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Name: An Unusual Start!

Summary: What happens when there is no starter left with the professor on the day when you are going to start your pokemon journey and you have to start with something that isn't pokemon at the moment… Meet Leo who has the same faith.


Leonardo Jayson (aka Leo)

Appearance: Auburn colored hair slightly inclined towards the color red, which are lengthened a little towards the left. His brown eyes have a tint of red in them while he stands at 5'7".

Personality: Determined, Peppy, don't like to hurt anyone and hates losing… (I hope this doesn't make him Mary-Sue)

Attire: Wears a half-red and half-black Tee differentiated by a single line crossing across the Tee with a type of pokeball similar to ash in the master quest series. He never wore a hat, as he never thought of it. His jeans are the same as that of ash. He also has his lucky wristband always around his forearm.

Region: Unova.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon in any way. Satoshi and his team own it while I am just a fan of this franchisee and love to write about it…

But I do own the plot and the OC's.

In addition, all the characters in this story are fictional and bear no resemblance to any human dead or alive!

Now we start,

Chapter 1: The start without a starter…

Leo's Pov:

"Finally today is the day, my adventure will start, my own journey!" I said to myself looking into the mirror, determined to make a new start. Yesterday I turned 16 and finally mom has allowed me to go on my own journey and today I get my first ever pokemon.

I took a shower and got into my new travelling clothes, took my packed bag, my pokegear, and my wristband as I ran down the flight of steps. As I ran, I heard a female voice calling out to me.

"Coming mom!" I replied as I went into the direction of the kitchen nearly hoping. I opened the door to see my mom arranging the breakfast on the table. She had her hair tucked back into a pony while she had her usual attire on, a pink top with a blue skirt. Sitting on my chair, I saw the table full of delicacies just waiting for me. Without any further wait, I hastily started consuming the food in front of me.

"Cool down bro!" A young voice from behind me called but I was too busy to look at who it was.

"Today is my day and I won't calm down, understood?" I said while galloping tons of food into my mouth. My little bro just sighed and sat beside me and started eating his noodles. I drank a glass full of orange juice and then got off the table.

"Mom I am ready to go, see yaa!" saying this I ran at full speed towards the lab. After running down some streets I came across a big building and from its door, there was this huge line of young guns probably waiting for their first pokemon.

"This is going to take a heck lot of time," I said and joined the line.

"So you are also here for your first pokemon, aren't you?" a young girl, just front of me, asked me. She looked the same age as mine and was just an inch shorter than I was. She had her hair open with a white cap on with a ring of yellow on it. She wore a yellow top and a white skirt as her small backpack went from her one shoulder and ended near her waist. She also had those sporty running shoes on.

"Yup! And what about you?" I replied and the girl nodded.

"I'm Leo, Leonardo."

"Oh that's a cool name, I'm Sabrina," she replied. There was a moment of silence and then she spoke again,

"Leo, have you decided which pokemon are you going to start with?"

"Actually no, and you?" I asked.

"Nope! However, we do have a wide range of choices. We can choose from any starter we want from any region. The professor has them all!" she replied with a smile. I did saw the eagerness in her eyes. I also wanted to start my adventure and I was all excited but her excitement was more like she had waited too long for it. I just smiled and waited as the queue moved forward slowly.

After a wait for an hour, there were just five of us queuing. And after more 5 minutes, only we both were left. But then the professor called both of us in the lab. I was confused why he called both of us in together but I did go and there stood a man in his fifties in a white lab coat, a blue tucked in shirt and in khaki pants. I had read about him. He was the younger cousin of Professor Juniper, the head professor in Unova who was in charge for giving away starters to young trainers.

"So you are Sabrina and you are Leo," he said as we nodded and he continued

"I'm Professor Cedar and you are probably here for your first pokemon. But to tell the truth, we three are in a trouble and I am not coming on a solution for this." We just stared at him, a little confused. Whatever the problem maybe but I had the feeling that it was somehow going to be bad, very bad. Finally, Sabrina broke the silence,

"What problem?"

