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Percy's POV

I was walking to the beach, Annabeth and I would hang out there for picnics or to watch the sunset. It was like our own little space away from everyone else. I was going to set things up for a date.

When I got to the beach I saw two people making out in the sand. I just decided to move a little down the beach so they could have their privacy, until

"Oh Annabeth." When I heard that I took a closer look at who was there. Annabeth was rolling around in the sand with Will Solace, the counsellor from the Apollo cabin.

Rage overtook me, we had been going out for almost two years now, ever since we had defeated Kronos on top of Mount Olympus. Now she was cheating on me with a son of Apollo. I felt a pull in my gut and knew what was going to happen next. A huge wave rose up and crashed down on them.

"You're cheating on me, with Will. What the Hades Annabeth." I didn't give them the chance to explain, I just walked off back to my cabin, leaving behind a guilty looking Annabeth and a shocked Will. When I got to my cabin I packed all my things into a duffel bag and walked out.

Will was standing there, he had a look of shock, guilt and sadness mixed together on his face.

"Percy I am so sorry, she told me you had dumped her and broke her heart. She was crying her eyes out, I was trying to comfort her and one thing led to another." Will said looking apologetic.

"I'm not angry with you man, just her. How long has it been going on." I asked with a shrug.

"About 2 weeks" he said looking genuinely sad that he had been tricked for that long.

"Don't worry Will, see ya later." I said while walking away. Before I was too far away, I pointed back towards the Athena cabin. An earthquake shook the whole camp. The campers were running around trying to stop everything from shaking. When it was all over the only thing damaged was the Athena cabin, a large crack starting from the base of one wall travelling up and across the roof, then down the other side.

I didn't look back anymore, I just whistled for Blackjack and flew away from camp.

I went to the only other place that is like a home to me. I arrived at the apartment that my mother and Paul lived in.

I was shocked when I saw yellow police tape surrounding the door. Several police officers were walking out the door.

"What happened! Where's my Mom!" I screamed out. One of the officers looked down at a photo.

"Are you Percy Jackson?" he questioned, he looked uncomfortable, like he didn't want to be the one to do this.

"Yeah" I replied, scared of the possible outcome of this conversation.

"I'm sorry kid, they were attacked during a home invasion/robbery, they didn't make it." Rage flooded my mind, clouding my vision.

-Line Break-

No one's POV

On Mount Olympus

The gods were having a meeting: currently Ares was arguing with anyone who cared to listen, Athena was reading a book, The big three were arguing about who had the strongest demigods, Artemis and Apollo were arguing over who the better archer. You get the picture they argue a lot.

All of a sudden a vortex appeared in the centre of the throne room, above the hearth. A figure stepped out of the vortex, wearing golden armour that covered his entire body, only showing his eyes, a flowing red cape attached to his shoulders. On the centre of his chest was an hourglass. In his hand was a golden sceptre, with the same hourglass symbol on top, although this hourglass seemed to be slowly ticking away.

The gods all grabbed their weapons but the man simply raised his free hand in a gesture of surrender.

"I am not here to fight my lord." he said to Zeus, "I am here to deliver a warning."

"Who are you, intruder." Zeus bellowed.

"Isn't it obvious Father, he is a god of time. Obviously not from the present, but from the future." Stated Athena

"Yeah listen to the wise girl, you can call me Gallifreous. I am here to tell you that war is coming and if you don't play things right you will all fade from existence... The greatest hero that this world has seen in over a thousand years, is coming here to die, surely you felt the recent earthquakes. Perseus Jackson has had his world ripped from under him, he wishes to die. If he dies then the coming war will be a bloodbath. The titans have gathered an army greater than ever before, they have also teamed up with their more powerful siblings, the giants." he said with a sense of urgency.

"Percy must be given a reason to live, a new family to protect. If he doesn't then the enemy will start the war by causing one of you to fade. I have seen the outcomes, Artemis and her hunters will cease to be if they don't have more protection. Percy must become their guardian. Even if you chose to send a god instead the enemy would just cause two to fade instead of one."

"But why does Percy wish to die? He is a hero, he has a wonderful girlfriend and his parents." This little question was voiced by Athena, but most of the counsel were thinking along the same lines.

"Don't make me laugh Athena, Annabeth has just been caught cheating on Percy, if you didn't know maybe you shouldn't be the goddess of wisdom. As for his parents, they were killed this morning by a thief who broke into their house." replied Gallifreous.

