Chapter II: Broken

Konoha Main Gates:

Hinata followed Naruto as he slowly made his way back to his apartment. With a sigh Naruto unhooked something from his belt that Hinata hadn't noticed before. From where she stood she couldn't see exactly what it was but she could tell it was oval and white. Naruto sighed again and ran his fingers softly over the surface of the object. "Haku…" Naruto whispered.

'Who is Haku?' Hinata wondered. 'Did something happen to him? Is that why Naruto's so upset?'

Naruto shook his head, and placed the object back on his belt. Now Hinata could see what it was. It was a mask, like the ones ANBU wore, bone white, except for two red marks, one on the bottom left curved upwards towards the center, and one on the center right that ended with a swirl in the center of the mask. Above the red designs were two thin curved eyeholes; between the eyeholes was a long thin scratch. But what caught Hinata's eyes were the four wavy lines in two parallel rows in the center of the forehead. Hinata recognized the markings and the style of the mask from class. 'What's Naruto doing with a Kirigakure Hunter-nin mask?'

Naruto made the final turn and walked into his apartment. Hinata sat on the roof across the street and waited, it was still early after all maybe he would come back out.

While she waited Hinata returned to her memories of the night Naruto 'graduated…'

The Fuuma shuriken whirled at Naruto, but the blond boy just closed his eyes. "No!" Hinata actually cried out as she struggled to get out of her hiding place. But the giant shuriken never hit Naruto. Iruka had thrown himself in front of Naruto, instead of splitting Naruto in half the Shuriken was lodged in Iruka's back.


"I'm so sorry Naruto…I should have done more for you. I know what it's like to be alone but I was afraid of the Kyuubi. But…But you're not the Kyuubi, You're Uzumaki Naruto, One of my precious students." With a small groan Iruka collapsed.

"I-Iruka-sensei?" Naruto shook Iruka's shoulder "IRUKA-SENSEI!"

"Pathetic, one fuuma shuriken and he goes down? No wonder he's stuck teaching kids." Mizuki sneered at the fallen Iruka, "Your sentiments brought the boy scant moments to live." He pulled the other fuuma shuriken from his back and sent it spinning towards the boy in a great arc, before it hit he threw a dozen kunai as well.

'No…No…No…' Hinata's jacket was stuck on a branch. She pulled desperately struggling to get free, to be able to help Naruto, even if all she could do was take one blow for him.

But instead of hitting Naruto the Kunai and shuriken stopped a foot away from him and hung there hovering in the air. "What's this?" Mizuki growled before he began throwing Kunai and Shuriken by the dozen at the sobbing blond. They all stopped the same distance away from Naruto.

Naruto stood up slowly, the shuriken and kunai followed him to his new position, still hovering quietly the same distance away, electricity crackled along their edges. "You. Killed. Him." Naruto growled. From her angle in the tree Hinata could see Naruto's face, it was contorted with rage, "You! Killed! Him!" Naruto's eyes began to glow bright white. Hinata could swear she saw lightning coming out of them. "YOU! KILLED! HIM!" Mizuki seemed frozen in place. "I'LL KILL YOU!" The shuriken that Mizuki had thrown began to spin, faster and faster until the spun at speeds no human could achieve, all the while staying in the same place their edges a foot away from Naruto.

Mizuki's dying scream echoed over the forest.

Hinata looked away when the storm of metal hit Mizuki. The sound alone was enough to make her feel sick.

"Iruka-sensei, Iruka-sensei," Naruto sobbed, "Please wake up."

"Ugh…" Iruka groaned and slowly opened his eyes. "Did I go drinking with Anko again?" he mumbled.

"SENSEI!" Naruto's shout woke Iruka the rest of the way.

Iruka coughed, "Blood pill, first pocket on the left…Can't move arms" Naruto immediately fished the pills out of Iruka's vest and gave the injured Chunin three. "Third pouch right side Bandages…Need to get shuriken out of my back too."

Naruto was still bandaging Iruka when the Hokage found them. When he brought them to the hospital the official story was Mizuki had tried to steal the Scroll of Seals while Henged into Naruto. When Iruka confronted Naruto he quickly figured out something was wrong and chased after the traitor. Naruto had followed after him and thanks to some quick thinking one his part the traitor was stopped, but Mizuki refused to surrender and blew himself up with and explosive tag. Hinata was one of the few who knew the truth, along with the Hokage, Iruka, and Naruto, there were also the Anbu clean up team that could easily tell the difference between suicide by explosive tag and torn to shreds by dozens of Shuriken and having the bits nailed to a tree by dozens of Kunai.

Konoha, Naruto's Apartment:

Naruto lay in bed staring at the ceiling, two weeks since she died and he still couldn't sleep. "Haku…"

The first time they met, Haku rescued the fearsome Momochi Zabuza without them even realizing it until they were miles away.


