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Chapter 20-Epilogue (Tim's POV)

Weeks pass into months, and months into years, and slowly, the pain begins to recede. I doubt there will ever be a day where I don't wake up and pain pierce my heart that my son is gone, but I can live with it now. All of us have learned to adapt and cope with Randy's death.

I've returned to Tool Time. Our ratings are better than ever, though I'm slightly more subdued. Al has been a tremendous help to be during all this, he was a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and most importantly, he was just there to be my friend. You never realize how good a friend is until they really come through for you in a clutch.

Jill has gone back to school. She wants to be a psychologist, maybe she can help people through times such as these, with her first hand experience in what its like to lose a loved one to a diease that you can't always fight.

Brad is back playing soccer, and is getting so good, that colleges are beginning to scout him. I go to his games whenever I can, and he always says, the goals he scores are for Randy. He's never really been quite the same since Randy died, but he's surviving.

Mark, he's on the fast track of being a brilliant film director. His short films are well done, and very thought out. He told me once Randy was his inspiration to pick up the camera. I can only smile at the thought.

Randy was only a child in my eyes when he died, but he touched all our lives. We loved him with all our hearts, and the pain will never fully fade, but that's alright. Sometimes its hard to remember all the good we had in his short life, but at others its all I can do not to laugh out loud at some of the stunts we pulled together.

And I know he's safe. He's with my dad.

The thought makes me smile and I close my eyes to go to sleep, content with the knowledge that for eternity, my son would be looked after.