It's Molly Drake's 15th birthday and exactly three years after her mother's death. She has grown into a strange, inquisitive teenager, with not many friends. Since 2008, she celebrates the date going to her mother's grave, despite her godfather's attempt to make surprise parties every year. The truth is, although young, Molly is too mature for her own age, to her godfather's concern, and has a very clear goal in life – to find the man who shot her mother and left her for dead. She has collected every single piece of information about that day three years ago. She has collected all of it, not caring about how trivial they could look - from Sam Tyler's files to the only word her mother spoke in hospital, "Gene".

It doesn't matter what Evan says, she seems unable to grow out of this idea. And it's on her 15th birthday that tragedy crosses Molly's path once again, in the form of a kidnapper, whose intentions towards her are shady and unclear, drugging her to the point of almost overdose. On the brink of death, she's lead backwards in time, to 1989, where she'll find more questions and surprises than a teenage girl can handle, it doesn't matter how mature they think they are.


I made some research to write this, but I'm still missing a couple of vital info to make this more convincing. However, since it seems impossible to find what I need, I'll just have to make it work with what I have.

And before the reader can go on, I do have a plausible (passable?) explanation as to why Molly ends up in the coppers' limbo, since she is no copper. Just run along, will ya?

My last, but not least, note is that I am NOT a native English speaker, and I have no beta reader whatsoever (it's only me and Microsoft Word), so bear with my mistakes. Also, you have no idea how hard I worked to get some of the slang correct – and I'll probably get that wrong a lot as well, but I really can't do much about it. Remember, no beta reader!



They got a message from the action man

"I'm happy, hope you're happy too

I've loved all I needed to love"…

Molly Drake awoke with a start, gasping.

A nightmare. Yet another one.

Her heart was beating fast and her breathing was shallow. The daylight was barely visible behind the heavy curtains of her bedroom, and yet, she couldn't bring herself to go back to sleep. The song ringing in her ears was enough to leave her awake, but there was also something else… Today was the Day.

Hope you're happy too…

She sighed, still lying on her bed, feeling the room around her slowly take her away from that sordid music, which haunted her dreams for years now. Three years, to be exact. Three whole years since the Day.

Rubbing her eyes, feeling less caught up in the bad dream, Molly rose from her bed and headed for the bathroom, zigzagging through the bedroom, which would be considered a typical teenage mess if it wasn't for one detail: instead of clothes, electronic gadgets, half-forgotten toys and make up, her room was a huge pile of papers.

Thrown about the room, the curious eye would found several newspapers clips from three years ago, along with manila folder that weren't supposed to be there and several scattered and random papers scribbled in, with schemes and names and dates, many of which featured the dreaded lyrics Molly had grown accustomed with.

She got into the bathroom and turned on the light, looking at her reflection. Her memory flashed back, three years ago, going down those stairs in the dock, with a gun pointed at her face.

As they descended, he kept threatening her. But as they got all the way down, he pushed her against the brick wall and smiled a crazed smile, and whispered the song to her, before running and disappearing from her sight, never to be seen again.

They got a message from the action man

"I'm happy, hope you're happy too

I've loved all I needed to love"…

She shook her head and washed her face with cold water, trying to get rid of the memory. It was hard though, being it The Day.

She already knew the whole ritual she and her godfather Evan had created for themselves on her birthday. He would greet her at the breakfast table with a present and insisting on a party. She would refuse with all her might, and then she'd spend the day in the graveyard, being it not a school day.

In the first year, her psychologist and her godfather had gone mad with the idea, telling her this would only make things worse, that she had to move on, that it was all over, her mother wouldn't approve of that… But as the years passed by, they all gave up on that fight. She would always go to the graveyard, spend the afternoon there or the morning, and as she didn't seem sadder on her way back home, Evan thought it was best to leave it alone. There was no use in antagonizing her. She was as stubborn as her mother.

Then, when she would eventually come back at noon, he would have this ridiculous party set up for her, and she would have to bear with all those school girls she didn't like and all those school boys who didn't like her. But for her godfather's sake, she'd put on her best surprised face and go along with the act.

Today wasn't going to be any different, she knew that much, sighing heavily.

If only he would take her seriously…