Ty Lee had her things ready for the ferry to Ember Island.

"Goodbye, Girls!" she said making her seem happy but on the inside she wanted to leave.

The Kyoshi Warriors said goodbye and let her leave.

She was in the island, she was able to greet Li and Lo and asked

"Hey, I heard Azula is here. Is she?" She asked while faking a smile

"Of course! But she is pretty mad right now. . . I think she may want to talk to a friend like you." Li said

"You can stay for the week if you want." Lo offered

"Thank you so much!" She said to both of them and gave them a hug

"Ty Lee, do you mind staying with Azula alone. We were planing to go to the end of the beach and we were to be back in 3 days. But since you came we may not come back until you leave, for the sake of it. I think you may need it. At least you will have longer time with your best friend Azula." Li and Lo said alternately

"Of course. What happened to her appeared in the news and so I wanted to be with her. She needs a friend." Ty Lee said with assurance to Li and Lo.

"Azula is lucky to have you as a friend." Lo said

"Very lucky." Li added

"May I know where I will stay?" Ty Lee asked

"The same place as before. Azula is also in her room so just visit her." Li told her

"We have to go now." Lo told Ty Lee

"Of course. Be Safe!" Ty Lee said with the same smile she always has.

Lo and Li left and Ty Lee put her things down in the bed of her room.

She wanted to ready herself first before seeing Azula again.

She is still sad about how she chi-blocked Azula before and she wanted to say how sorry she was.

Ty Lee slowly walked to her room, she knocked on the door softly.

No response. So she opened the door to check if she was there.

Azula was asleep.

Ty Lee quietly went to the chair and waited for Azula to wake up.
It took 30 minutes for her to wake up with a surprise waiting for her.