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Okay. So, I started writing this when I first got into watching Ouran anime and I went off on a frenzy of inspiration on this fandom and wrote a few things (one thing that actually was finished and posted), but most of them that were just ideas with some snippets of actual prose or dialogue, but mostly none of them made it to completion.

(Well, there was ONE other that was completed, but it's a little too risque, and I'm not too comfortable sharing it...)

Anyway, so I recently found out that there was an Ouran live action drama! So, I started watching that, and it made me remember what I had written and start pulling them out to see what that had been, and I found this.

The intention had been to do a sort of "pick your own adventure" (or, in this particular case, a "pick your own host" situation). I came up with this one scenario idea, and wanted to try to write it out featuring Haruhi (of course) interacting with each of the hosts, one chapter per host. I actually wrote out the first two (Kyoya and the Hitachin), and had a few vague ideas for how to approach the scenario with the other hosts, but I never really fleshed those other ideas out.

BUT...the first two were finished.

And when I re-read them, I thought, "Hey...these aren't too bad...they're certainly good enough that they don't have to languish in obscurity!" So, I decided to post them.

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OKAY! So, here goes. This first chapter will apply to each of the following chapters, but chapter 2 is different and independent of chapter 3. Does that make sense? The last paragraph of Chapter 1 will repeat in Chapter 2 and in Chapter 3, with a slight change to reflect the particular Host that chapter features.

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Weather the Weather
by Em

"Whether the weather be fair / whether the weather be not..."

Truthfully, Haruhi couldn't say that it was the spattering of drops against her windows that woke her. She hadn't really been asleep. She had learned, all too long ago, the tell-tale warning signs of storms, afterall. She had known that night, after everyone had gone to bed and she had reached out to close the window of her bedroom - she had felt the storm approaching on the wind and caught the scent of the ozone in the air. Looking at the sky, she had recognized the speed with which the clouds moved long before the first drops of rain hit the sturdy walls of the Morinozuka summer house at Shirahama Beach.

She hadn't even attempted to sleep after that; she knew it would be pointless.

Oh, the others hadn't guessed, and she'd let them assume she was going to sleep when they did, but she had known even then...

So she lay awake and waited; too frightened to put on the earphones to the iPod the Twins had given her the previous year for Christmas - frightened the way someone who knows that an evil is going to walk up behind them is afraid to close their eyes, even as they understand that seeing it coming will do nothing to save them - and too proud to crawl into the convenient wardrobe along one side of the guest room she'd been given near the end of the upstairs hallway.

Logically, academically, she knew that nothing could hurt her in this house. It was sturdily built and she'd noted the weather vanes along the highest portion of the roof almost from the moment they'd arrived. However, in this case, like in nothing else connected with Haruhi's life, knowledge, academics, and logic did not help her.

So she waited - numb, curled up into a ball near the middle of her bed - for the thunder to begin to crash and roll across the sky, and tried to make herself think of other things.

Things such as the way 24 hours before she had been in the very familiar street in her very familiar neighborhood, having tea with her friends while they told stories about all the different places they'd visited in their relatively short lives.

They made places like Australia and New Zealand sound almost approachable and wonderful and places like London and Ireland seem like something out of Charles Dickens or James Joyce, although she supposed it could've been her own imagination providing the mental images to go with their descriptions.

She had wished she could see those places, she really had. It wasn't that she wasn't happy with her life as it was, and wouldn't be content to live there all her life, but she understood the appeal of exploring places she'd never been to before.

She had just been looking at a brochure for Shirahama Beach, however, that her father had brought home from a competition he'd entered at the supermarket, so when they asked her whether she wanted to go there, she'd been unable to deny it.

Somehow, someway, within 4 hours, they were on their way. Her bags had been packed (with little input from her), and a helicopter had been ordered and 6 hours later, there they were. She'd never been on a helicopter, so although they'd told her to sleep since they'd be getting to Shirahama around daybreak and wouldn't want to go to sleep then, she hadn't been able to. The experience was too new - too alien, and entirely too enjoyable.

And then, of course, they'd barely landed on the lawn of the summer house before she was whisked off to sightsee.

She'd had fun. More fun because she was with her friends than if she'd been seeing the place all by herself, of course, and she hadn't felt a bit tired...not until after her shower before dinner.

By the time night had fallen, they were all exhausted, and had decided to make an early night of it in order to wake up bright and early the next day for more sightseeing.

Except Haruhi wasn't sleeping. She couldn't.

And when the first flash of lightning streaked across the ample windows in the room, she cringed, sitting bolt upright as soon as she realized it wouldn't be followed by thunder and ran straight out of her room.

There were way too many windows in that room.

Left alone in the hallway with the only light coming from up ahead where the hallway opened up on one end to reveal the balcony overlooking the first floor entryway and the stairs below, Haruhi wondered what to do next.

Every part of this house had windows, she realized with some frustration. Maybe a hallway bathroom? But she hadn't seen one of those, and this made sense since as she'd been told, every room had en suite bathrooms.

She could go into the bathroom in her bedroom, but frankly, that would mean walking across the open area where the windows were, and what would happen if a bolt of lightning would strike right through the window and...

She couldn't finish the thought, so she started walking down the hallway instead, her eyes falling on the first door after her own - Hunny's room. And beyond that, Tamaki, the Twins, and Kyoya. Mori, of course, had had his room in another part of the house where the family slept.

Should she wake them? Any one of them?

They had made her promise to wake them should she need anything. They hadn't suspected a storm was coming, of course, but they had said that she could. And she had, after all, promised she would. But could she? They were all tired, she knew that...and it wasn't like any of them could actually do anything, could they?


But then you wouldn't be alone, a little voice whispered inside her. It had been easier to bear the thunder and lightning when Hikaru or Tamaki held her.

She knew it had been, but...

She started down the hall, hand trailing on Hunny's door, remembering how much he enjoyed his sleep and how cranky he always got when awoken. Oh, she knew he wouldn't be cranky with her, but she would hate to make him uncomfortable or upset.

And on she went down the hallway, hand trailing on each door and thinking of reasons not to wake the friend behind it; Tamaki slept like the dead, the Twins slept with earphones on and wouldn't hear her anyway, and Kyoya...