"Thank you, Ty Lee. You do not know how much you mean to me." Azula wiped her tear while talking.
Ty Lee kissed her forehead and stood up.
"Azula, even without your bending you are strong. Come with me." Ty Lee offered
"Where are you going?" Azula asked with hesitance
"Trust me." Ty Lee smirked while talking
"Uhm. . . Okay." Azula agreed with a slightly large hint of hesitance
Ty Lee was not used to the 'new' Azula but she will get used to it.
Ty Lee grabbed Azula's hand and brought her to her room, it was all clean.
Compared to Azula's she'd prefer to stay there more.
"Why are we here?" Azula stared at the ground
Ty Lee asked her to sit on the edge of the bed.
"What are we going t-" Azula was cut.
Ty Lee kissed her lips and put her arms on her shoulders, slightly messing up her neat ponytail.
Azula continued it while taking little breaks to breathe.
Ty Lee lightly nibbled on her lowered lip and licked the surface of her lips
"Mmmhm mhm Ty Lee" Azula moaned in delight.
Ty Lee stopped the kiss and put herself in a sitting position leaning on her forearms with her torso being able to be seen.
It was a very seductive sight for Azula.
Azula went on top of her and kissed her neck.
A moan of delight came from Ty Lee.

They both enjoyed the time they have with each other. Alone.

It was a great feeling for both of them, they could not stop. Kisses were everywhere and moans were all around the room.
Ty Lee kissed Azula's lips and slid her tongue inside. Little moans and scratches were made. Ty Lee couldn't help it, she slid down Azula's robe and put threw it gently on the floor. Azula was left in her bindings covering up her breasts and crotch.

"Ty Lee, I find its you turn." Azula said in a raspy but seductive voice.
Ty Lee put out a giggle and took off her shirt and pants. They were both in their undergarments. They were both against the wall of the bed wherein Ty Lee was sandwiched between the wall and Azula. Azula started kissing from her collarbone to her lips and Ty Lee was moaning so loud. She did not care, in fact she would moan louder if she could.

Ty Lee hugged Azula from her shoulders and took off the ponytail she had. After that, she kissed her on the forehead and gently pushed her to lie down.
"I want to be in charge now." She said and then a short giggle was made.
She kissed her collarbone while stroking her sides with her pointer finger, memorizing every inch of her body.
She slid her hand under Azula's wrappings while kissing her on the lips.
"Uhhhhh! Ty mmhm Ty Lee! Ah" Azula moaned in pleasure.
She pulled her wrapping off and it revealed her breasts, it was perfect for her. She kissed her collarbone until the edge of her breast.
"Ty Lee, mmhmm, let me work now." Azula breathlessly said
She put her arms around Ty Lee and took out her two hair ties.
Ty Le started licking the middle of her breast and Azula couldn't help but cut her bindings off with her nails (She knotted it very well)
She kissed Ty Lee's sides and moved along to her back. She stroked her back tracing the line it makes while kissing her shoulder.

Ty Lee slowly stopped. She seemed to have changed moods immediately.

"A-azula. . . Do you mind if we t-take off our last p-piece of bindings?" She asked nervously blushing and facing the ground. Azula put her finger to Ty Lee's cheek and moved it for them to have eye contact.

"Of course, Ty Lee. Don't worry, right now we are lovers. Not friends, not allies, not a team. We are in love. No exemptions." Azula said in a light-hearted voice that Ty Lee never heard of.

They both took off their bindings, Ty Lee was shy so she took hers off slowly, while Azula took it off how she usually would but in a more seductive way. They were both exposing themselves to each other. They both looked eye-to-eye and Ty Lee slowly kissed her lips to her earlobe. She whispered to her ear "You are beautiful." Azula smirked and kissed her neck until shoulder. Little groan came from Ty Lee and she clasped her hands tighter around Azula. Azula started to make her finger go up and down her abdomen and slipping in between her legs. She started to kiss her thigh and slowly going closer and closer into her womanhood. Ty Lee screamed in pleasure and then Azula stopped. Ty Lee was stuck, Azula observed her, she was mesmerized and then finally kissed her womanhood. Ty Lee ended up screaming in a sultry and loud voice, she could feel herself about to come. "A-az-azula! Im a-abo-about to- come! Argh!" Ty Lee moanded. Azula was breathing heavily she was losing her sight, the air was heavy.

"A-az-azula, l-let me" Ty Lee said in a shaky but in a lustful voice.
She sat up and kissed her womanhood, and licked. Azula could not stop uttering groans and she started to scratch Ty Lee's back with her sharp nails. Ty Lee could feel the pain but she endured. They were close o fainting especially since it was their first time.

Ty Lee slowly stopped with Azula stopping with her.

"Ty Lee."

"This was amazing." Ty Lee said ending with a kiss on her cheek.
"I know. You don't know how much stronger I feel." Azula said with a tear about to come out of her eye.

Ty Lee fell asleep in Azula's arms.

"Thank you." Azula whispered to Ty Lee's ear
Ty Lee smiled