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The yellow Jellicle moon shone brightly, thoroughly illuminating the quiet Junkyard. Jennyanydots sat knitting a soft blue sweater, quietly humming a lullaby.

"It's a rare moment that you're not next to my dear brother when he's home from the station." Jellylorum remarked as she slid into place beside the Gumbie.

Jennyanydots smiled as she patted the lid of the trunk with a soft thump. "He was so tired, the poor dear....after such a long time on that train - I told him to go on to bed."

Jellylorum nodded in understanding and began her own knitting.

"G'night, ladies." Tugger said, strutting past like the cocky rooster that he was.

"Good night Tug-" Jenny's reply was cut short but a blood-curdling scream that rang throughout the Junkyard.

Electra scampered out of the tire, followed by Etcetera, Victoria, Plato, and Mistoffelees. "Wha-?"

A loud scrambling issued from the trunk, following by a 'clunk!'. Skimble emerged, tenderly rubbing his head.

The kittens stooped down and quickly began shoveling tracings of small, green leaves back into the tire that had scattered on the ground when it was vacated. Jennyanydots caught a glimpse of Electra as she tossed the last of the leaves over her shoulder back into the tire; a vaguely familiar scent tickled the Gumbie's nose.

"Catnip!" she exclaimed. "Electra, what I have I told you? How - where did you find - "

The shrill scream filled the night air once more.

"Wha' was tha'?" Skimble mumbled groggily. "Sounds like som'on's bein' murdered."

Jenny gave Jelly a sidelong glance, worry furrowing her brow.

Skimbleshanks yawned again, then gestured towards the direction the screams had come from. "C'mon, boys, let's go check it out."

"Can't I come, Papa?" Electra begged. Jennyanydots answered for her mate,

"You most certainly may not!" She paused, then turned to Skimbleshanks. "But....perhaps it _would_ be better if we all came along. There's safety in numbers."

Everyone agreed, and so the nine cats set off into the night. They had barely gotten to the edge of the Junkyard when SKimbleshanks, who was in the front, stopped short. Jenny frowned worriedly and peered out from behind him. With a choked gasp, she tried to turn Jellylorum away, but it was too late; the calico letout a sharp scream, followed by the wails of her two daughters.

The bloody form that lay under the fallen junk was mangled and grotesquely twisted, but the fur pattern was still recognizable as that of Jellylorum's mate, Asparagus, Jr.

The small group stood in shock, listening to the screams and wails of the dead tom's family as Jennyanydots tried numbly to comfort them. This would be the first of a series of deaths among the Jellicles, each more horrendous and gruesome than the last. Was the tom's death merely the unfortunate accident it appeared to be? Or was it something more carefully plotted?