Hello there dear readers or to whomever will read this. This chapter is an intro to give a little more sense to the summary because I can't fit this entire paragraph into that tiny little box space.

Anyway, have you ever wondered what was in the book that North was holding ASIDE from the oath? Cause I pondered on that for a long time and I thought that each of the guardians had filled them up with silly rules of their own.

Here comes a little spoiler, if any of you have read the books, North and Bunnymund seemed to argue a lot.

So the rule book is the solution to it all! lol they fill them up with their policies and expect each other to follow, and now they have forced Jack to read it! Which has chaos written all over it, since the rules are fun to mess with and extremely silly.

Well of course I made those rules up XD

So here's how this goes…

Each update will centralize on one rule, which Jack is going to mess up.

There won't be any pairings (if I can help it) and I still don't know how far this is gonna get.

Open for suggestion, if you made up a rule in you mind, feel free to review.

So, how does that sound so far?

Next chapter would be focused on the first rule North ever made, and the first prank Jack is gonna pull.

I own nothing, have fun. Reviews/ feedbacks appreciated.