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One Agent Down and another dead. The team struggling to keep it together, and be there for each other as no words could be used as comfort, in truth they were broken, their hearts where held in a vice just waiting for it to be ripped through them again.

Another week began and the usual bushel and buzz that normally surrounded the bullpen was now a low hum. You could hear the paper being turned but no one spoke everyone was still reeling in the shock, which had happened the week before.

The funeral would be held in another weeks' time. Two empty desks one filled with paperwork, and the other being cleaned away, all their life's work and achievements placed into a brown cardboard box, not one of them could speak each one lost in their own thoughts.

One Agent dead and another only just hanging on by a thread they all prayed for something, some glimmer of hope that they would not be burying another one of their own. In the nine years, the team had been together they had only ever buried one of their own. Emily Prentiss, though six months later she walked back through the doors as though a ghost was before them, her death had been faked. However, this time no one could say these deaths were faked burring one Agent was hard enough but if they lost another one, the whole team would become broken. More broken than they already were, they kept it together holding onto the hope that the agent would make it though they knew that person would be changed forever.

Nothing was ever going to be the same again. They had lost their sparkle they had, had the spirit cruelly damaged as Strauss stood in the doorway taking in a deep breath, after the debacle with Emily and her return from the dead and dealing with her alcohol problem Erin Strauss had changed her whole attitude towards them she did not try to break them up. Even though she should had done for so many reasons that she even had a list locked in the safe in her office. Nevertheless, looking at the now three profilers in the bullpen before looking up at the offices, which had their doors and blinds closed and that was something that never happened.

This was not just a team, this was a family that had been ripped apart from within, as though someone had ripped the heart out of them all and it showed the blank vacant expressions that washed over each other not knowing how to offer comfort and support to each other. These people where the strongest and brightest minds in the country, they loved each other. But Erin knew if they lost this other Agent it wouldn't just be two they had lost it would be in fact three. This was the problem with relationships within the work place, but no one could or would have tried to keep them apart they just fitted together so neatly they even worked as one but now looking into this room, it was like looking into an abyss that had swallowed the entire team.

It was not just the profilers that were broken, but everyone who worked in that bullpen, everyone that had been close to both these Agents were struggling, inside the two teams that worked in this office were broken beyond repair she just hoped if the other Agent could pull through it would help heal them she pushed open the door as she slowly walked in. It was eerie no one looked up to see who had come through the doors they all were just staring at their files, though she doubted they were doing any work her heart went out to each one of them.

The bullpen was a dead hum even the phones were not ringing it was as though the whole building knew they were struggling. Erin had brought another team in to help keep things going but she had set them up in another area, although no work was being done, she also knew they needed each other, even though they weren't communicating with one another, she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder as she turned around looking at the normally bright bubbly tech annalist who's eyes were dull and broken.

"This isn't right" Erin whispered softly.

Garcia could only nod, no one had spoken much over the past week other than to ask how their Agent was doing no one could bring themselves to mention the Agents names. Because if they did, it would become all too real for them, they dealt with death. Every day they saw the worse that the world had to offer and it did not affect them like it was doing now, but that was partly because they did not know them, these Agents they knew, they worked with them every day. Two were married the other two normally flirted with each other to keep the horrors that washed over them at bay while they chased the killer down. But this they couldn't handle it was too much it was too fresh in their minds, the only other time they had been broken was when Hayley had been killed at the hand of the unsub who taunted them all.