It had been a long couple of weeks for everyone in Vongola's inner circle. A small group of would-be Varia had decided that infiltrating and assassinating the 18 year old Don would be a good way to take control of the mafia family's power. After two nearly successful attempts, Tsuna finally agreed that he needed to have a guard around him at all times. There hadn't even been an argument as Gokudera set up the rotating schedule… Only the true Varia and the Decimo's Guardians were part of it. They were still trying to figure out who the mole was, after all.

And so, Gokudera Hayato, Vongola Storm, found himself walking down the hall at two in the morning, yawning a bit. He, Mukuro, Fran, and Belphegor had always been more night people anyway, so they had taken it upon themselves to take the brunet's sleeping watch, leaving the other Guardians to protect him during the day. It irritated the silveret a bit, but since both assassination attempts had happened in the middle of the night, he figured he was best suited to watching his best friend sleep.

He had thought he was prepared for anything, so the sight that greeted his quickly widening eyes threw him for a loop. Juudaime was supposed to be in bed… but there he was, cuddled on top of Mukuro on the couch. They were breathing deeply, Tsuna's soft snores a counterpart to the taller man's huffs. They were adorable…

The silveret face-palmed. They weren't supposed to be adorable, dammit! Mukuro was supposed to be awake, guarding their Boss' life… He opened his mouth to yell, but the soft voice of the Mist cut across the room. "If you wake Tsunayoshi-kun up, I'll send you to hell."

"We're supposed to be guarding him, bastard, not having nookie time." Despite his irritation, he kept his voice down… Tsuna hadn't been sleeping well at all, given the circumstances.

"I am guarding him, puppy. So far, all has been clear." His arms tightened slightly around the petite brunet as he glared out the window. "If they have any intelligence between them, they'll have given up."

The Storm just sighed and shook his head. He walked into the bedroom, doing a quick perimeter sweep and grabbing Tsuna's comforter from his bed. It never worked to argue with the Mist's logic, especially where their boss was concerned. It used to piss Gokudera off to see them together… to hear the purplenet's constant whisperings of possessing their Sky, and after a while, the brunet's blushing acquiescence. Now it was just a matter of course for the two to be together as often as possible. Even the volatile bomber had to admit that Tsuna had never seemed happier, and Mukuro was a possessive, protective lover.

He sighed, carefully draping the comforter over them and brushing Tsuna's hair back gently. "It's been a while since he's slept…"

Mukuro nodded, gently shifting the petite male up in his arms as Gokudera made sure they were covered. "It has… I think he honestly just passed out from the exhaustion." The Mist sounded as tired as he claimed their Boss to be as he buried his face in auburn hair and sighed.

"Sleep, you stupid bastard. I'll keep watch." The Storm walked over and plopped onto an empty armchair, where he had a clear view, and shot, of the entire room.

"I'm here, puppy, go back to bed."

"Mukuro. Go to sleep. I'm here. You'll be better tomorrow for a night's sleep tonight." Gokudera just rolled his eyes, settling back comfortably in the chair. He wasn't moving, and he knew that Mukuro would rather cut his own arm off than disturb his exhausted lover.

The purplenet just kufufu'ed softly, making Tsuna chuckle in his sleep and bury his face further into the slender chest underneath him.

AN: Fluffy Tsuna and Mukuro, because reasons.