I Want You, I Need You

Smut. Beta'd by tattooed-she-wolf.

Caroline hesitated for a moment watching Tyler leave. It was a startling realization for her in that moment. She didn't want him to leave, but not because she wanted him to stay. She didn't want him to leave because this didn't feel right, this didn't feel like the right way to say goodbye. She couldn't live her life like this, waiting for him to come back to her as she fell more and more out of love with him. "Tyler wait!" She called, picking up the long skirt of the dress and following after him.

"Care, I have to go." He said turning back to her, and she knew he was right, she knew that he had to go, but a dance wasn't good enough for her. Why couldn't they talk anymore like they had when they were just friends? She wanted to have a conversation with him.

"What are we doing here Tyler? Am I supposed to stay in Mystic Falls forever, waiting for you to come back every once in awhile? I can't live like this any more, waiting for a phone call I know isn't coming, always wondering where you are, who you're with."

He reached a hand to her face, and for some reason, something in her that she didn't really understand, she moved away from it. "I love you Caroline, you know that, I just can't be here because of Klaus-"

"And that means that you have to cut off all communication with me? You can't answer any of my calls and let me know you're all right? You thought a letter would be enough? Don't blame Klaus for a decision that you made."

"I don't know what you want me to say."

She didn't know if she had ever been more angry at him, and it wasn't really a rational anger, all she knew was that she was mad at him. "We're fine without each other, aren't we? I missed you, I missed you a lot, but I kept on living. I felt like I lost you, but I didn't feel like I had lost a part of myself. And isn't that what love is supposed to be?"

Confusion clear in his face, the face she had been so happy to see an hour before. "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that things are different now, they have been for a while. We grew apart Tyler. I miss how things used to be between us, who wouldn't, but I don't really miss you. I'm holding onto how our relationship was in the beginning, and we're not those people any more, are we?"

"I miss you Care." She nodded in response, wiping away the stray tears that had fallen on her cheeks.

"I miss you too, but I think we both need to move on, and doing this, it isn't going to help anything. I'll always love you, but I- it's not the same anymore. I can't have you waltz into my life whenever you can and expect things to be the same."

He sighed, moving forward to hug her quickly. "I know. I kept hoping if we both held on everything would just go back to how it had been, but you're right. And I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made it seem like I expected you to wait for me." He pulled back, offering her a sad smile. "Goodbye Caroline."

"Bye Tyler. Be safe!"

He smiled as he turned away. "You too."

And as she watched him walk away yet again, for the first time she found that though she was sad to see him go, she felt freer. She knew where their relationship stood; they were over, and they probably wouldn't see each other again, at least not for a long time, and she found she was okay with that.

Two weeks. She had had two weeks to come to several conclusions. One was that once she allowed herself to see that her and Tyler were over, she actually wasn't all that torn up about him leaving. She wasn't fixated on his returning. Two was that she couldn't blame Klaus for this. She couldn't avoid whatever growing feelings for him when she couldn't be angry at him anymore. Yes Tyler still had to leave because of Klaus, but this time letting him go had been her choice. And with that knowledge came the startling realization that she had been using her feelings for Tyler to avoid her feelings for Klaus; she hadn't wanted to admit it, even to herself, and so she used the excuse that she loved Tyler to deny that she felt anything for Klaus. And it wasn't that she didn't love Tyler, but she could say now that it was more like when they had been friends. The passion she had felt for him had cooled, and she could see Klaus now.

The problem was that for every day of those two weeks, Klaus hadn't been in town. She heard from Stefan that he had gone on a tip from Katherine, but given her presence at the boarding house, and that Caroline didn't want to be around her, she didn't get much more information than that. Just that Klaus was gone, and she had no idea where he was, or even really why. Stefan had been a little sparse with the details.

But when she heard he was back in town, well she rushed to his mansion with barely a second thought, grabbing the dress bag on her way out. At least she would have an excuse for going there, she reasoned, in case she chickened out. Which she really didn't want to do; she wanted to... well, she didn't want to tell him about Tyler. She just, she wanted to see him again. She wanted to be with him and talk with him. She wanted to see the smile that came to his face, knowing that she had put it there.

And that was how Caroline found herself smiling at Klaus when he pulled open the front door, his confused look transforming to a smile at hers. "Can I help you with anything Caroline?"

She shook her head, holding out the garment bag instead. "Nope, not this time. I just came by to return the dress."

"It's a shame I never got to see you in it. I'm sure it didn't do you justice."

"I don't know about that, but I wouldn't mind putting it on one last time."

His smile widened, and he moved to the side so she could enter the house before showing her to his bedroom. Caroline took the room in slowly for a moment, looking first at the paintings, then the letters, and then at the very large bed. She smiled back at him as he moved out, shutting the door behind him. She took her clothes off once the door was shut, sliding the dress over her body, smoothing it down before leaving the room, and walking down the stairs. She heard the familiar sounds of Nowhere Warm drifting through the house, before spotting Klaus standing at the bottom, still in his henely and jeans, and she smiled down at him, accepting his outstretched hand.

"You don't have to dance with me, you know." She pointed out as he moved her into the living room, the furniture pushed back.

"I know, love. But who knows when I'll get to hold you in my arms again?"

She sobered at the sad tone his voice took, but she didn't say anything, just relaxed into his arms as they danced together. She breathed in the smell uniquely his, all pine and earth and masculinity. She had come to love that smell. "I was right." He muttered, and she raised her head to look at him questioningly. "The dress doesn't do you justice."

