When Richard opened his eyes for the next time he realized that he had just entered into Fredrika's fleeting mind. The world around of him seemed slightly similar with the reality which he had left from but it was somehow more twisted and colorful. The ground was surprisingly soft and every step he took was amazingly light like he would have flown instead of walking.

Now he only had to find Fredrika from this deep jungle of mixed memories.

Richard walked through a vast area of different playgrounds which had been stitched together like a huge patchwork of sunny carefree days of childhood. Ghostly children of the past ran freely through the playgrounds playing endless game of tag laughing and giggling.

Richard tried to see if Fredrika was there but all the children were strangers to him and they didn't pay much of attention to him. They were so much focused into their game that they completely ignored him.

The sound of happy children brought the sore memory of his own son back to his mind and sudden sadness slashed his heart. For a moment he was able to see his son running through the courtyard of Middleham. His eyes were shining for happiness when he saw his father and Richard reached his arms towards him to catch him but when he was just an inch away from his son the boy vanished into thin air. This place was not for his memories.

Richard made a heavy sigh and looked helplessly at his empty lap. He missed his son so much that the sorrow was about to drive him insane. Sometimes he yearned for blessed oblivion but every time when he caught himself for thinking of it he became angry to himself.

His son didn't deserve to be forgotten no matter how much it would hurt him to remember.

Then Richard recalled that there was another child who needed his help.

He decided to leave the children to play their games and continued his search.

Soon the playgrounds were left behind and the scene changed into a house of thousands of doors.

How he could ever find Fredrika from here?

The house looked very cozy and welcoming although it was strangely silent. Bright sunlight danced through the windows and painted the white walls with warm yellowish shade.

Richard opened one door and peeked to the other side.

He saw a woman who was standing her back towards him and when she turned around he saw that she was Fredrika's mum but she had grown younger.

She was folding the laundry when Richard opened the door.

- Pardon me madam but have you seen your daughter, he asked.

- I think she is at her room, she replied absent mindedly.

- And where that might be?

- Just up the stairs and the first door on the left.

- Thank you madam.

Richard walked up the stairs which curved dangerously sharply. He really had to watch his steps.

Then after long climbing he reached the top of the stairs and saw a door which lead to Fredrika's room.

He knocked softly and listened, no reply.

He opened the door and saw Fredrika sitting at her desk. She had also grown younger like her mother had.

When she heard the door opening she turned around.

- Fredrika please come with me, Richard asked.

- No, she refused.

- Fredrika stop this at once and return to your mama with me.

- I will not!

Richard's expression grew indomitable and his mouth curved into thin line.

- You are coming with me now.

- NO!

Richard hated to take her with force but she left him no other choice.

He reached towards her but she jumped quickly out from his reach.

- Come here you!

- You can't catch me! You are too slow, she grinned at him.

- I have no time for games, he shouted and tried to catch her once again.

Fredrika dodged again and Richard reached only thin air.

She ran away from the room and Richard followed her.

- Come back here you bugger!

- You have to catch me first, she said and giggled.

She opened one door and ran to the other side.

Richard followed her and on the other side of the door he saw a long row of doors and he had no idea which one Fredrika had taken.