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The Demon watched from the top of the highest tower it could find, making no movement to help in the battle the humans were struggling to control. Pathetic. Bored, blackened eyes darted back and forth, watching the Vikings idiotically bombard the castle so close to nightfall. Yes, they had the upper hand now, but in a few moments? They obviously didn't believe in the curse. That or they were just stupid.

It decided it was the latter.

Down below, it could hear the captain's soldiers complaining. Boulders crashed into the castle, destroying towers, taking out the Princess's archers, and just making a mess. The Demon arched an eyebrow at the Captain's threat to his men right before a boulder hit, causing them all to fall. Well, not that old fat man, which genuinely surprised the Demon. With all that extra weight, it seemed that he would be more likely to be pulled down. How strange.

It watched, expressionless, as the Vikings started to scale the walls. Fools. Little by little the sky began to darken. A smirk played at the being's lips, only to be hidden by the shadow of its hood, pulled low to hide its face. The earth slowly consumed the sun. The first Gargoyle broke free. This should be entertaining.

Not even having to strain, the Demon could hear the lavender monster's first words.

"You are trespassing."

The Demon stood from its perch, a pedestal of a fallen Wing. No one noticed as a blade slid out of its sleeve. It stood still, taking in a breath. Smoke filled its lungs, burning them. It didn't know why it bothered offering help to that stupid princess. She was a little brat that didn't deserve the guardians that protected her castle. And that captain? The Demon didn't trust him. That was saying something, considering its nature.

Still, money was money. Keeping those refugees and the castle safe came with its rewards. Honoring an old friend had little to do with the Demon's actions. At least that's what it told itself. With an annoyed sigh, the Demon stepped off the ledge, dropping into the battle.

It landed in a crouch, its cloak fluttering in the summer breeze. It should have been a beautiful night. Amazing how the humans seem to ruin everything. It stood, and those who noticed its entrance—ally and enemy alike-could only gape in shock. They froze, unsure of what to do. The Demon crinkled its nose, its lips twisting into a snarl.

"Foolish mortals."

A Viking lunged at the newcomer first. It easily dodged, simply stepping aside and thrusting its blade in the direction opposite of its own movement. The Viking let out a scream of pain as the blade managed to get into an opening of his armor in his side, slipping between his ribs. Twisting the blade before ripping it out, the Demon looked up at the others, its eyes flashing wickedly. They all stepped back, fear coating their faces. The Demon almost smiled. The fear was always the best part. It made the blood sweet. But then again, it was trying to cut back.

What's one little taste?

"DEMON!" One of the Vikings screamed, running away. "They have a Demon!" The other soldiers paused their fighting for a second, to stare as the Demon stalked away from its first victim in search for another.

With the taste of several Vikings' blood still on its lips, the Demon looked up to see the Gargoyles in battle. Such a strange form of battle. The being thought it strangely beautiful, the way they danced in the air. It had seen plenty of wars, but Gargoyle battles were always its favorite. Content with letting the winged monsters finish the job, the Demon made its way back to its post. A high whistle caught its attention only a second before an arrow embedded itself into the Demon's shoulder.

The Demon whirled around, teeth bared, to see the Viking captain's smug expression slowly fade into one of horror. The look was quickly replaced with determination before another arrow was sent at the Demon. The being let it hit, and it lodged into its arm. With a growl, the Demon reached behind its head and ripped the arrow out of its shoulder as it stalked up to the blonde. He backed away before breaking into a run in the opposite direction.

"Coward," the Demon taunted, tearing the arrow out of its arm. Blood dripped, but the wound itself immediately began to disappear. The skin began to knit together. Black magic, they would call it. Idiots.

The Demon followed the Viking, its steps silent, its cloak flowing around its feet. It looked like it wasn't walking, but floating. A truly haunting sight. Finally, the man came to a dark corridor leading to the inside of the castle. Before he could dash in, a low animalistic growl echoed through it. A smirk graced the features of the Demon as a Gargoyle dog padded out, its ears flat, teeth bared. The Wing, who was ironically wingless, jumped at the man, who quickly jumped away. The Demon had to step to the side to avoid being plowed down, but it really didn't mind. The man looked around for a way of escape, found the corridor now empty, and rushed for it. He stopped in his tracks as a female Gargoyle slid out, her eyes shining red.

"Face me, human, if you dare!" she growled before leaning in and hissing in his face. He turned to run, only to freeze at the sight of the dog and Demon. The Demon stepped forward, laying a hand on the mutt's head. It didn't seem to mind, however, the blue skinned female Wing looked at it with her lips twisted in disdain.

The lavender Gargoyle, the leader, and the biggest the Demon saw all night, glided down to the scene, landing on the ledge. He glanced down at the trio that had the attacker surrounded, and the Demon swore it saw amusement in his eyes for a split second. Stupid creature.

"I see you've met our watch dog," the Wing deadpanned, his voice deep and his tone dry. The female Wing once again hissed at the blonde bearded man, this time clawing at him. "And my second in command."

The man stared at them in horror. The Demon could smell the fear on him. It was a lovely smell, especially when they tried to hide it. "Monsters!" the man snapped. "You're all monsters!"

