Ruffle My Feathers

4x21 AU Smut

Note: This is actually Klaus and not Silas.

Why had she ever thought that walking in the woods with Klaus would be a good idea? It brought back all kinds of memories, memories of when she thought he was Tyler and she had technically kissed him. And him, there, looking like he did, sex appeal and those eyes when he looked at her, and his voice, and his promising words, his request for her to leave with him, and Caroline wanted it. She wanted what he was offering.

Her back was to him as she walked away slightly, putting space between them and their heated bodies, when his voice stopped her in her tracks. "What are you afraid of?"

Turning back to him, she blurted out something she had never meant... never thought to tell him. "You! I'm afraid of you." This was all kinds of crazy, being glad to see Klaus, going for a walk alone with him. Not wanting to see him leave again. Admitting things to him that she hadn't even wanted to admit to herself.

He looked... hurt at her words, and she realized that he still didn't understand. "You know I wouldn't hurt you Caroline."

Caroline looked away from him then, finding her next words easier to say when she couldn't see him looking at her like... like she had the ability to bring his world crashing down. "That's not what I'm afraid of Klaus! I'm not afraid of you hurting me. I'm afraid of what I feel for you. I want to give into you, and that terrifies me." A hand on her shoulder brought her head up to meet his gaze startlingly close to her, a warm heat radiating between them. "Screw it."

She was certain that she had managed to catch the hybrid off guard when she pulled his head down to hers, pressing their lips together as her hands fisted in his curls. He took a moment to respond, but then she felt her back hit a tree, his lips moving from her to her neck. He tilted her head to one side allowing him better access, his hips grinding into hers, his hardening length pressing against her, causing desire to pool, a wet heat spreading between her thighs.

"Caroline," he growled against her ear, and she shivered at the sound, the tremors of his voice running through her. "Do not play games with me. Do you really want this?"

Did she? Did she want hot hybrid sex against a tree with Klaus? Klaus who was leaving Mystic Falls for good, and she... she still wasn't sure if she should leave with him? What had Elena said? Oh yes; she wanted Klaus to ruffle her perfect feathers, because if this was the last time she saw him, she wanted it to be without regrets. "Yes, yes I want this."

It seemed to be all the answer he needed, his lips finding their way back to hers. She pushed the jacket off his shoulders, toying with the edge of his shirt for a moment before she pushed him forward slightly, getting rid of her own jacket quickly, all without losing contact with his mouth. His tongue swept out, tracing over her lips, and she opened her mouth for him, inviting him in. She heard a tearing noise before she felt the cool spring air hit her exposed skin, but he distracted her from her vague feeling of anger when he took his lips from hers again, tracing down her throat and to her chest before backing away so he could remove her bra.

"Couldn't have done that with my shirt?"

He smirked slightly, his gaze moving from her exposed breasts to her face. "Sorry sweetheart, I was a little distracted and I wasn't thinking clearly." She arched her back into the tree behind her, gasping in shock and please, when one of his hands moved to cup her breast, rolling and pinching the hardened nipple in between two of his fingers. His mouth moved to her neck again, and with his free hand he lifted her up, and she obligingly wrapped her legs around his waist. His lips eventually made it to her other breast, finally, and she had a strong suspicion he had liked making her wait for the hot, wet contact of his tongue on her, his teeth biting gently down on her. She was already a writhing, panting mess and they hadn't gotten very far at all.

The combined feeling of his mouth and fingers on her chest though, combined with the pleasurable pain of the tree trunk against her back, was doing it though. She decided it was time to up the stakes and maybe get him moving a little faster. She ground down on him, her core feeling his length through the material of both of their jeans. A shock of pleasure and desire shot through her, and with a few rips she had his shirt off of him. He pulled his mouth away from her, looking at her with a sort of playful anger. "Couldn't you have waited a moment?"

"Sorry, I was a little distracted and not thinking clearly."

"I suppose I'll have to teach you a lesson then."

She was about to ask him what he meant, but he pushed her legs off of his waist, his fingers trailing down her exposed abdomen, and she let her own eyes take in his exposed chest, for once unabashed by the need to look at him in... well, half of his naked glory, before she felt him tugging her jeans off, pushing off her shoes when he got to her feet. He was kneeling on the ground before her now, and her body tingled in want and desire. Caroline had an idea of where he was going with this, and she thought she was much going to like his lesson. He looked up at her, a sort of predatory, hungry look in his gaze. Klaus gently reached his hands up to her waist, pushing her lace panties down over her legs.

He lifted her up again by her ass, and she placed her legs on his shoulders as he seemed to want. He looked up at her again, the same hungry want in his eyes. "May I?

"Yes, please." She was shocked at how breathy her own voice had become, but rational thought fled her brain when his tongue swept over her folds. His fingers joined the mix, one hand staying on her waist, holding her up, and his tongue found her clit right as he pressed two fingers into her. "Klaus!" She gasped out, when he hit a particularly sensitive spot, and she didn't want this to stop, she never wanted this to stop. He knew... it was like he knew her body, everything there was to know, instinctively. No one had ever made her feel like this, no one had ever had her coming so soon, the waves, the pressure, of her inevitable release, building up, crashing down, a scream of his name tearing from her lips.

When she could think again, when she could breathe and feel her own limbs, she opened her eyes, a smile stretching across her face, when she saw that he had removed his pants while she was recovering, a grin on his own lips. "You taste wonderful love."

She felt her cheeks heat, a rush of embarrassment flooding her at his words. And then he kissed her, his strong body pressed into her, and she didn't care anymore, no about anything except for him. Caroline wrapped her legs around his waist once more, and felt his tip against her entrance. His mouth returned to her breast, biting down with blunt teeth right as he pressed slowly into her. Her head hit the trunk when she arched into him, gasping and moaning and grasping his hair in her hands again. She was almost sure that it had to be hurting him, and still he did nothing to stop her.

Klaus moved his mouth up, catching her lips in his, and she pressed everything, her fear, her anger that he left, her pent up feelings for him, into that kiss. He thrust in and out of her, the ache building up in her again as he adjusted his angle, his considerable length hitting every part of her, every sweet spot within her.

This time, she tore her lips from his, biting down onto his shoulder with little thought. It wasn't rational, it wasn't something she would normally do, but then again, she normally wouldn't have had sex with Klaus against a tree. And his blood filling her mouth, was... it was one of the best things she had ever experienced when coupled with the feeling of him still pumping into her, his pace increasing, her back hitting the tree, scraping against it. It was when his teeth broke through her skin though, that she finally let go, finding her release once more, and she felt him follow after her.

Her feathers had been, without a doubt, considerably ruffled. And she couldn't for the life of her remember all her carefully constructed reasoning for why this would be a bad thing.