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Jeanine Matthews makes a motion with her arm and several soldiers pull Tobias away from me, restraining him though he struggles. Even he is no match for four fully trained Dauntless soldiers. I, however, am left slumping in the corner. I am not a threat.

"Beatrice Prior." Jeanine says. "I must say, you are a very interesting girl."

I don't answer.

"You chose to stay in Abnegation for the sale of your family, and yet you could never fit in. And then, those simulations. Is it simply great selflessness that allowed you to complete them so quickly, or something else? I wonder if you can tell me."

I feel my mouth go dry. She knows. She knows I am Divergent.

"Get on with it." Tobias growls, and Jeanine gives him a cold smile.

"Then, you rebelled against your faction to learn how to fight, like the Dauntless." How can she know that? "And finally, when your own faction was attacked, you managed to fend off countless soldiers to save it. Even though you did not succeed, it takes great selflessness, and bravery to face a greater force, and only to save a few family members." She pauses. "Divergence is the only answer."

My heart sinks. She knows. But what will she do to me, now?

I want to give some sharp retort, but only manage to croak, "How... How do you know all this?"

"You didn't really think that we wouldn't keep an eye on the Abnegation sector before attacking, do you? Cameras have been observing your activities for weeks."

"Now, Tobias. Can you tell me what Divergence is?"

"This isn't a classroom." He mutters.

"Answer the question."

Tobias closes his eyes for a second. "People who are Divergent usually receive an inconclusive result on the aptitude test. They have an aptitude for multiple factions, instead of just one. They perform well in simulation tests, because they can manipulate them with their minds, and may be resistant to some overall." He sounds like he is reciting something he learnt, and Jeanine nods.

"Very good. Now, both of you are Divergent. But, I suspect Tris' is stronger, one of the strongest I've seen. Therefore, she is a grave threat to our society. Her execution is scheduled for five hours' time."

I feel my breathing slow, the adrenaline rushing through me falter. The pain in my thigh intensifies until it is all I can concentrate on. Execution. And she is talking about me in such a detached way, not talking to me but apart from me, so I feel just as detached from the meaning of the phrase. They are just words. Only words. A bunch of letters jumbled together.

"Tobias, as a weaker Divergent you shall become a test subject to develop a simulation that suppresses Divergence. Your testing will also begin in five hours. Just after Beatrice is taken care of."

There is a short silence. And then Tobias explodes over the desk and presses his hand to Jeanine's throat, punching her face and neck and she brings her arms up to protect herself. He squeezes her windpipe and she emits a funny gurgle, before the soldier recover and pull him off her, still struggling.

Jeanine holds a hanky to her bleeding nose, and I am happy to see a purple mark around her throat.

More guards grab hold of Tobias, and eventually he stops struggling.

"Dismissed." Jeanine says groggily.

Another guard yanks me up from the ground, pushing me to the door. I stumble in spite of searing pain, keeping my eyes on Tobias' back. It is tense, the muscles stand out against his shirt as he focuses his sight steadily on the space in front of him.

There are five guards restraining him now, though he does not struggle. The soldier clutching my arms pulls me along quickly, and I feel my injured leg scream out in agony, though the pain doesn't register in my mind.


The corridors all look the same, shining metal floors, bright white walls, not a window in sight. It is hard to distinguish one minute from another.

We soon reach a metal door, reflecting our battered forms in chrome. A soldier unlocks it and pushes me through just after Tobias.

I hear it click shut behind us, and then silence.

Sweet merciful silence.


We sit in opposite corners, me slumping against the wall and trying to forget the pain, and Tobias crouching and glaring at the floor.

"I won't let them." He says quietly. "I won't let them."

"You can't just... Stop them. They have all the power. An army of ruthless soldiers, a leader that feels no emotions."

"I have something. They want me to be their test subject. I'll refuse unless they let you live."

I study the little indents in the steel floor. "You know that won't work. They are Erudite. They will stop at nothing to be rid of those who stand in their way between a problem and a solution."

Tobias slams his hand against the floor. The sound echoes through the room eerily. "I don't care! They can't do this! I won't cooperate! I'll get you out!"

A rock forms in my stomach. I don't want to die, I know that. But it is inevitable, here. Maybe, I can use my death to help him. Somehow. "Tobias. When they... Come for me, I'll pretend to be asleep. Then I'll attack them. That's when you go at them from behind, take their guns and run."

"Tris." His voice wavers, rising in volume. "I am not going to let you die. Get that into your head."

"It's our only chance, for at least one of us to be free."

"Why must you be selfless only when you are in danger, Tris? One minute you're reluctant to sponge bath a senior, and the next you're giving your life just so someone else can live a little longer!" He is yelling now. "Be selfish! Stop looking for danger! You don't have to die just so I can live!"

I hug my good knee, still staring at the floor. "Yes." I say. "I do."

And suddenly his arms are around me, too tight but I don't care. I feel tears slip down my face and onto his shirt, but we both pretend that they don't exist.

"I'll get you out of here. No matter what." Tobias breathes, and we both pretend that could happen.

I curl my fingers in his shirt and pull my mouth to his, and I see light again, something to hope for when there is no hope left. His hands rest on my waist, and the skin there tingles, though his hands aren't particularly soft or warm.

I kiss him for I don't know how long, not do I care. I just know that today is the last day of my life. And it does not matter, because somehow, I will save Tobias.


I blink into the dim light, as I have been for the past few hours, staring into nothing. Tobias' steady breaths tell me that he is asleep, but his arms are still tight around me.

He looks so much younger when he is asleep, his hair tousled over his forehead which is missing its familiar crease. I see a glimpse of a different side of him, one that very rarely is shown. A vulnerable side, a peaceful side. But a side of him that is still inherently Tobias.

I shift a little and his arms tighten, a little too tight but I don't mind. We are presses so closely together that I dot think that I can ever let go.

The door opens.

And I let go.

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