AN: This story is by Artemis the Moon Maiden! Feb 8th.. it's our fav silver-haired sarcastic Starlight's bday today! Let's celebrate =)

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"Here comes your girlfriend." Seiya said while checking Usagi out from afar.

"She's NOT my girlfriend!" Yaten yelled annoyed.

"Yeah, and Taiki doesn't like Ami-chan." Seiya replied.

"Eh?! M-Mizuno-san is only a friend..." Taiki said as he buried his head deeper into his book.

"Yeah riiight." the other two Lights said in unison.

"YATEN-KUN! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday! Happy-"

"I get it already! Gosh, you trying to make me go deaf? Because it's working!" Yaten yelled.

Minako giggled. "I got you a present, Yaten-kun."

"What is it? A key-chain? Wallet? Half bitten cookie?"

"Nope! Close your eyes." Minako commanded. He sighed but did.

Minako smiled. Then, leaned in and kissed him... All over his lips.

Yaten's eyes sparked open. He just sat there under the tree, motionless. That pesky girl! Her and her addictive lip lock...

Seiya and Taiki watched in laughter.

"Happy birthday...boyfriend!" Minako said and skipped away. Yaten twitched.

"And you said she's not your girlfriend!" Seiya teased.