"The problem is…" he started but then stopped, gulped and then said, "There are two of you and I have only one pokemon left also the next stock will take a few months to arrive." It took a moment for the meaning to sink in our minds and the moment it did, we cried out,

"What!" He surely had expected this but it was not his fault.

"Darn, I waited for this moment from the time of my birth and it has just slipped from me," Sabrina said as her head went down. There was no more the look that I saw an hour ago. In its place there was a sad look, her eyes looked like there was no hope, no faith, she had given off her dream and this I couldn't bear. She went and sat on a bench a little away from the place she was standing. I did want to become a trainer and travel the world but that look was just unbearable and I couldn't stop but say,

"Professor, how much time it will take for the new stock?" I asked.

"It will at the least, take five months more coz the shipping is too low in here," he answered.

"I don't want it, give it to her." The professor was surprised yet shocked.

"Are you sure?" he asked and I gave a nod. The professor looked at me, gave a smile, and then went inside. After a minute, he returned with a tray on which there was the pokeball. He went towards her and said,

"Take this." She raised her head and saw the pokeball, she was confused.


"He wants you to have it," the professor said as she looked at me. Those eyes turned towards me and asked if I was sure and I nodded. The look on her face brightened and I could see her excitement returning as I gave a smile. She got up, took the ball, ran towards me, and hugged me as she chimed,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!" she just went on and on. Finally, she ran out of breath and got away from me. She gave one final thanks and then looked at the pokeball, wondering what the mysterious ball held in it.

"Why not call it out?" I said.

"Sure…" she said and clicked on the white button in the middle. The ball suddenly opened and a bright light came out of it as the pokemon took shape. Its big ears first took shape followed by its head and its body. The moment she saw it, she started jumping with excitement. Her eyes now had turned into stars.

"An Eevee! I always wanted one, come here you cuddly monster" she said as she took it in her arms and turned it round and round. It surely was cute and my mind was now confirmed that I had done a good thing.

"Here are your Pokedex and other things!" the professor came with a pink and blue dex, a box for keeping the badges and a set containing five pokeballs and gave it to her.

"Oh thanks!" she exclaimed and then came near me and said,

"Thank you Leo, this meant a lot for me, Friends?"

"Yup, friends! Good luck on your journey." I gave her a good luck and saw as he left the lab all the way talking to her new pokemon.

"So what are you going to do now?" the professor called to me.

"Huh… don't know. Probably in the coming months!" I said as I began to leave. I really wanted to go on an adventure but I wasn't sad on what I had done. But then, just before I was going to exit the lab, the professor called me.

"I have an idea," he said.


"Yes, idea. Look, I will give you a Pokedex and a few pokeballs, catch a pokemon for yourself, and set on your adventure! What say?" he looked at me for an answer. There was no problem in doing so as I hadn't decided on a starter and to catch one was a wonderful idea. I gave him a nod as he handed me a blue-black Pokedex with five pokeballs and the badge set. I thanked him for it and exited the lab. I decided to visit home first and then set out. After running all the way back, I reached my home, to be welcomed by mom and bro at the door. The moment I entered, they started asking me about the pokemon I have chosen. I calmed them down a bit and then told them all what had happened.

"Oh, my baby has grown up," mom said as she kissed on my temple.

"Mom!" I cried, as I didn't like her kissing me in front of Jason.

"Mom, he hasn't grown up but he has fell down… in love!" Jason smirked.

"What the hell just did you say? You bastard!" I shouted as he ran behind mom.

"Leo, no swearing inside the house!" she said with glaring eyes.

"But mom?" I pleaded.

"And Jason, you shouldn't talk to your brother like that!" she said turning towards him.

"Mom, now I need to leave!" I said to mom and then glared at the little bastard. Oh come on, I can call him anything in my mind, who's going to hear me?

"Ok son, take care!" she said as her eyes became a little moist.

"Mom, I will take care of myself and besides you have Jason for company," I calmed her and rubbed out the one tear that came through her eyes. I then ran, out of there waving out to them. They waved back and stood there until I was out of there site. I finally had started my adventure but without a starter. I was running down the street towards route 19 where my starter waited for me.

Leo is now set on in the search for a starter but what awaits him is still unknown. What will be his first pokemon? Keep reading to find out….

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