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"Don't get too close
It's dark inside
It's where my demons hide,
It's where my demons hide."

-Demons by Imagine Dragons

~Peeta's POV~

The past few weeks have been hell on all of us. Nothing but training, and trying to be together as much as possible. Haymitch is getting crabbier and crabbier the longer he goes without alcohol. Katniss is getting irritable with Haymitch. Katniss and I have pretty much been inseparable these past few weeks, and we only had three days until the reaping. We've decided we had enough training and to spend three days cooped up together in our house. I look to my right where Katniss lays still asleep. Her face is so soft, calm, and peaceful. No scowl, no stress or frustration anywhere in her features. I'd give anything to take away all her stress and frustration, to see her happy again.

I mean happy as in real happiness, not the sad happiness. Everything bitter sweet for us. Every kiss. Every night of sleep. Every embrace. Everything. I place a kiss on Katniss's soft rosy cheek. If only I could hide her from the truth, shelter her. It's impossible though, and I know she blames herself for all of this. I refuse to believe that though. How can falling in love with someone cause so much harm and destruction to one country? Maybe it has to do with who she is, but I don't care. If being in love with the presidents daughter sets the whole country on fire then so be it.

"Peeta?" Katniss's voice wafts through the silent air, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Yes, beautiful?" I reach out stroking her cheek gently. I know what she's thinking. This is it. Our last day like this. Two blissful days had been spent here, and now it's time to face the reality of tomorrow. I meet her grey eyes, and find a longing sadness in them. Tomorrow she'd be volunteering to go into the arena with either myself or Haymitch. I refuse to let her go into the arena without me, so if the odds are in my favor Haymitch's name will be called and I can volunteer.

"I'm not ready for this." Her voice wavers slightly as she rolls onto her back. I loop my arm around her waist pulling her in close to me.

"Katniss, don't think about it yet. We still have today. Please just try to forget it." I bring my lips to the top of her head holding back a long sigh.

"I'm sorry, Peeta. It's just so hard not to. I can't lose you or Haymitch, and if I go in there with one of you and you don't come out alive..." she trails off but I know what she's thinking. It's the same thought I've had every time I imagine going into the arena to keep Katniss safe, and her not coming out alive.

"I guess you could call us the star crossed lovers, huh?" I smile when Katniss let's out a light laugh, peeking up at me from her place against my chest.

"I suppose we are." I lean down placing a kiss on her soft lips.

"How about I go make us some breakfast?" I ask my tone light, trying to keep the feeling in the air as light and happy as possible. No matter what I do though there'll be a cloudy haze of sadness and fear mixed in. She gives a slight nod, and a small smile as I slide out of bed. "I'll see you down stairs beautiful." I place a kiss on her forehead before leaving the room

~Katniss's POV~

I take my time dressing as if it could prolong the day. I let out a long sigh as I finish. Tomorrow would be the last day Peeta and I would have together. The thought cuts deep, leaving a dull ache where my heart should be. We eat breakfast, holding a lighthearted conversation about anything but the reaping tomorrow. The rest of the day we spend talking to each other about anything and everything except the reaping tomorrow.

Peeta and I had decided to walk to the meadow to watch the sunset. I sit with my head on his shoulder, and his arm around me. We stay silent as the sun descends from the sky, setting the sky ablaze with orange and purple. Just a touch of day, and touch of night. Something I could see Peeta painting. The thought causes me to smile just slightly.

"We better go get some sleep, now. We have to be up early," he says pulling my out of my thoughts. I nod letting out a sigh as he stands up.

"Yeah that'd probably be a good idea." I take his outstretched hand pulling myself to my feet. As we begin walking back home, his fingers intertwine with mine. Our walk is short and silent. There's not much else for us to say at this point. As soon as we get home we crawl into bed and wait for sleep to come.

I wake to the sound of Peeta calling my name quietly. I groan pulling a pillow over my head as if it could block out the inevitable.

"Come on, Kat. You have to get up," he says gently pulling the pillow from my face. I sigh in defeat.

"Alright, I'm up." I push the blankets off of me as I slip out of bed.

"I already showered, so the bathroom is all yours beautiful." I can't help giving him a small smile. Quickly I gather up a towel and a dress Mrs. Everdeen had borrowed me for today. I make my way to the bathroom, blasting the heat in the shower hoping the heat will relax me even in the slightest way. Once I'm finished showering I climb out drying myself off thoroughly. I run my fingers through my wet hair shaking it out.

My stomach sinks as it dawns on me this is the last time I'll be doing this. I never planned on a short life, but it was either mine or Peeta's that was to be cut short. I wouldn't allow it to be Peeta's, all because my father is messed up. I tug on the dark satin dress letting it fall just above my knees. With one last glance in the mirror I exit the bathroom to join Peeta. I'm not ready to face this yet, but it's about time I am.

It doesn't take long for us to get Haymitch and make into the square. Haymitch and Peeta are forced to stand in a roped off area. The male tribute would be one of them, and I would be the female tribute. No one knew that yet though. I stand impatiently, chewing at my nails nervously as more people file into the square. After what feels like hours Effie takes the stage. She finds my eyes, her smile faltering only for a second.

She begins talking about the Dark Days and the history behind the games. Something I'm sure everyone in this god forsaken country knows by heart. I watch as she crosses the stage to a giant bowl of slips. Every singly girl in this district's name is in there. She selects a slip of paper crossing back to the mic. The square falls into a hushed silence. I could hear my own heart beating in my chest.

Everyone draws in a collective breath as she slowly unfolds the slip of paper with long, slim, fingers. Time seems to stop and I'm suddenly afraid the words will never escape my mouth, but as she speaks I know they will. As she says the name I know I never thought that name would be picked. But, I'm ready.

"Primrose Everdeen," she speaks the name loud and clear, the name filling the square into silence once again. I push ahead yelling two words as I do. Two words that will send me to my death.

"I volunteer!"

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