Chapter 4

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Spain maneuvered Romano gingerly out into the hallway, being careful not to hit his head against the narrow wall. Spain had an incredibly determined expression on his face, his strut was exceedingly purposeful, not at all deterred by the large pile of boxes and random objects that were scattered promiscuously around the end of the dimly lit hallway, remnants of the party Spain had thrown in celebration of his birthday yesterday.

Staring up in confusion at the older mad, Romano wondered aloud what in gods name the Spaniard thought he was doing. Smiling, Spain simply answered "Awe. Roma, you look so cute when you're confused."

"who's fault do you think that is?" Retorted Romano, "Stupid bastard…" Despite the harshness of his words, Romano blushed deeply, his entire face lighting up like a Christmas tree, or, as Spain would say, a tasty little tomato. He never got used to hearing the Spaniard speak like that, and he was well aware that he would never match up to the cuteness of his brother. N-not that he wanted to or course, who would want to look like that idiot? Certainly not Romano…

Smiling slightly, Spain ignored Romano's pout in favour of simply continuing on down the corridor. Before long they stopped just outside a door, the sudden stop startling Romano and causing his to tightly dig his nails into Spain's shirt. "Idiota! Don't fucking do that."

It was then that Romano fully realized which room they were standing outside of. It was the room Romano had been doing his best to avoid going in, and he was doing a damn good job of it too. Simply being in the vicinity of the room brought up the painful memories. Whenever Spain asked why Romano never came to his office, Romano would simply reply that the man was an idiot and that he just didn't like being anywhere near anything relating to the Spaniard If he could help it. It had been 7 long years since he had gone in the room and personally, Romano was fine with that. In fact, Romano could probably just stay holed up in his room like the houses darkest secret. Granted, of course, that he had a basket of never ending, never rotten tomatoes for company.

Swinging the door open, Spain walked slowly into the room and placed Romano on his feet. Before Romano had a chance to examine his surrounding, he was swung around and found himself face to face with Spain's rather muscular chest. The taller man gripped Romano's chin in his calloused hand, tilting his face until he could see Spain's emerald green eyes.

"What are you doing bastardo?" Roma scowled angrily up at the Spaniard.

Silently, Spain continued to stare intently at Romano's chocolate brown eyes. This went on for longer than was really necessary before Romano reared back and prepared to head-butt the other man for being stupid. Spain smoothly caught the shorters shoulders and prevented him from making contact. Spain forced the angry Italians face up towards him once again. Their eyes burned into each other. Opening his mouth to make what would have been an undoubtedly scathing comment, Romano was, to his annoyance, interrupted the tomato bastard.

"Do you really think I don't care about you?" Spain laughed softly, regretfully, tracing Romano's cheek with the tips of his fingers. "Well, Mi Tomate, I guess I'll just have to prove you wrong."

With that, Spain spun the now confused and slightly irritated Italian around one hundred and eighty degrees, till he was pointing towards Spain's office. Or at least that was what he was expecting to see, instead what he was faced with looked more like an art gallery of sorts, with sculptures filling the shelves and a plethora of paintings covering the wall, each bordered by the most lovely and unique, expensive looking frame. Every inch of the room contained some form of artistic piece; smaller sculptures even lined the edge of Spain's desk, which was neatly stacked with paperwork. The most shocking thing about the colourful room however, wasn't the sheer number of artistic works that filled the office, it was that each work was one that had been done by Romano himself.

Romano stood, open mouthed, staring around the room. He felt overwhelmed; shock had put its hand to his throat and made breathing very difficult. Slowly, as the initial surprise wore off, Romano became aware of the heavy hand that was resting on his shoulder. spinning around in such a way that Spain's hand went from one shoulder to the other without ever leaving his body, he turned his wide eyed stare up at the handsome man behind him. Spain laughed happily at the reaction he was receiving, the look on the Youngers face was one of the cutest he'd ever seen.

Romano's mouth opened and closed rapidly looking like a fish out of water, apparently lost for words.

"Ho-how?" was all that he managed to stutter out.

"It was very easy, Roma, I once saw you rushing out into the woods just outside, carrying what looked to me like a painting, so naturally I followed! I wanted to make sure my little Roma was safe~" He reached out and pulled the Italian, whose defenced had been lowered in the wake of the surprise, to his chest in a hug. "You never noticed I was there, Mi Tomate, which isn't surprising as I was being very quiet. That's where I saw a very shocking sight! My adorable little tomate was throwing his beautiful painting into a bush! Which is no place for a painting as lovely as that one is, so after you had returned to the house I went to retrieve it, and imagine my surprise when I looked behind the bush and saw not only the painting, but also all of these other beautiful works of art," Spain waved his hand around the room. "Naturally, I had to keep them, so I took them home and placed them all in my office. I have collected every piece that has ever gone in that bush, and That," He stoked Romano's hair gently, looking serious, "is because I love you. I love you so much Romano." Romano was shocked by the usage of his full name, which only ever happened when the Spaniard was being completely serious. "But Roma… why did you throw them away? Why didn't you give them to me like you were planning to? And I know you were going to, some of the sculptures had my name on them." Eyes hardening ever so slightly, Romano pushed himself slightly away from the other man his lips forming a scowl.

"Because, bastardo, if they weren't Stupid Feli's, why would you want to have anything to with them? They were never nearly as good as his were, of course they weren't. Because who could ever compete with his perfect paintings, and sculptures , and carvings, and-" Romano's words were cut short as a warm hand pressed down across his lips. Resisting the instinctual reaction of biting the offending hand as hard as he could, he instead, looked up at the green eyed Spaniard from under his bangs.

"Roma…" Spain spoke softly, gently. "It's not a competition. It never was. And even if it was, in my eyes you would win every time. I love you, Roma, not your brother, you. I'm sorry for all of the stupid things I did when we were younger, but there is nothing I am more thankful for than having you with me, I'm never going to let you go."

Romano's face was bright red, but for once Spain didn't comment on it, he instead chose to lean down and press his lips softly against Romano's, cupping his face in one of his hands and tangling his hand in the smaller man's chestnut hair. Romano responded positively, standing on tiptoe and wrapping his delicate arms around the elder's neck, pulling them closer together. They stood like this for what felt like hours, but was probably just a couple of minutes, until their warm mouths separated, an embarrassed Romano immediately burying his face into Spain's shoulder, a move that pulled a pleasant laugh from the Spanish man.

"I love you Roma, so no more knives okay? I don't know what I'd do if I lost you and just the thought of you hurting yourself makes me shudder." The arms around Romano tightened to emphasize his point.

Burying his head in the soft, sweet-smelling hair in front of him, He once again whispered "I love you."

"Shut up bastardo, I know!" Muttered Romano, his words muffled by the silk shirt in front of him. There were a few beats of silence before, the Italian pressed himself even further into Spain's warm embrace and a barely audible

"I love you too…Idiota" reached Spain's ears. Spain smiled into the chestnut locks. He was never letting go.


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