Divorce that was the most awful thing which Fredrika knew, she had heard plenty of horror stories about grown ups who did crazy stuff when they were about to divorce.

Awful cries of hate filled the air, doors were slammed, objects flew across the spaces when the adults threw them and then cold silence fell onto the battlefield of ruined home.

Fredrika had experienced just that when she had been witnessing the ugly divorce of her parents.

It had taken months to get out from home and now when she and her mother had moved away she felt herself incomplete. Of course she was grateful that the shouting and door slamming had ended but a part of her was missing. Hollow feeling squeezed her heart and it was impossible to ignore it.

Part of her had died when the old life she had known had crushed down.

All her friends had vanished during the stormy move and she missed them all very much.

The new home was empty and silent and it made her scare. The silence was even scarier than the shouts of anger. Even sounds of anger told about life around her but silence was always about death and solitude. She crawled into a soft corner of the couch where she felt safe. Loud ticking of the kitchen's clock was driving her insane so she turned on the TV.

The comedy show of last night's was still in the VCR so she pushed the play button to watch the show one more time. The penetrating satire of British humor forced her to smile although she was still in grief. Rowan Atkinson was awfully funny in Black Adder but when he sliced off poor King Richard's head Fredrika shut her eyes. Seeing such of bloody deed was far too much for her to watch. Thank goodness it wasn't the end for King Richard although he died. He came back to haunt his murderer and it was especially funny when no one else saw him but Edmund Black Adder.

Fredrika felt sympathy for the poor ghost of the King she knew how he must have felt. She was as much invisible to her new classmates and teachers. After the episode had come to end she watched it again. There again stood King Richard bravely leading his men to the battle against Henry Tudor but got killed accidentally by his own relative.

Fredrika sighed she wanted to have herself even one friend who would be loyal and firm. Then happened something very strange a rotating vortex of purple and black appeared to the hallway beside the living room and sudden blast of wind blew across the room.

White sparkling electricity ratcheted around the whirlpool like a lightning making the vortex to spin even faster. Fredrika jumped behind of the couch and looked in terror at the vortex.

Then this supernatural doorway spat a man out from its gut.

Huge sound of metallic crush filled the room when the man landed on to the living room's floor.

Then the vortex vanished and silence fell once again to the apartment.

Something had changed and there was new kind of tension in the air. Fredrika looked at all of this trembling and when she saw the man moving she tried to hide herself. Her heart was about to explode in fear and cold sweat ran down on her skin. The man got up onto his feet and Fredrika heard him moving. Metallic sound followed the man when he walked and it reminded Fredrika about the tin man in Wizard of Oz story.

The sounds told to her that the man was coming closer to her and he seemed to know where she was hiding.

Then just about the end of the couch the sounds stopped.

The silence continued on and on and finally Fredrika had to peek out from her hiding spot.

She saw a pale man in armor standing just few feet away. The right side of his face was all in blood and his blue eyes were fixed only on Fredrika.

Some wisps of his dark hair had escaped under the hood of his mail and it seemed like he had came strait form a battlefield. The look in his eyes was tired but not hostile and his mouth curved into gentle smile.

- Ah, there you are, he said in soft voice.

Fredrika looked at him amazed and she had no idea what to do or say.

- Come on don't be afraid, he continued and reached his hand at Fredrika.

She looked at his hand which was as pale as his face. Thousands of thoughts cruised in her mind and none of them made any sense. What was this madness?

The expression on his face was gentle and Fredrika saw no betrayal in his eyes.

Then she made up her mind and took the man's hand. With one quick movement he pulled her up.

Although he seemed to be tired it was no problem to him to lift up a little girl. His hand was strong and his grip didn't shake at all.

Fredrika was still quite amazed and she didn't know what to say.

The man saw her amazement and he tried to ease her tension by representing himself.

- Please forgive my rude manners I am His Grace Richard Plantagenet King of England and France and lord of Ireland.

- What on earth, Fredrika said.

- Oh, you can talk. That's very good news indeed.

- I don't understand anything.

- Do I need to repeat some part?

- No, no. You said you are King of England?

- Aye.

- And you are… You are…

- I am what?

- De…Dead.

- I'm afraid so.

This made Fredrika to pull her hand away from King Richard's hand.

- I'm not here to harm you, he hurried to explain.

- Why are you troubling me?!

- You wanted to have a friend so here I am.

- A friend?!

- Yea.

- I didn't expect to have a friend who is…

- Who is what?

- A ghost.

- Is that a problem?

Fredrika thought about it for awhile.

She had never had much of friends and the future seemed that there was plenty of solitude ahead of her. Now she had faced a ghost who had picked up her signal and was now offering his friendship to her. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to have him as a friend after all.

- Before you'll make up your mind perhaps I should warn you being a friend of mine is no easy task.

- What? What do you mean?

- You'll see eventually.

- I want to know now.

- There will be people on your path who will curse you for being with me.

- Why would anyone do that?

- Because as a King I have my enemies and they'll become your enemies as well.

- There's a point.

- Well, what may be you decision?

Fredrika thought again about the words of Richard's. He was right when he warned her about that how certain people would react. On the other hand what she would lose if she would take him?

Her classmates had made it rather clear what they thought about her since she was an outsider and not one of them. She was an alien to them whom did not even exist. She was just a faint shadow in the far corner of the classroom that nobody noticed. So what could she lose?

Happy smile appeared onto her face and she reached her hand towards King Richard.

- Very well, it's a great pleasure to meet you Your Grace.

- The pleasure is all mine my lady, Richard replied and they shook hands.

Now all the fear had vanished and Fredrika was curious to know more about her new friend.