Just another day.

Trouble, that's what he was, only 18 years old, caught for petty theft, and volunteered to enlist to escape sentence.

"Madonna…", he muttered as he grabbed the nearest bottle he could reach.

Swinging it to the nearest greaser, he could reach, then following up with a hard punch to the face, knocking the idiot on his ass.

"Fuck, there's more 'o them over there Vito! Get'cha head in gear", Joe shouted across the room.

Now he remembered, it was an extortion job this time, a bar had been operating a backroom gambling den in Vinci's territory and the old man asked Falcone if he could lend him a few guys since he was a little short on people at the moment. So, Carlo sent me, Joe and Henry, with the provision that we don't kill no one, things were a bit hot with the cops right now, what with the bombing of the hotel and other thing happenin' around the city nowadays.

The job went downhill as soon as they came in; we never knew that the old man who ran this joint already had a few goons under his roof. As soon as Henry went to talk to the guy behind the register, the three goons by the door moved in on us, the old man then shouted and then trouble came.

The first guy looked kinda like a gorilla, went to Henry, and another shifty eyed one came to me throwing nearby ashtrays as he went, I was ready as soon as he came, swinging a ketchup bottle, catching him surprisingly across the face, knocking him out. As soon as that happened a couple 'o greasers came to join in and then hell began. Funny I could swear I heard, "Mambo Italiano" just above the noise we made.

Joe had no trouble as far as I can see, every guy that stood up to him went down as soon as they came.

Henry had no trouble with his guy, and went to work on the old owner. He was as always, smart about these things, just about as much Joe went guns blazing when dealing with the bastards around his end.

Dodging another flying plate, I reached for a chair and tossed it to the other direction, catching a guy in the back. A club to the back of the head later and I saw stars, good thing Joe was done with his people and dealt with the guy that clubbed me.

"You alright Vito?", Joe asked.

"Yeah, Joe", I answered, taking the hand he offered and grabbed a vase, to get back at that fucker that clubbed me, before I could though, Henry was done with the owner.

"Vito, that's enough, we're done here, and Mr. Ducci Mr. Vinci will be here next week for the money, don't forget now", Henry went to the door, and called, "Come on guys, Eddie'll will be waiting for us".

Me and Joe got in my Lassiter 69 and I drove us all to the Falcon.

As soon as we came I saw Eddie talkin' to some guy, who left as soon as Eddie saw us.

"Hey, boys, how was the job?", he asked, sipping his coffee.

"We a got a bit rough, but we did okay", Henry answered, passing an envelope to Eddie.

"Good, good, now here's your cut", he said passing each of us a couple 'o hundred bucks a piece."Now, let's have a drink, on me boys".

Jack came with our drinks Joe and Henry taking scotch, a brandy for Eddie and a glass of wine for me.

"Mr. Scaletta, Mr. Galante called, and said that he wished to meet you, at Mr. Pappalardo's office once you're done here".

"Alright, thanks Jack", downing my wine I went out. It was cold tonight, just a day in my life I guess.