The Demon clicked its tongue against its teeth. "Tck." The Gargoyles watched as it stepped up to the man, holding out the arrows that had been stuck into its now flawless skin. "Idiotic human," it sneered, pointing the arrowheads under his chin, backing him into the wall. Despite the Demon being rather small compared to the man—it only came up to his shoulder-, it could see the fear in his eyes. "You dare associate me with these… harmless little bats?"

Behind it, the Demon could hear one of the Wings, most likely the blue skinned female, growl. Still, they didn't interrupt. "Of all my years, I don't believe I ever had the inconvenience of meeting a mortal as stupid as yourself. Now, is it because you lack a correctly functioning mind, or that you honestly believed you could take a castle with Gargoyles?" the Demon seemed to wait for an answer that didn't come. "And then you make the mistake of shooting me, which, by the way, not a very smart decision. Do you even know who I am?" it demanded. The man looked like he wanted to shake his head, but didn't in fear of the arrows at his neck. The Demon's lips twisted into a smirk as it took a step back, releasing the man.

The man stared at shock as the Demon dropped its hood.

"I am Lilith, Demon Child of Aalair."

The look on the man's face was priceless. The Gargoyles even seemed shock at the young face before them. This Demon was nothing more than a child, no more than sixteen years of age. Its—no, her—eyes were midnight black, her hair a sinful red, her skin pale like a ghost, lips crimson from the treats she allowed her self to have after dispatching the enemy soldiers. And yet, they could see the wisdom, the age hidden in her eyes. She had seen many things, lived longer than her appearance suggested. The Demon, Lilith she called herself, gave a low growl before throwing one of the arrows at the man. It grazed his cheek before embedding itself into the wall just passed his head. A cruel smile played at her lips before turning to the staring Wings.

"Do what you want," she said lightly before replacing her hood and sauntering away. An eventful night indeed. Of course, it wasn't really over, now was it? Down below, she could hear the Viking Captain swear revenge against the "monsters." Some Humans never learn.

There was a feast that night. The Captain had invited Lilith, and while at first she had no intention of going, she stopped by anyway. She sat at one of the windows of the banquet hall, leaning against the stone, one leg left to hang inside, the other pulled up to her chest. She kept her cloak wrapped around her, the hood hiding her face. With boredom lacing her expression, the Demon watched the humans celebrate.

Over the music, she could just make out the cruel bickering between two of the soldiers about the Captain. Her black eyes flickered over to where said Captain walked by, and she could tell by his movement that he heard every word of it. Lilith smirked. Why mortals let such things get to them was beyond her. They had weak minds. Once the Captain was seated, the brat Princess turned to him.

"Our thanks for a battle well fought, good Captain," she said brightly. Lilith wanted nothing more than to rip out her vocal cords. What an annoying voice.

"It is not mine to take, your highness," he said nobly. "Without Goliath and his Gargoyles, our defense would have proven useless. Also, Madam Lilith proved to be mighty resourceful in battle."

Lilith arched an eyebrow. He just complimented her? Her lips quirked into a faint smile. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. However, at the mention of the Gargoyles, the Princess's expression turned dark, and at another table, Lilith saw the disgust coating the white-haired Magus's sharp features.

"Please," the Princess started. "Don't mention that monster's name in my presence."

Lilith felt her lips twist into a snarl. Stupid human girl, ungrateful harlot. As soon as the words left her lips, the doors of the banquet hall opened, revealing none other than Goliath, the lavender Gargoyle, and his blue-skinned companion. Goliath's eyes narrowed and the female's glowed red. As they stepped forward, Lilith dropped from her roost.

"Which monster?" she demanded, her voice echoing through the now silent hall. Everyone gasped, unaware that they had been watched. Lilith crinkled her nose and went to meet the Wings in the center of the hall. As they started moving, the room exploded with scandalized whispers, and the Princess looked absolutely horrified. The Captain spoke up.

"Your pardon, your highness," he started, standing. "I took the liberty of asking them to appear and be recognized for their bravery." Lilith scoffed at that. It wasn't bravery that caused her to join the battle. After all, bravery was facing your fears with a strong face. The Demon Child of Aalair feared nothing.

"Captain! We are most seriously displeased!" the Princess exclaimed, jumping up from her seat. "To let beasts in the dining hall!"

Before anyone could argue, the Magus shot up out of his chair. "You speak wisely, Princess. These are unnatural creatures. No good can come from associating with them!"

Lilith let out a low growl, directed at the Magus. "Says the boy that plays with magic," she hissed, taking a step forward, her hand reaching for her hidden blade. He quickly sat back down, fear-scent pulsing off of him. Before she could do anything, a large clawed hand caught her shoulder. She looked back in shock. No one dared touch her before. However, she decided to let it go, seeing it was Goliath who stopped her. She didn't know why, but he was tolerable. Unlike some. He stepped up in her place, and once he was seemed sure he wouldn't hit the Demon, he extended his wings. The Princess sat down in shock and fear, only for the expression to be replaced with surprise when the lavender creature draped his wings like a cloak around his shoulders, and leaned forward in a bow.

