Ty Lee's week off was over. Her things were packed and she was ready to go.
Except for one thing.

Azula doesn't want her to leave and neither does she.

Ty Lee greeted Li and Lo goodbye and told them that she and Azula will meet at the shore.
"Goodbye, Ty Lee. You have been a great help to Azula." Li said with Lo nodding beside her.
"Anything thing for my. . . Friend." She said with a gentle smile on her face
"I'll be going now. Again, thank you for everything." She bowed and hugged them surprisingly

They were waving goodbye to her and wishing her joyful greetings.

Ty Lee wiped off her little grin and looked for Azula.
She was in the same area where they, Mai, and Zuko were talking.

"Azula." Ty Lee softly said
Azula shrugged it off and looked at the ground.

"Azula, Im not leaving you forever." She said with a tone of sadness
"What if you are?"
"Im not. I don't even want to leave but these are my duties."
Azula was silently crying, she wanted to hold her and never let her go.
In her head she wondered to herself 'What did I do wrong? I just wish she would stay.'
"Azula? Talk to me, Azula."
"Azula, stop crying. I will come back."
"Ty Lee. Are the Kyoshi Warriors mad at me?"
"Uhhm, Im not sure... W-why do you ask?"
"I wanted to stay with you in the island. . ."
"Okay, you know what? During training I will make sure that you can live with me."
"But promise me, you will not do any harm? I trust you, but I don't think they do."
"Its okay, I know. It will take a while for them to get used to me."
"Okay! Ill be back. Sunday!"
"Ty Lee. . . Thank you"
Ty Lee giggled and waved
Azula stood up quickly and ran to her to hug her from behind.
"Azula. Ill come back dont worry!"
Ty Lee faced her and passionately kissed her on the lips

Goodbyes were given.
Kisses were transferred.
"I love you"s were all around.

Ty Lee left.
Azula was sad, but she trusts her.