The war has ended everyone lived their own lives in peace.

Zuko as Fire Lord.

Aang as the Avatar

Katara his fiancé

Sokka the councilman

Suki as his wife

Toph as the teacher of her Metalbending school

Mai as Zuko's wife

Ty Lee as the Kyoshi warrior.

But Azula changed, she was withheld from her bending. She could not create havoc to the world anymore.

"Kyoshi Warriors!" The newsman came and dropped by the newspapers

"Thanks! " Ty Le said with a smile while paying for the newspaper

Once he left a sudden frown was on her face when she realized, "Azula lost her bending for good" the headline of the newspaper said.

"Girls, Im sorry but may I have a break?" Ty Lee said faking a smile

"Of course, you are one of the hardest workers here. AND no one needs saving, so go ahead." Suki said with no hesitance

"Thanks Suki. Hey, may I talk to you later?" Ty Lee asked her with a sad tone

Suki wondered what happened, she was gloomy. Ty Lee the happy-go-lucky girl always happy and full of great ora.

"Of course." She said with a very accepting voice

"Thank you."

*end of practice*

Everyone took off their make-up, their silk dresses, and their fans.

"So, Ty Lee,What did you want to talk about?" Suki asked in an assuring voice
"Suki, may I skip a week of practice please?" Ty Lee asked very carefully, to make sure she wont be shocked with the question.

"Yes, Ty Lee. May I ask why?" Suki asked for her own curiosity

"My friend needs my help." She said in a neutral voice

"I will allow you to, but if you ever need us, we are always here to help." Suki said in a serious but friendly manner.

"Thank you." A tear broke from Ty Lee's eye finding how grateful she is to have a great friend like her.