"Why must Perseus become part of my hunt, we have never needed the help of a man." came the angry voice of Artemis.

"Now now my lady, you know that is false. I can view all time and every possible outcome. If Percy hadn't taken the sky from your shoulders, you wouldn't be here today." this gave Artemis something to think about, Perseus was different, he wasn't like every other man. Also he had had his heart broken by a women, which as far as Artemis was concerned was a rare occurrence.

"Percy will need convincing, just remind him that he still has friends. Remind him of Thalia and Nico. I am sorry for interrupting your meeting my lord but I must be going, I'm all out of time." He stated calmly.

The gods looked at the hourglass on the end of his staff, the sand had run out.

"Until we meet again." and in a flash of golden light he was gone.

Percy's POV

Outside the Throne Room

Blackjack landed outside the throne room. Startling a few minor gods and goddesses. I hopped off and told Blackjack to head back to camp, I wouldn't need him anymore. At first he didn't want to go but eventually he left.

I walked into the throne room as a strange golden light was dying down. Zeus and Poseidon looked at each other, probably having a mental conversation.

"Why have you come here Perseus." said Zeus, his eyes gave him away. He obviously knew. I walked up to my father and bowed before bowing to Zeus.

"I wish to die my Lord." They didn't seem surprised at all. Most of the gods had a blank face, Aphrodite looked sad, Athena looked like she was trying to apologise and Artemis looked slightly angry but mostly deep in thought.

"I'm sorry Percy but we can't allow that." Zeus stated with finality. I was going to argue but he continued. "War is brewing Percy and you are the strongest demigod to be born for over a millennia. We cannot let you throw your life away."

"I am not going back to camp. I have nothing left in this world. No one left." I said with a tone of defeat. It was at this point that Artemis started talking.

"If you were dead, my lieutenant Thalia would be depressed for decades. You are the closest to family that she has in the mortal realm." When she said this I was torn, I couldn't leave Thalia, now that I think about it she has always been my favourite relative on my godly side. We were practically siblings.

"I have no where left to go, my Lady." I said thinking about the few friends I had left. Nico, I couldn't stay with him, he doesn't stay in one place long. Grover, not with him starting a life with Juniper, that would be selfish on my part. And last but not least Thalia, she was a hunter, no men allowed. As I was going to say this I was beaten to the punch by Zeus talking to Artemis.

"Artemis, couldn't we place him with your hunt, as a guardian of sorts. I don't like two of my daughters running around without protection with war on the horizon." I must have looked hopeful or something because Artemis was seriously considering this.

Artemis' POV

I wanted to say no, but the hopeful look on his face was driving me insane. He is different to other men, he isn't selfish or conceited. He doesn't let his friends get hurt and his fatal flaw is loyalty so I don't need to worry about him betraying me.

There was also the warning from Gallifreous, I don't want to fade any more than the other gods. I decided I might as well accept, we would get better protection and someone to do our chores. I smirked evilly at that.

"Fine, if Perseus wants to that is." I said. Percy seemed to be thinking on this very hard, probably weighing up the pros and cons. Pros, he can see Thalia and hunt monsters. Cons, well the hunters would want to kill him. Aphrodite looked almost giddy. I was worried what got her so worked up.

"I accept Lady Artemis." Percy said. For some strange reason I felt happy that he accepted. Aphrodite must be messing with me, or so I thought until I heard her voice in my mind.

'I'm not doing anything Arty, only observing.' and with that her presence left me.

"Perseus, repeat after me. I Perseus Jackson, will follow and protect Lady Artemis for as long as I am able. Guarding her hunt and defending them against all evil." I said.

"I Perseus Jackson, will follow and protect Lady Artemis for as long as I am able. Guarding her hunt and defending them against all evil." And with that a glow surrounded him for a second before fading.

"Now, like my hunters you are immortal unless you fall in battle. Usually there would be a small part about forsaking the company of men but I don't think that's necessary in this case." I said. This caused quite a few gods to chuckle.

"Now do we have anything else to discuss or can I return to my hunt." I said, trying to get away from the sheer boredom that came with all of these meetings.

"Yes, you may all go" yelled my father, disappearing with a flash. There were a few murmurs of "drama queen" from a couple of the gods before they started to leave one at a time.

"Percy, my hunt is currently in central park, you have until tomorrow morning to get there." I told the boy, correction young man. And with that I teleported out to warn my hunters of the new addition to our little family.

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