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"Asparagus. Mistoffelees. Victoria. Exotica. Jemima. Old Deuteronomy. Electra. Bombalurina. Demeter. Jennyanydots. Skimbleshanks."

Munkustrap spoke calmly, the waver in his voice when he read off Demeter's name barely noticeable. Eleven Jellicles, dead. It had been less than a month ago that the crushed body of Asparagus had been found, that many Jellicles had just called that death a freak accident. Now, no one dared to be a skeptic.

"We know almost for certain that four of them were attacked in some form." the gray tabby continued, pacing slowly before the group gathered before him. "Three were poisoned. At least two committed suicide; no one is sure whether Victoria took her own life or was murdered. As for Electra....well, that was a mistake, but there's nothing to be done about it now. I apologize to everyone for that."

All eyes couldn't help but glance towards young Etcetera, sitting beside her mother. Both of the calico queens had become silent and emotionless, not a tear shed between them. The lack of mourning on their part seemed more pitiful and heartbreaking than they would have appeared if they had chose to cry.

Complete silence filled the Junkyard as Munkustrap stopped pacing and looked around at the Jellicles, noting each individual face in turn. Finally, he spoke.

"Someone here is a murderer."

Silence reigned once more. One cat's heart began to pound a little harder, and she wished that someone would react, scream, cry, be shocked....anything to fill the silence, or someone would surely hear her telltale heart. Outwardly, she remained neutral. By the time anyone figured it out, they would all be taken care of.....and she could move on to another tribe. She would find one more place to fulfill her lust for murder. Tonight....it had to be done tonight. Yes......tonight would be perfect.


It was simple enough to slip a sleeping potion into the small pool that most of the tribe used as a watering hole. Not poison....oh, no, she didn't want them to die that easily. As they slept, she carefully hooked each Jellicle up to a wire, and those wires into one electrical current, smirking to herself. All that time spent with Macavity had learnt her a few tricks she could use, after all. Too bad she would have to wait for some other time to do him in.

She stood by the switch, waiting, waiting to see the first Jellicle stir, for that would mean that the potion was about to wear off. She wanted them all to be awake to feel this. After all, didn't they deserve one last thrill before death?

Munkustrap was the first one to awaken, and he was also the one she was standing nearest. Groggily, he looked up at her, and his eyes widened in shock as he saw her holding the power switch. He opened his mouth to say something, but before he could utter one syllable, the murderess let out an earsplitting scream that woke the entire Yard.

And she threw the switch. One blinding flash of light, then darkness once more and forever.

She stood there for a moment, surveying her handiwork. With a final, deep chuckle, Cassandra slunk away from the Junkyard.