CHAPTER 1: Finding Yuri

"Yuri. I miss Yuri." I had whispered to myself as I drifted through the dark park. I kicked up some loose dirt. The only sound in the night were my feet scuffing and the sound of crickets crying out.

It had been months, since Yuri's disappearance. Months with not a single trace. No ransom, or goodbye note. She was simply...gone. The police have basically wound down their search. Figured she'd be long dead by now.

I glanced up and suddenly realized she was was standing in front of the Suzuki household. I hadn't visited them since Yuri's disappearance, the emotions were too raw. I've was never good at comforting people. The had a "funeral" for Yuri a while ago. I suspect it was merely for the closure of the case, for Emi's sake perhaps. I couldn't force myself to go though, it was as if I had accepted her death, that I was ready to go back to my monotonous life without her. She isn't dead. I know it.

There were too many holes, Yuri had been acting strange for months before vanishing. Skittish, missed a lot of days from school, feigned sickness to get out of swimming in P.E. Police said it was just anxiety, perhaps she was planning to run away and did not want to be found. But I know Yuri wouldn't do that. Not only did she not take anything with her, she loves her family too much to put them in such misery on purpose.

My thoughts were interrupted by droplets of rain. I looked up, deciding that I should head home. Or at least somewhere dry. My mother would be upset if I was late.

"Here, girl." A ghostly voice chimed. "Come here." it urged. It was coming from...where was it coming from? Who would walk out in the rain in the middle of the night? I could have sworn i heard the voice from below me...

I looked down, convinced I had lost it due to cold, but there was a face in the puddle, marred by the barrage of raindrops. She was quite beautiful, with blond hair pinned up, and her clothes seemed like something a goddess would wear in ancient Greece. I leaned in closer to catch a better look, and as soon as I did, hands shot out to meet me. They grabbed me and ruthlessly pulled me into the puddle.

The shock left me breathless and it happened so quickly I didn't even have time to scream. As I floated in darkness, a voice cut through the void, and instantly put me on alert.

"I have you now. And this time, I shall not let you escape like that 'Princess Yuri'." It cackled.

I gasped and watched the bubbles drift upwards. I can't breathe.

My lungs burned, I need air. Now. I looked up and saw a square of light. I swam towards the light, hoping to break to the surface.

My head burst out of the water, and all the sudden there was solid ground. The seemingly endless, black pool had become merely a small spring, the water barely coming up past my calves.

I coughed and hacked water out of my lungs and greedily took huge gulps of air. I began to be aware of the steady murmuring around me. I looked up to see people. A crowd of them, who had stopped what they were doing, staring at me, whispering, some speaking loudly. I could not understand the language though. It was nothing I had ever come across before.

I began to really look at my surroundings. The buildings were old looking, not old like an old tea house, but like mud bricks and small food carts old. I felt as if I was walking through one of those educational history museums, where you see how people lived in the past. Speaking of people, all the people here wore sheets to cover themselves, mostly draping it loosely on their bodies.

As I examined my surroundings, I noticed that the language began to slowly become clearer. Words were slipping through. "Goddess"."Blessing". And as they slowly got clearer and clearer, I seemed to have gotten more confused. Where was I? Who was "Ishtar"?

A man had separated himself from the crowd. He had long, shining blond hair, the same color as sunshine itself. His Blue eyes were crystalline, yet guarded. He wore long robes that flowed elegantly around him.

"Miss?" He questioned, addressing me. " My name is Urhi. I understand that you are in much confusion at this moment, but I promise you all will be explained. You must only come with me." He said in a tone I would imagine one would use to soothe a toddler throwing a tantrum.

"Stop. Urhi, if I may, I will take be taking her to the Palace to see Prince Kail immediately." A calm, authoritative voice spoke up. The man behind the voice also had blond hair. Not as light as Urhi's, but a dark, nearly brown color. It was long but tightly tied back to reveal cat-like brown eyes. He wore a stiff robe that seemed quite uncomfortable to me in the blistering heat.

"Nonsense, Ilbani. You must have much work to do, allow me. It is quite a simple task, the palace is quite close." Urhi replied quickly, a little bit too quickly in my opinion.

" Girl, I warn you. Go with that man and you shall meet a bitter end." Ilbani intoned darkly.

" Well I was simply going to introduce her to Ishtar, they seem to be quite similar in their entrance. I figured Princess Yuri would want to meet her. Under order of the Queen of course." Urhi narrowed his eyes at Ilbani, knowing he could not speak out against the Queen's order.

"Yuri?!" The name broke my lips in an almost hysteric all of this confusion, only that name struck me. Yuri was here? Did I dare hope that it was my Yuri?

" Yes dear girl, Yuri. I can take you to her. It seems you are already familiar with her." Urhi spoke in the soothing tone again.

I almost followed him. I didn't even care that it was almost a trap. I didn't care where I was. All I cared about was seeing Yuri. The only thing that stopped me was the look on Ilbani's face. His lips drawn tight, his brow furrowed in frustration. His words came back to me, "Go with that man and you shall meet a bitter end."

This isn't a game. I began to realize how this decision can assure me a long, or very short future. Urhi was still trying to urge me out of the water, to follow him. Ilbani still had that frustrated, angry look on his face.I have to is no point in dying here. If Yuri was here, why are they fighting to take me separately. One of them is lying. I just have to weed out who.I have made my decision.

I stepped out of the water and sat stubbornly on the side of the shrine. Looking at both men defiantly.

"Bring her here." I ordered." Bring Yuri to me. Tell her that Yuki is here. I do not know which of you I may trust, but I know for a fact that I can trust Yuri." I say boldly.

Urhi clenched his teeth, as Ilbani smiled and told a servant to quickly fetch Yuri.

They both were trying to get me away from the crowds before. If that man, Ilbani was right, and someone wished for my death, they would have killed me already. But they didn't want to while there were witnesses.

After a while of waiting, I see the crowds begin to part. And the next thing I know, I am enveloped in a familiar embrace.

"Sister! I've missed you so much!" Yuri sobbed.

I embraced her back, not denying the wholesome sense of relief that washed over me in that one moment. Relishing her touch, her warmth after months of her absence.

Alive. She was alive! In that moment, I couldn't care less what was happening around me. I didn't care to know where I was or who was after me all of the sudden. All I cared about was Yuri holding me in her arms. That it was Yuri.

A man who was with Yuri spoke up, " Good people of Hattusa. The Gods have sent us another blessing. The sister goddess of Ishtar, Ereshkigal herself."

A cheer erupted from the plaza. It seems life here will be quite interesting.

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