The second time they met Haku was gathering medicine for Zabuza. Naruto didn't recognize her, after all what was there to tie the pretty girl in the pink Kimono with the sneaky missing-nin that had stolen Zabuza right out from under them. It wasn't until the fifth time that Naruto met Haku that he figured out who she was. To his new senses she reeked of Iron, he could feel the subtle pull of the senbon she kept hidden under her Kimono. But by then it was too late, she was Naruto's first real friend, and he couldn't bring himself to confront her.

It wasn't until the end of the second week that Naruto told her he knew who she was. They had almost fought right there in the peaceful meadow they met in.

"Oh, Haku…" Four hours in bed and Naruto still hadn't fallen asleep. The few times he had manage to drift off he was haunted my dreams of Haku. Some where Nightmares, she cursed him called him a monster told him that she hated him. Those where the easy ones. The hard ones were the memories. Of sitting in the shade of a tree talking, of training together, trusting each other enough to show their secret moves, Naruto levitated three kunai and made them spin and jump, Haku danced through her mirrors. But the worst was the kiss. 'I could have stopped her! I should have stopped her! But I let her go…and now she's dead because of it…' It was the last memory Naruto had of her before she died…before he killed her. Killed her and tossed her aside like a piece of garbage. Naruto wanted to kill him but…

'Naruto?' a voice nervously echoed in his mind. 'Are you ready to talk to me about it?'

"Go away."

"HA Looks the Brat doesn't like you!" A deep voice chuckled; the echoes seemed to bounce off the inside of Naruto's head, giving him a headache on top of insomnia.

"I like him just fine. I just want to be left alone right now." Naruto grumbled. The voices in his head subsided leaving Naruto alone with his thoughts again. "Fuck it, I'm not going to fall asleep tonight…" Naruto sighed. He got up and pulled on his black mourning clothes tied Haku's sash around his waist and picked up her mask before jumping out the window and heading towards his favorite spot in the village.

Hinata woke with a start. She must have dozed off waiting for Naruto. The sky was already dark and the stars where already out, if her father was the type to worry about her she'd be in trouble for staying out so late. She wondered for a moment what woke her when she realized Naruto's window was open and he had already started walking towards the monuments. She followed after him quiet as a mouse.

Naruto sat atop the Yondaime's head, staring at the stars, trying to enjoy the cool breeze. He sensed someone approaching him in the darkness. When the stopped behind a tree Naruto called out, "I know you're there. Drop your Kunai pouch and come here if you want something from me."

There was a small "eep!" from behind the tree and a girl with short dark hair with a cold blue sheen.

'So unlike Haku's long warm brown hair.' Naruto thought sadly, the memory of playing with her hair as she used him as a lap pillow flooded to the surface. Naruto turned away from her and forced down his tears.

"H-How did you know I w-was here?" the girl asked.

It took Naruto a moment to place her name. 'Hinata, that's it. She's always in the background,' he thought. "Your Kunai pouch."

"I-I'm sure I stuffed it w-with some c-cloth…You must have good hearing Naruto-kun." The words were like a blow to the face.

"Don't call me that."


"Naruto-kun, don't call me that please, Hinata-san."

"Wh-why n-not? What should I c-call you th-then?""

"It doesn't matter, but he only person allowed to call me that is dead."

"I-Is that why y-you're wearing that?" Hinata asked nervously pointing the distinctive black shinobi mourner's clothes he wore.

"Yes." Naruto sighed. It looked like he wouldn't get any peace up here either. Maybe he should have stayed in bed and listened to the voices bicker.

As he got up to leave he felt a soft tug at the corner of his sleeve. "Don't go."

"You should stay away from me." Naruto pulled his sleeve from the girl's grasp. "I'm a monster."

"D-Don't say that! Y-You're not the K-K-Kyuubi!"

Naruto's eyes went wide before narrowing again. "How do you know about that?"

"I-I O-overheard Mizuki w-when he t-told you…" she sniffled Naruto was scary now, but she still believed in him, "I-I was stuck in a t-tree in the clearing y-you w-were t-training in…"

"Thank you for your vote of confidence, but that's not what I was talking about."

"P-Please t-tell me, Naruto-ku…san."

Naruto looked into the girls pale white eyes, 'so different from Haku's warm brown ones' another memory rose to the surface and stabbed hi min the heart, Haku's eyes empty and dull. "I …" Naruto ran a hand through his hair, 'how do you explain this to some one?' he thought. "I fell in love on our mission to the Land of Waves." Naruto absentmindedly ran his hand over the surface of Haku's mask. "But…He killed her." Naruto's voice grew cold and hard. "Killed her and threw he aside like a piece of garbage." Naruto was growling now "And I won't rest until I destroy kill him not yet at least, he's going to suffer for what he did."

"Wh-who are you talking about?"

Naruto looked out over the village, and whispered the name of the person who stole his happiness. "Hatake Kakashi."

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