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Warning: Yaoi (future boy x boy). Swearing.

Shizuo's pov only.

Grumbling as his mind became more conscious of the morning light hitting his face, Shizuo opened his eyes before closing them once more. He didn't want to wake up, but now that he was slightly aware, he knew it would be near to impossible for him to go back to sleep.

Of course that didn't stop him from trying.

Turning on his side, in hopes that pulling the covers over his head would mimic night-time, he felt the gravitational pull of his body falling to the floor with a thud. Grunting, he lifted him self in a sitting position as he rubbed his sore nose and wondered where he fell asleep last night.

Shizuo was poor, but he wasn't so poor that his bed was not big enough to fit his body type and whatever other movements he made as he slept. So it made sense to him, when he finally looked around, that he had not fallen off his bed but couch.

Memories of last night came to mind and he suddenly remembered that he had dozed off after thinking about his need to change. Not wanting to revisit unwelcome feelings from the night before, he stood up and stretched the kinks he had gotten from sleeping in the couch. The couch was not made for a body like his to be sleeping on, it worked better for some one thinner and shorter.

For someone like Izaya.


Remembering that he no longer lived alone, he began to wonder where the smaller was. Seeing as he slept on the other male's current bed, meant only two things. Either Izaya did not come home last night or...

Looking at the bond that connected them, his suspicions were proven right as he followed the string with his eyes and saw how it turned to the right where his bedroom was. As if not wanting to believe that the flea was actually sleeping in his bed, Shizuo followed the bonds trail that went directly to his bedroom. Opening the door, there Izaya was.

Curled in the middle of his bed and sleeping profoundly. He probably should have been angry, but something felt off.

Izaya loved to annoy him. Everyone that knew them or knew of them was aware of this fact, and even though sleeping in his bed could be seen as annoying, what would have been more annoying was to awaken the beast during his slumber.

Especially if said beast was noticeably exhausted as he was the night before.

Izaya would have taken notice of it because that just how frustratingly annoying he was.

Walking into the room, Shizuo made it to where his bed was and where the other male was sleeping. Izaya looked exhausted and Shizuo noticed that it was already 9 am.

He had work in about two hours and he was sure it was the same with Izaya, maybe even earlier seeing as his job seemed to be irregular with meetings. Still, it looked like the brunette was going to awake any time soon and he had to admit to himself that this side of Izaya was a foreign sight to behold.

Izaya face, although clear with fatigue, was wiped clean of that usual cockiness and was replaced with a peaceful and almost innocent looking face. Another reason he wasn't even trying to wake up the annoying flea.

A beeping noise brought Shizuo back to reality and looked at the side where his night stand was and where Izaya's phone lay. Looking at the touch screen phone light up, he saw that the brunette had missed fifty calls and eighty messages.

Looking back at the brunette, Shizuo was now sure that something was wrong. The ring of the phone was high enough to wake even the deepest sleeper and seeing how many times it had rung, no one would have slept through that.

"Oi flea. Wake up," he said as he shook the brunette lightly, but nothing.

"Flea dammit, wake up!" this time he said it louder and shook him harder. Shizuo heart began to race as the brunette wouldn't wake and a panic went through him.

"Izaya! Wake the fuck up!" he said angrily. Panicking he looked at the bond, but found for the first time since they got bound together that he really didn't know anything about it. Actually he had done his best to ignore its existence and had left it to the flea to figure it all out. All he knew where the small things that Izaya had told him and they were not helpful at this moment.

Sitting on the bed, he took off the covers off and checked to see if the brunette was breathing and if he had a heart beat. Everything was fine.

The brunettes chest was rising and falling in a normal manner and as he pressed his ear to where the heart should be, Shizuo could hear the soothing rhythm pumping blood.

Yet the brunette wasn't waking up and he didn't know what to do.

"Damn it!" he screamed frustrated as he went to go look for his phone. Upon finding it he quickly dialed Shinra's phone number, and what felt like hours, waited until finally the eccentric doctor picked up.

"Shizuo what a ple-"

"He won't wake up," Shizuo quickly interrupted.

"What?" Shinra answered confused.

"Izaya dammit! He won't fucking wake up and I've tried to wake him up but he won't! Shinra you need to come cause he seems fine but he won't wak-"

"Wait! Shizuo calm down. Okay... Shit," Shizuo could hear the other male panic and rummaging around problems getting ready to come over as quickly as possible.

"Okay Shizuo I'll be there as soon as possible. Stay with him until I get there and text Celty, if I can't figure anything out than she might be the only one."

After hanging up Shizuo quickly went back to his room, texting Celty as he did so, finding Izaya still asleep and uncovered.

Walking to his side he could still see the rise and fall of the others chest and a sense of relief went through.

It was weird.

He was always wishing for something bad to happen to the flea, but it was different when it actually did.

Because no matter how many saw him as a heartless monster, he really wasn't.

Not even to the person he hated the most.

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