Ninten yell "GO LEON! Get dat ass!" as they headed into Leon's room.

The four boys returned to their game in the living room. However, as they continued, they conversed about the past events.

"So we finally found out Leon's fetish," Ness stated.

"Mm-hm," Lucas hummed.

"Nekos and shotas," Claus stated.

"Well, let's torture him now," Ninten said.

"How?" asked Ness.

"Well, we're shotas, aren't we?" Ninten asked. "All we need are some cat ears and Leon will be nosebleeding all day."

"Oh, I got plenty of them in my closet," Ness said.

"...Why?" Ninten said.

"Luke isn't the only nekoboy around here, nya~" Lucas sang.

"Okay!" Claus exclaimed. "Then it's settled."

Ninten nodded. "All right, we'll get him today then—"





"...Maybe later," Ninten said.

"...He's louder than me..." Lucas whispered.

Claus chuckled. "Welp, I guess our lives are gonna be more fun from now on."


Ness sighed. "You got that right..."

Upstairs in Leon's room, a loud recording of Leon and Luke in bed is playing on Leon's laptop.

"...So, what do you think they're doing right now?" Luke asked.

Leon chuckled. "I dunno. And I don't care." He embraced Luke and held him tightly.

"N-Nya~ w-well, all I know is, when they find about the real me—oh. I mean IF, they find out about the real me...

...Ninten isn't going to be the only prankster here."

"Welp, I guess that's all for this story then. I hope our audience enjoyed~!"

"...What story?"

"...This story."

"What story...?"

"The story I'm writing right now."


"...Never mind."

Ninten perked up after remembering something.

"Clausy, do you think you can hack into Leon's laptop to see what's going on in his room?"

Claus looked at him weirdly. "There isn't a camera in there though."

"I stuck one in there while we were searching it."

"Huh?" Lucas sounded.

Ness threw down his controller quickly. "You what—"

"Then yeah, I think I can do it," Claus said.

"Let's go!" Ninten exclaimed.

The four boys run upstairs into Claus' and Ninten's room. As Claus proceeded to do massive keyboarding on his computer, he managed to connect to the camera in Leon's room.

"Got it!" Claus exclaimed.

All of them were appalled to see the current situation. Leon and Luke were just sitting on their bed, hugging each other.

Ness growled. "THAT SON OF A—"

Luke looks at the camera and picks up his backpack. Then, he waves at the camera and throws his backpack at it, covering the view.

Ninten slapped his cheeks. "HOW DID HE EVEN—"

There was a sudden knock on the wall. "Nice try, guys," Luke says.

The four boys were left speechless.

"Now, Leon-shama, how about we actually do this?"

Leon grinned before pulling Luke close to him. "Oh, you bet."