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Warning: Yaoi (boyXboy)

Celty could no longer withstand Izaya's and Shizuo's hate relationship.

She felt completely annoyed with their constant fighting.

Tired of the destruction they caused.

Angered (already past worried at this point) that they were getting closer to actually hurting each other everyday.

Each fight ended with more and more bloodshed, and she was sure that if she had not intervened in more than half of their fights, they would have been dead by now.

And it was because she had to intervene to get them to stop, that she could no longer take it.

Each day was becoming almost like a babysitter job and Celty just didn't have the time to take care of two children, especially since she was already busy taking care of the one she lived with.

So after breaking up another fight, where her trusty steed almost got destroyed, she decided that enough was enough, it was time for her to do something about this problem.

She was going to make sure those two finally got along.

Lately Celty had a theory that if Izaya and Shizuo stopped their childish bickering and got to know each other, they would learn that they were good for each other.

Ever since she met those two she had a feeling that they were great for each other because, even though they were different in many ways, those differences brought them to equal footing which helped them with the one similarity that they did have.

Izaya's ability was to use his charisma and intelligence to manipulate his way through life, yet it brought him a life of loneliness. Shizuo, however, had his strength and intuition to help him get through his life, but like Izaya, it gave him a life of loneliness.

It was these reasons that no matter how charismatic and intelligent Izaya was, he could never manipulate Shizuo since he was always able to see through his plans (even if most of the time he didn't understand those plans). And no matter how much Shizuo wanted to hurt Izaya with his inhuman strength, he couldn't because of Izaya's way of always being able to think of a way out of every problem.

So it made sense for Celty to think that the two loneliest people in Ikebukuro could actually make the perfect couple.

Luckily for City, she already had a plan on how she was going to get them together. The only problem was how she was going to get them together for the first part of her plan. She knew that asking them to corporate was not going to work; Izaya would probably just laugh crazily and Shizuo would just get angry the moment she said the flea's name.

Asking for Shinra's help would also not be an option, she knew he would be willing to do anything she told him, but knowing Shinra he would take it to far.

She decided that the only person that could help her would be someone who was not afraid of either of them and someone who understood why this was such a good idea.

Just from those requirements, ninety-nine percent of the population was already out of the running.

Fortunately she already had the one percent that could help her with this plan.

And her name was...

Erika Karisawa.