"Ow, ow!" Jonouchi whined loudly as Anzu dabbed his cheek with a cold, wet paper towel.

She furrowed her brow, "Oh, what were you doing fighting with Kaiba in the first place?!"

"He hit first!"

They both stopped, attention pulled to the door as it opened. Yugi guided Kaiba in, holding his hand. Jonouchi was the first to react to the happy look on Yugi's face, smiling faintly at him. Anzu then noticed, and she ended up beaming.

Yugi then saw the bruises on Jonouchi's face, his expression changing to a concerned one, "You, too?!"

"I told you, 'you should see the other guy'," Kaiba commented dryly.

Jonouchi pouted, growling out, "Kaiba, you bastard! Look at this!" He pointed angrily to his eye.

Yugi sighed through his nose and rolled his eyes, heading into the kitchen and grabbing two packs of ice from the freezer. Anzu, meanwhile, gestured for Kaiba to sit in another chair, winking to him. Yugi handed one ice pack to Anzu, then returned to Kaiba's side, "Let's try not to punch each other, okay?" he instructed politely. Kaiba looked to the side, a hint of awkwardness, mixed with bitterness. Yugi just smiled, leaning in and kissing Kaiba's injured cheek gently. A red blush raced over Kaiba's face, and his expression quickly swapped for a more sheepish one. That was, until Yugi plopped the icepack against his cheek, making him wince.

Jonouchi began to laugh at the sight, but was caught off by Anzu much more roughly pressing the icepack against his eye, "Owww!" he complained.