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Hermione POV

Why did you go? I cant help but think as I look down at the framed photo booth pictures of Draco and I.

My tears drip down onto the glass covering the picture.

I cant help but also smile. The memories were great.

The first time Draco and I went out on a date to a muggle carnival. He made me go on roller coaster and I screamed my head off.

In the photo booth at first they were funny and silly pictures then at the last shot he kissed me. The pictures were bright so as the memories. Giant salty pretzels, kids screaming, music, roller coasters and a giant stuffed puppy.

I still have the stiffed animal puppy that Draco won me in one of the games.

Draco and I don't even speak anymore. Its his parents that don't want us together but he acts as if they are right.

I haven't seen him in so long but I know I wont most likely.

We dated for about 4 months before his parents found out and said something. I don't know what they said to him but he went back to the old Draco. The one who called me 'Mudblood' or 'Granger'.

Tears stream down my cheeks. Why did I have to fall for him? Draco Malfoy of all people in the world.

But he fell for me too? Why? If only I could ask him that.

The phone rings and I pick up without checking the ID.

"Hello?" I say holding the phone with one hand wiping tears out of my eyes with the other.

"Hi Hermione" Ginny says.

"Hi Ginny. How are you?" I ask her.

"Fine you?" Ginny asks me.

"All right. I have been better" I tell her.

"Well you need to get over Draco. Really you cant mope around about him for the rest of your life." Ginny tells me. She does make a good point though I cant just sit around for Draco to sweep me off my feet like in some fairy tale.

"I know but we just broke up 2 weeks ago. So how are you ad harry doing?"

"Fine, he is out with Ron today. Going to who knows where. Anyway I was thinking about inviting you and Luna and Cho over for tea or anything really some time" Ginny suggests to me. I know she is just trying to get my mind off Draco.

"All right, sometime I got to go Ginny i will talk to you later" I tell her.

"Okay bye" Ginny says cheerfully.

I hang up the phone just as there is a knock on the door.

The second I turn the knob Im shocked to see what I do.

There in front of me stands a wet, messy, and tired looking Draco Malfoy. His hair messy and his bangs are arranged messily around his face damp looking. His eyes a beautiful dark blue, his skin pale. Wait, what is he doing here?

"Draco?" I say well that sounded stupid.

"Hi hermione. Can we talk?" He asks me.

I let him in and let him put his wet jacket in the dryer along with the rest of his clothes. He changed into some of the spare clothes he left here.

"So Hermione-"

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