"Haha, Goliath. We named you well, it seems!" the Captain chuckled good-heartedly, clasping the Gargoyle on the shoulder. "You are as good a soldier as the Philistine giant who fought David." Lilith sneered at the reference. Not that it actually had anything to do with her, but with the title of Demon, such things were annoying.

The Princess suddenly looked outraged. "You'd do well to remember, Captain, that the biblical Goliath was also a bully and a savage!"

The female Wing hissed at the Princess, causing her to draw back, and Lilith drew her blade from her sleeve. Goliath caught his companion's shoulder and held her back. He opened his mouth to speak, but Lilith beat him to it.

"It would do you well to pick your words wisely, you ungrateful harlot," she growled. The hall gasped at the insult, and the Princess herself looked like she would die of shock. Not that Lilith saw that as a bad thing. "These 'monsters,' as you call them, just saved your castle. Protected your people. Had it not been for them, you would be nothing more than another toy for those Vikings to break." Lilith watched as her words took effect. The Princess's face turned bright red with rage.

"How dare you speak to me in such a-!"

"Do not interrupt me, you stupid child!" Lilith snapped. "I will not tolerate your prejudice. It disgusts me to see such good blood wasted on such an arrogant girl." Lilith pointed her blade at the Princess. Almost immediately, several guards shot up. The Demon ignored them. "Your father rolls in his grave. You have disfigured the grace of the Wyvern Castle. You have lost an ally in the Demon Child of Aalair."

She gasped, as did the others who know the severity of the words spoken by the Demon. Lilith lowered her blade. Disgust filled her voice as she went on.

"Should fire consume your people, should your children cry out in hunger and pain, should your armies falter and your guardians crumble, do not come to me. Do not come to my people. I cleanse my hands of you, Princess Katherine, and the future generations of this castle's rulers. And when they seek my aid, while they tell me of the horrors that they must suffer through, the screams of battles that cannot be won, I will simply reply no."

The room was silent. Katherine looked like she wanted to cry. "You made a promise to my father…" she started weakly.

"As did you," Lilith snapped. "I will take my pay, and I will leave. Do not let my name come off of your lips again if you wish to keep them."

That said, the Demon Child turned on her heels and stalked out of the room, brushing past the great Goliath as she did so. The two Gargoyles stared after her in shock before Goliath cleared his throat.

"We will take out leave now."

Lilith clenched her jaw as she heard the two follow her. And behind them, the Captain. When they were well away from the hall, he spoke.

"My apologies for this, Goliath, Madam Lilith," he said sorrowfully. Goliath turned to face the man, and Lilith simply stopped walking.

"No apologies needed. We are what we are. Her opinion will not change that," he replied solemnly. Lilith almost scoffed, and the female Wing spoke.

"Have you no pride? No sense of justice? We saved their lives and they repay us with contempt!" she exclaimed angrily.

"She is right, Goliath," the Captain added. "You deserve better than this."

Lilith simply shook her head and leaned against the wall, her arms crossed, waiting to see where the conversation would lead.

"These cliffs were our home ages before they built their stone fortress. They should bow to us!"

Goliath shook his head. His tone was gentle as he tried to speak reason with his two friends. "It is the nature of human kind to fear what they do not understand," he said, taking the blue Wing's hand. Lilith couldn't help but be impressed. It had taken her years to learn that the hard way. "Their ways are not our ways."

The female sighed heavily. "There are times when your patience astounds me, my love."

Goliath smiled warmly before taking his hand back. He turned to face the waiting Demon. "Are you really abandoning the Princess?"

Lilith shrugged, pushing off the wall. "You children shock me," she stated matter of factly. "But then, that was a childish tantrum you just threw, my blue-skinned friend." She ignored the growl she received. "Humans are awful bothersome creatures, don't you agree? I will return once that brat has learned her lesson." She looked up at the Captain. "Now, sir, for my pay."

The Demon Child Lilith could only stare in shock at the frozen Gargoyles. Normally, it wouldn't have bothered her, but this was a bit different. The moon was high, and yet the creatures were frozen. Only six of them stood, the rest scattered around the floors of the castle. She noticed Goliath was one of the few that remained.

She turned to face Katherine and that idiot Magus, rage flashing in her blacked eyes. "What have you done?"

"I-it was an accident!" Magus exclaimed. "They're stuck as stone until the castle rises above the clouds."

Lilith could only stare at the trio before her. A young refugee boy, Katherine and the Magus. She took a breath to keep from slaughtering them. "Where are you going?"

"We are taking the eggs somewhere safe!" the boy piped up. Lilith narrowed her eyes.

"What if they wake soon?" she demanded. The trio exchanged looks. "Someone should stay with them, explain what happened." No one spoke. Lilith shook her head. "Stupid mortals," she muttered before glancing up at Goliath. "Go then."

"You plan on staying with them?" Katherine asked incredulously. Lilith sighed.

"I will check up on them every few years. After all, I have all the time in the world, where as you do not." The trio nodded and turned to walk away. Lilith stared after them, then placed a hand on the Gargoyle's shoulder. It was going to be a long wait. But when they wake, they would need someone to be there. After all, monsters should stick together.

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