She blushed happily, leaning into him more as the song reached its final chords. "Thank you." She said as they both pulled away. She walked back up the stairs without him, finding his room again with little difficulty. And once she was inside, she didn't know what she wanted to do. She didn't want the night to be over, that much was certain but... she didn't really know what she wanted. But she did. She wanted him. Klaus holding her in his arms... it made her realize that she wanted him. Badly. So with a small grin, she stepped out of her shoes, shimmed her underwear off, putting them in the pile with the rest of her clothes, including the bra she had discarded before. "Klaus!" She called out, unsurprised when mere seconds later the door was pushed open.

"What's wrong?" He asked, and she turned her back to him, pulling her hair up.

"Could you unzip me?" Caroline smiled when she heard his small intake of breath before his footsteps sounded across the floor and she felt his fingers at the nape of her neck before they moved down, tugging the zipper slowly, his fingers caressing her bare back. She shivered in delight, but he stopped suddenly, and she knew that he could see she wasn't wearing anything beneath the dress.


She turned, looking at him, the dress only held up by her arms tightly hugging it to herself, until she moved her arms, letting the dress fall down and off her body. She fought the urge to cover herself when his eyes raked over her, before he strode to her, grasping the back of her head, slamming his lips into hers. She groaned at the contact, and he took advantage of her open mouth to let his tongue enter. Her hands dug into his hair pulling him closer, closer to her body, and he pulled her closer in response.

Klaus lifted her up suddenly, their lips disconnecting before he tossed her lightly unto the bed, stripping quickly in front of her, before falling onto her body with a slight growl. His hands ran down her sides, before one hand lowered to her leg, hitching it around his waist. The other, reached up, rolling one of her breasts, tweaking the nipple. He kissed her deeply, sparks igniting in her, and she rocked her hips against his. He growled again. "If you don't stop that imp, this is going to end far too soon." He kissed her again, but she pulled away.

"We," she kissed him, tugging him closer to her, "Can go," another deep kiss, leaving them both panting, "Slow next time."

"So they'll be a next time then?"

That stopped her, and she pulled back slightly, her hand moving to cup his cheek. She nodded slowly, trying to fight the irrational tears that welled in her eyes. "If you want there to be. I-I really like you Klaus, and I know that I was hurtful and horrible to you, but I want this, and not just as a one night stand. I want you as long as you'll have me."

"I need you Caroline, more than you know. And I don't think that's going to change."

She sensed his uncomfortableness at voicing his feelings, so she pulled him close again, kissing him. She felt his tip drag along her slit, and she tensed in anticipation before relaxing her body under his. Klaus pushed forward slightly, entering her inch by inch, almost painfully slow. She knew what he was doing; he was prolonging the experience, and she couldn't really say that she minded, except that it was a kind of sweet torture. Caroline moaned when he hit a sensitive spot, and it was almost as though the noise broke him out of his slow patience, thrusting into her the rest of the way.

She gasped out his name, and he smirked against her neck that he was working his lips down. He pulled out of her to the tip, slamming back into her, repeating the move several times until she couldn't help but let out a "Klaus!"

He continued his thrusting, pumping in and out of her, changing his angels and the pattern of his movements, bringing her finally to her crashing release, screaming out his name this time before she felt his own release hit him as he stiffened momentarily, the hot spurt of liquid inside of her, before he collapsed against her body.

Minutes later he rolled off of her, pulling her tightly against his body before lifting the comforter up and pulling it over them. Caroline snuggled against his warm body, lulled to sleep by the sound of his breathing.

She woke hours later, no real sense of time given to her by the lack of windows. She pushed herself up carefully, watching the slow rise and fall of Klaus' chest for a moment, before slipping out of the bed, and to the open door which she assumed, correctly, led to the bathroom. She shut the door quietly behind her, gazing at him one last time.

Caroline was under the spray of water when she felt a hand push her hair to one side before lips, his lips, pressed against hers, her body flooding with desire in response. "I was a little worried to find you gone love."

She turned easily in his arms, stretching up on her toes to place a small kiss on his waiting lips. "I wouldn't have done that." Not to you, she added in her mind, I don't know why, but I could never do that to you.

With a growl and a fierce look in his eyes, he gripped her hips, twisting her out of the spray of the water, pushing her against the wall. His mouth dove down, nipping gently at her neck, before moving lower, his tongue flicking over one pert nipple to her answering gasp. One of his hands left her waist, moving in between her thighs, separating her folds as she wrapped her arms around him. His fingers swirled around her clit for a moment, and then he inserted two fingers inside of her. She arched her back into his touch, his mouth, as he expertly brought her to the blissful edge, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of her as his tongue and teeth moved over her breast.

She felt her inner walls clench around him, and her body went limp in his arms. Boneless. Floating. And it was all for him. All because of him. And when he lifted her up, pushing into her, his lips rising to meet hers once more. The steam from the shower increasing the heat between them, all gasping breaths and longing glances. And when she fell, three words escaped that explained everything she had been feeling with startling clarity. "I love you."

And the surprised happiness that radiated from his face afterwards as he kissed her when they were both dressed, Caroline over his lap on the couch as he drew her, was more than worth it. Especially when he finished the sketch, passing it to her, the words I love you written in the corner.