Dancing With Another Man

A/N- Set during season 1

"Greg I am done I can't do this anymore!" Cameron yelled she grabbed her bag

"Come on Allison I am sorry." House pleaded. He knew he couldn't have her stay she was going and she was going to be with someone else. He knew exactly who the other man was and he wasn't going to stop her this time. He had lost her forever.

"No that's it you had your chance. I will be back for the rest of my stuff tomorrow." Allison yelled and left the small apartment the two of them shared. She put her bag in the car and started to drive. She drove to the one place she felt safe. She knocked on the door of his apartment and the door opened.

"Allison what are you doing here?" Chase asked. He stood there half awake and only in a pair of sweatpants.

"Can I stay the night?" Cameron asked nervous.

"Of course did you and House get into a fight?" Chase asked.

"I left him." She stated putting her bags down next to the couch. She sat down on the couch and Chase sat next to her.

"Are you okay?"

"No." Cameron said breaking down crying. Chase took her in his arms.

"I hate him."

"What happened?"

"He's not the guy I love anymore and he's so controlling." Cameron said. "He doesn't care about me only himself."

"I am sorry Allie." Chase said he really felt bad for her. He didn't want to push her away but he felt a bit uncomfortable with her in his arms even though he wished this would happen.

"I thought he would change. I can't take another guy being like that."

"Your ex-husband wasn't like that though."

"No he was, you guys just never knew that."

"Oh I am so sorry Allie...I am sorry that most the guys are jerks"

"It's okay …..Not all are." Cameron said looking up at Chase. He really wanted to kiss her but he held back.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Chase asked.

"Um do you have hot cocoa?" Cameron asked. Chase nodded and got up. The two of them headed into the kitchen and he got her a glass of hot cocoa. Then he got a blanket. "You can take my bed for tonight I'll take the couch." Chase said Cameron looked at him to tell him no but she knew that would be a fight she wouldn't be able to win. "Two adults can share a bed I won't mind." Cameron said.

"You sure?" Chase asked. Cameron nodded.

"Its fine, don't worry about it." Cameron said. Cameron walked into the bathroom and got changed then went back to the bed. She laid down next to Chase.

"Thank you Robert."

"You're welcome Allie...I am sorry."

"It's not your fault." Cameron stated.

"I know but still well Goodnight." Chase said and shut the light off.

"Goodnight Robert." Cameron said and the two fell asleep.

A/N- Hope you liked it! - Lauren :)